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Viral Marketing – 3 Little SEO Mistakes Causing Gaping Holes in ROI

How would you like to know three little mistakes that could be causing you up to 500% less Revenue and Conversions on Your Website? Well in this article I will paint a perfect picture for you and provide you with the Solutions to these invisible website holes.

Aha! It is the invisible holes that are the hardest to see – because they do not draw any attention to themselves – but I will make them clear as daylight. (Keep reading)


Viral Marketing Black Hole #1 – “Failure To Capture Identities”

Ahhh the wisest SEO’s among us know that Traffic without conversion is worthless. Let me take it a step further – You could be getting millions of visits without making a dime – or getting one phone call. Sometimes you see websites that are just Gibberish and Keywords strewn that make no sense – they seem like they are written in another language. That is not SEO – that is a joke. A junk site that is SEO optimized is just junk site with more traffic – and they may click – but they won’t stay for long…

What’s the Solution: A good article – with a great call to action – or a pop-up with great products. Especially a important download that your public would actually want. Give away great FREE Stuff – and all your visitors need to give in exchange is their identity – if your site and download are good enough – people will not mind giving their information.

Viral Marketing – Clients Should Be Jumping on Your Boat! (More After This Video)

Viral Marketing Black Hole #2 – “Failure To Follow Up”


Say you did capture their identity? Ahhh but here comes the second invisible Black Hole. Many visitors may not be ready for your product yet – or maybe they are waiting for that huge check that is in the mail. But they came – they saw – and they left. You got their address – but then what? Are you following up? Are you continuing to interest them in your services. A major survey done showed that the amount of follow-up needed to close a deal has increased dramatically – sometimes it can take 18 repeat messages to finally get someone to buy. Are you going the distance?

The Solution: An automatic email campaign to keep them interested in your product – or a Newsletter at the very least. But something to continually remind them of what they are missing by not working with you – and continually grab their attention.

Viral Marketing Gaping Hole #3 – “Post Purchase or Conversion Follow-up” AKA Referral Marketing

Let us hypothetically say that you are doing number 1 (Capturing The Identity Adequately) and number 2 (Following Up Efficiently). Well – are you getting referrals? Specifically – are you asking your pleased clients to tell others? Are you asking them to leave reviews?

Once upon a time, it used to be – Had you seen a good post-card or good “looking” item on TV or heard it on the Radio – you might have bought it. This is no longer the case. Some engineers at Google found that the Internet introduced a whole new Pillar or Column in the Universal Buying cycle – People are actually investigating the Truth on a given item before they buy. These engineers wrote a book – called ZMOT or (The Zero Moment of Truth) which discusses this new step in the buying cycle.

Viral Marketing Black Hole

The Solution? Simple! Just ask. Just send a follow-up email – or call asking satisfied, happy clients to leave reviews or tell their friends. Additionally – make it really easy for people to share their good experiences. That my friend, is how you kick off viral products…

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Charles Verhoeff + is World Class Media’s Founder, but people call him Charlie.
Here is his full Bio: . Charles Lives in Los Angeles, CA and is also the CEO of World Class Media



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