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Three Ways To Convert PowerPoint Presentation to DVD

I had been researching this topic for I was facing the problem a year ago. By trying a lot of software, I found these below methods to convert PowerPoint Presentation to DVD.

1. The best way is to use the professional PowerPoint to DVD software, which is easy to use and powerful. The software I suggest is Wondershare PPT2DVD .It is the best software that can Perfectly convert PPT to DVD without the animation and transition losing.And what’s more, you can control each slide when play it on TV with a remote control just like you play it in PowerPoint.But this software only run on Windows platform ,can not support Mac.

2. The second way is to use some screen capture software. Capture the screen when you play the slide show when finished you can get a video file such as AVI or WMV or other formats. then you can burn the video to a DVD disk with a burning tool such as Nero. The best software of the screen capture tools is Camtasia studio By this way you can convert it to video files , But when you burn it to DVD, you can not control the presentation by a remote control for each slide. Only can see it as a movie.

3. The third way to get a good result, if you have the equipment, is to use a TV-out graphics card to output direct to a DVD recorder

The software I mentioned above can be found below.

Camtasia :

Nero :

Some free PowerPoint templates at my blog

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