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What Managing Millennials Is Really Like: An Interview With HubSpot's CMO [Video]

There are a ton of stereotypes out there about Millennials in the workplace.

“They’re eager and entitled.” “They’re over-connected multi-taskers that can text faster than they can speak.” “They’re tough to manage, especially if you’re from a different generation.”

But actually managing this generation is a whole different story — and if you’re looking to grow your business, you’re probably going to have to hire (and manage) a Millennial sometime soon.

So, what is it really like to manage Millennials, and how can leaders do it better? To gain a perspective from someone who is no stranger to the realities of managing Millennials, we sat down to chat with our CMO, Mike Volpe. Check out his video below to learn about what managing Millennials is actually like, how leaders should adopt their management styles to work with them, how to create a culture that Millennials love, and what the future of business will look like with Millennials earning leadership roles at more and more companies. 

Have you had experience managing Millennials? How do you think they’re changing how businesses are run?

Source: Hubspot


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