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The Most Important Web Page You’ll Ever Build…

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The most important page in your whole website strategy is your lead capture page. This is also known as a squeeze page, and even though some people call it a landing page, it serves the same purpose.

This is where you are going to drive all of your traffic with your postcard AND any other media you are using to drive traffic to your site. Any traffic is going to come to this page. And this page has one purpose and one purpose only – to get the prospect to opt in and provide contact information.

It is not to promote your image. It is not to sell a product. It is to get people to give you their contact information. That is its purpose.

Every element on that page needs to contribute to that purpose, to that goal.

What Goes On Your Landing Page?

Now, you are wondering what makes up the elements on the landing page. Glad you asked. Here’s a proven, powerful layout for a squeeze page:

Let’s go through these elements in detail.

Step 1: Create a Killer Pre Head and Headline

  • The pre-headline identifies who needs to care about what you have to offer.
  • The headline is what draws people in and gets them interested in what else is on the page. You want a headline that engages your prospect, that says to the prospect, “Hey, this is me, I want to read more.”
  • If the headline doesn’t do its job – which is to get the prospect to read the rest of your copy – then your entire squeeze page might as well not even exist.

Too often, marketers make the mistake of trying to sell their products, services and even free newsletter subscriptions in the headline. Don’t even attempt it… you don’t have enough room to do that anyway.

Instead, tempt your prospects with a compelling benefit and arouse curiosity in an effort to make them keep reading. Grab them by the shirt collar and drag them into their copy. If your headline “sucks” them into the rest of your copy, you’ll have plenty of time to use your best persuasion tactics to get their subscription.

And what makes this easy for you is that you’ll be using the EXACT same pre-headline and headline that you used on the postcard we made in last week’s blog:



Just plug in what you wrote for the postcard and move on to the next section.

Step 2: Write a Great SubHeadline that Teases Them Even More

You want to reinforce your headline AND drive some urgency if possible. Mention the guarantee – take away all risk. Again, as a starting point you could simply re-use the subheadline from your postcard:

If you would like to quickly [BENEFIT], [BENEFIT], and [BENEFIT] ….here’s a FREE OFFER from one of America’s most respected [YOUR SPECIALTY] experts…..

Step 3: Write Great Sales Copy That Gives Them a Reason To Opt-In

You might be asking, “Why do I need to sell here, they’ve come to my page to opt-in?”

Well, just because someone took the bait to come to your site that doesn’t mean they’ll complete the task by opting-in. You need to factor this is in:

People are actually somewhat afraid to give their email address and contact info to a stranger.

And that’s because of the fear of having their address shared and spammed. As such, taking the time to write good sales copy will increase your conversion rate.

So You Need Great Sales Copy!

We talked about the headline and why that’s sooooo important. But there’s more.

Once you’ve pulled your prospect into your copy with the headline, then you need to sell them on why giving you contact info in exchange for the LGM is a great deal for them. That means giving them strong reasons why they should join, with a strong emphasis on a bulleted benefit list that catches the eye.

Think of your bulleted benefits like mini-headlines: Each of them should promise a benefit and, preferably, arouse curiosity.

Here’s the basic template for you to use in this section of the Squeeze Page:

Again – this shouldn’t be difficult as you’ve already created the bullet points when you did your postcard. Just take the best ones from it and use them again here.

Step 4: Finish with a Strong Call to Action

Finally, your squeeze page should end with a strong call to action. This is where you specifically tell your prospects exactly what you want them to.

Common sense suggests that if you have a strong headline and strong, benefit-laden copy, then prospects would be eager to join your list – and they’d know exactly what to do. But tests have also repeatedly proven that telling prospects EXACTLY what to do increases your conversion rate.

Here’s the model you want to use:

  • Some Kind of Scarcity Applies
  • So DO NOT Delay – Sign Up NOW!

Step 5: Put in the Opt-In Webform

This is where you’ll need to put in the necessary code to connect your landing page with a specific Customer Relationship System (CRM).

Then, when someone “opts-in” to your email list, their contact information is added to your CRM and its database.

There are a variety of systems out there –, Constant Contact, aWeber, MailChimp, and more. They all have great support in helping you set up your website to capture emails and send emails so we won’t cover that here.

The example we’ll demonstrate for you involves aWeber – one of the best services out there.

Step 6: Display the Thank You Page

Your CRM – aWeber, whatever – will enable you to automatically redirect the prospect to another web page after they enter their contact information. This is a great time to congratulation them on making the decision to get the LGM… and to give them a rough idea of how long to wait until it arrives at their doorstep.

Source: Dan Kennedy


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