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Three Secrets to 10X Your Productivity – Webcast Episode #2

What I’ve got for you?  In Today’s FREE TRAINING I’ll show you how to 10X productivity for you and your staff.

Did you know the average person wastes 759 hours per year, just at the office?

I think it’s much higher at home. I’ll show you how to 10X your ROI or ROT – Return on Time.

What it will do for you? I Specialize in Automation & Building Systems to Increase Value.


How would you like me to help you double, triple or sometimes 7X your company valuation with your team? I specialize in building Custom Automation – setting up automatic sales, phone, text and email CRM sequences to improve monthly recurring revenue and referrals (resume attached).

I’d love to help you and your team (create automatic referrals and word of mouth). Here’s what I bring to the table:

Who am I? I’ve helped build sites with over 12 mil visits per month – 10Xed Traffic & Clicks …

  • 10Xed PIMCO’s Digital Marketing Results and Saved them millions
  • I’ve helped build sites to over 12 million visits / mo (Lead Architect Search Agency)
  • Helped build traffic and revenue multiple fortune 500 sites (under NDA) like PIMCO
  • Managed Digital Marketing Budgets of 1.5 mil per year
  • Tested thousands of ads on Google, Bing and Facebook & You Tube
  • Video Live Streaming – DSLR Cameras (Pro Video) – Greenscreen & Video walls
    (like Grant Cardone & Frank Kern)
  • Podcasting – Videocasting – Custom Funnels, Ads, Landing Pages – Split Tests
  • 5 Years of Infusionsoft use – Memberium – built courses up to 200K MRR per month
  • Set up Amazon SES email (saves Thousands Weekly Million+ Emails Per Week)
  • Developer with Front End / Photoshop – UI and UX Experience
  • Helped build International sections of sites 6 million pages (Go Global!)

What to do next: Apply to to work with me I’ll show you what I can do for free before you pay me a dime.

Click Here to Apply

Charles Verhoeff

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