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What to Buy Everyone at the Office: An Essential Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

Twinkling lights. Festive parties. Warm get-togethers with families and friends. There’s a lot to love about the holidays — but gift giving isn’t always on the list.

Truthfully, giving and getting gifts can be tricky. There’s a lot of thought and guesswork that goes into picking out the right present. When you add in good old office dynamics, holiday gift giving can become incredibly stressful.

Well, we’ve got your back. We’ve put together pin boards chock full of gift ideas for every person in your office, from your coworker who can’t start the morning without her cup o’ joe to your resident cosmopolitan. Be your office’s holiday hero with personal (but not too personal) gifts at every price point. Check ’em out below, and don’t forget to pin your favorites for later to your own holiday shopping boards.

1) The Wine Lover

Always the first at Happy Hour, the wine lover appreciates a good swish-sniff-taste like no one else. Treat the oenophile in your office to a bottle of their favorite wrapped in a festive tartan wine bottle tote. Or, help her take her nightcap to the next level with a hand-painted, winter-themed wine glass. Or, if you’re REALLY aiming to impress, go all out with a personalized mini oak wine barrel, designed to “properly age your chosen beverage.” Now that’s classy.

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2) The Caffeinator

Does the whole office know not to talk to this person until he’s all the way through his first cup of coffee? You may have a caffeinator on your hands.

Take his coffee habit from survival tactic to luxe treat with homemade coffee syrups! Not so handy? Do the whole office a favor with this mug that indicates whether or not your coffee lover has a full cup o’ joe — if it’s “Off,” you may want to wait to ask that favor. If you’re feeling generous, wake up your caffeinator’s inner designer with a Pantone-colored set of espresso mugs.

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3) The Pet Parent

If your coworker has more iPhone pictures of their furry friend than people (guilty!), you may be in the presence of a Proud Pet Parent. Delight her with a stylish paw-footed feeder, or these adorable scarf-wearing dog ornaments.

(Want to really pam-”purr” the Pet Parent? You can actually have an oil painting made of their pet in people clothes.)

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4) The Foodie

What is that heavenly smell? Why, it’s the foodie’s lunch, of course. His creations are the envy of the office potluck, and he deserves something special this year, just like the rest of your fabulous team. Help them find their new favorite organic snack with a NatureBox subscription, or inspire their next homemade creation with a culinary classic, The Joy of Cooking. 

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5) The Bookworm

Who doesn’t love reading? Unlike the kids in a typical high school literature class, the bookworm’s passion remains unsullied. Help her display her books proudly with a concealed floating bookshelf, or light her nighttime reading with a book light that lights up BOTH pages simultaneously. If you’re really looking to thank the Bookworm for a job well done in 2014, give her the newest evolution of Amazon’s best-selling Kindle Paperwhite so she can take her whole library with her wherever she goes.

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6) The Techie

If you work at a software company like we do, then you probably have plenty of techies to please this holiday season. Indulge the techie’s love of gadgetry with a USB mini-fridge, or get punny with a lightning-bolt-shaped power strip. 

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7) The World Traveler

If she’s gazing off the window, she’s not bored — she’s just planning her next great adventure. Dress up her well-worn passport with a cute, handmade travel cover, or make her next international flight more comfortable with the BioSense Neck Travel Pillow. Want to send her over the moon (the only place she hasn’t visited … yet)? Help her decorate her desk with a framed map pin of her favorite place on earth.

8) The Fitness Enthusiast

When he’s not breaking productivity records at work, he’s beating his own personal records at the gym and on the trail. “Om”-press him with a high-performance yoga mat, or fuel his post-workout snack with a Black and Decker Juice Extractor.

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9) The Workaholic

Maybe she’s your boss, maybe she’s your office’s unsung hero, but the workaholic deserves a break this holiday season. Since you probably won’t be able to convince her of that, try a productivity gift instead. She’ll love writing down every meeting and task in this stylish Kate Spade agenda, and sitting all day is easier when you have a Kiss My Back! Ergonomic Mesh Back Support. 

Hopefully, these boards will help make your holiday gift giving a little less painful. At the very least, you’ll get some ideas for what to put on your list. 😉

To make gift giving even more painless, we’re giving away two $100 gift certificates per pinboard above — one for you and one to give to your coworker. After all this holiday stress, you deserve it! You can enter here to win.

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