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Trends in B2B Marketing – How to Double Referrals & Info-Graphic

B2B Marketing Trends:

This tactic is called: “Follow-Up Calls”:

You may consider using a Follow-up Call for your clients.

This is what one Festival Marketing company did:  

  • After each festival; When they do their follow-up calls, they have each of their telemarketers request a referral from each participant. And it’s as simple as that.
  • The best telemarketer can usually do about 75 out of 100 referrals!
  • And each client would earn between $3,000 and $30,000, so the income was not inconsequential.

The Results: They tippled their Clients and Referrals. You may consider doing the same and following up with a call to your clients. 

[World Class Media] In working with our clients through years of research we have found three large holes in people’s business:

1. Failure to capture identities. (name, email, address and phone number). For example you probably get hundreds or thousands of visitors to your website a year – do you capture your website visitor’s identities with an incredible offer?

2. Failure to follow up. Are you reminding people why they should be doing business with you? We have found that it can take up to 18 emails before a client feels comfortable enough to do business with you. Are you following up on ever identity you have – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter friends – they all belong to somebody.

3. Failure to ask for referrals. After you make the sale – are you asking for referrals? The last whole is failure to ask for referrals. After you have their identity, are you asking for referrals?

Can you think of a way to capture the identity of large events – or even people interested in your products and follow up with them all the way until you get a sale? Think of it like this. Every identity you capture, should eventually become a sale.


When you adapt, adopt and implement the successful referral systems that other businesses have used to rapidly expand their business – into your system for getting referrals – you can propel yourself above your competition.

We have seen people use just 10% of these methods to get a tremendous result. You don’t have to do all of them. You just need a SYSTEM in place. How you can add this to your businesses three Draft Referral Checklists? How can you implement this in your business to propel you past your competition? Remember actions, not thoughts, get results.


B2B Marketing Trends Info-Graphic

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Source: World Class Media

Ada Dowell

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