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The Fallacy That Holds You Back

I’ve heard it said dozens of times by dozens of “Guru’s” and it’s complete and utter crap. 

They say it to try and be motivating, but in reality they are damaging one person after the next, and instead of helping you to make more money, the only one lining their pockets are them. 

Well I’m here not only to expose the lie, but also to show you the truth…and while the lie may sound good at first, below you’ll see why the reality of the situation is much less work, and much, Much, MUCH more lucrative!

In fact I’ll tell you three things you can do right now to make more money from the same or FEWER customers, clients and patients.


Let’s go.

MTYH: “To make a lot of money, you just need to make $1 per month, per person on your list”

This is a line I’ve heard time and time again from so-called “experts” who are trying to sell you on their list-building product.  Their theory, is that if you want to make $10,000 a month all you need to do is attract 10,000 people, and they will show you how to earn, on average, a dollar per person per month.  Hence $10,000 a month or $120,000 a year.  That sounds fine and good at first but there are a few major problems here.

First off…have you ever tried to attract 10,000 of your ideal prospects?  It ain’t exactly easy.  Sure you could go out and collect 10,000 names and email addresses pretty quickly by giving some big offer, BUT they won’t be your ideal prospects.  Most of them will just be bargain hunters and will evaporate almost immediately leaving you right back where you started, just poorer and dejected.

The truth of the matter is to attract 10,000 of your IDEAL prospects, who’ll have a chance to turn into your ideal customers, clients or patients, takes well thought out strategies, follow-up plans and a lot of time.  So people who get sold on this “dream” often abandon it nearly immediately, because it’s WAY WAY harder than they are lead to believe.

Secondly…if you’ve been in business for more than say, five minutes, you know that earning $10,000 a month doesn’t mean you’re KEEPING $10,000 a month.  Even if you can attract 10,000 of your ideal prospects, it costs a lot to retain them.  Even if you’re an info-marketer, you probably are paying thousands of dollars a month in software, services and fulfillment of products.  Much less, the turn-over on your list is big, so you need to keep spending money to attract new prospects.  And for brick-and-mortar folks, or people with an office outside the home $10,000 doesn’t even keep the doors open in most cases.  So while $120,000 a year sounds nice…do some quick math (I know….numbers are hard) and see what that’d leave in your pocket after tall your expenses.

Finally…$1 per person per month means you’re leaving a TON of money on the table, and is quite dumb.  At GKIC on average we earn $16 pet person per month on our list.  We do this by truly understanding where the REAL money is at.  Here’s a little secret, it’s in the transformation, not the product, service or information!  More on that in a second.

Let’s say $16 per person per month is too much for you to do off the bat, but with the strategies below each one allowed you to double the $1 per month “dream.”  So after the first strategy you’re at $2 per month, the next $4 per month, and the third, properly employed, $8 per person per month.  Now instead of 10,000 ideal prospects you only need 1,250.  Much more doable, much more quickly!

In fact, GKIC member Paul Gough, at Info-SUMMIT said after stumbling upon info-marketing by accident, he’s a physical therapist, he’s now earning well more than six figures employing just two of the strategies below from a list of just 500 people.  Not to shabby.

So let’s go!

Strategy #1: Sell Transformation!

I don’t care what you do, how good your product, service, or information is, but I can guarantee you people don’t want it!!!  Let me explain and give you a few examples.  My favorite restaurant in the world is Alinea in Chicago.  It’s about $400 for a single meal and when you walk in you have no idea what your meal is going to be.  All you know is that you’re going to have the best meal (14-18 courses), paired with the best wines, that you’ll ever have, AND…AND you’ll have an experience you want to tell the world about.  See they don’t see “food” or “wine” even though their food and wine IS literally the best.  They sell transformation.  You come out of that experience with a whole new outlook on what food and dining can be.  You have not one story, but a dozen (ever had a helium balloon made totally out of apple?) and you tell everyone you know about it.  It’s an experience and transformation, not a meal.  In fact last time I went, less than three hours later I went to a local burger joint because I was hungry!

Think about it, no one joins a gym because they say, I have too much time and really want to spend it at a place with hundreds of other sweaty, smelly people, straining my body and pushing myself to my physical and mental limits.  They simply want to look good by losing weight and gaining muscle and if they could do that by pushing a button or taking a pill, they’d do that instead.

You NEED to sell the transformation, not the product, or service and you’ll see your dollars per person per month soar!

Strategy #2: Continuity!

At GKIC right now we have continuity programs starting at $59 per month and going up to $997 per month.  Right now, I can count seven different programs that you can be a part of where each month, for a specific outcome, you’ll gladly invest your money.  It’s much nicer to start each month knowing that 200 people are part of a program where they are happily exchanging $199 month for insider access to our most successful campaigns, and the best of the best in copywriting.  This is the  Copy Confidentials program and with just 200 people it’s a $40,000 a month revenue generator.  200 people for $40,000 a month or 10,000 people to earn $10,000…which is more appealing to you?

But it doesn’t work for just GKIC, John Warrilow, in his book “The Automatic Customer” (which is one of Nick Loise’s, GKIC’s VP of Sales, favorite books on the subject) goes over Nine different continuity models, at least one or two of which could be used by ANY industry or business.  The restaurant Cooper’s Hawk, has over 100,000 people (and it may be many more by now) in it’s monthly continuity program.  It’s so much easier to attract a person once, a deliver results again and again and again, rather than constantly needing to attract new prospects.

Strategy #3: The Big Ticket Item!

Before I was with GKIC I sold $40,000 done-for-you programs.  $40,000 dollars!  Quick math…how many clients did I need a year to generate $120,000 in revenue? Yup…just THREE.  I could have tried to attract 10,000 people and get them to pay me $1 per month each to generate that same $120,000, but I kinda liked my strategy.  Attract just THREE people and get them to pay $40,000 each.

In every business or industry there’s something you can offer as a big ticket item that a small percentage of the population will buy from you.  While millions will sit in front of their TV tomorrow and watch their favorite NFL team from home, which generates some amount of commercial revenue for the team, there are people who’ll be spending six figures on a luxury skybox to watch that same exact game.

Info-marketers have the ability to have high-end coaching and mastermind programs where people will pay $10,000 – $30,000 a year to be a part of.  I know one mastermind group that’s $10,000 a MONTH and has a waiting list.  One person to generate $10,000 per month or 10,000 people, which model do you like better?

Just a few days ago one Hong Kong Billionaire spent 77 Million Dollars on two diamond rings…for his 7 year old!!!

The point is, having a big ticket item that appeals to the top of the pyramid can increase your average customer spend per month in huge ways even when just a few people take advantage of it.

This weekend GKIC is offering it’s course Moving Money Up The Pyramid which goes over these concepts in great detail and it shows you how you can put these strategies into your business.  Click here to get all the details.  Also, making more money, with smaller lists is important to you, when you invest in Moving Money Up The Pyramid, through midnight on Monday you’ll also get, for FREE, the not-yet-released bonus “The GKIC Model.”  This will debut in two weeks for $797 but this weekend only, you’ll get it for free when you invest in Moving Money Up The Pyramid.

So don’t believe the fallacy that you need 10,000 people or 20,000 prospects in order to live the life of your dreams and have a successful business.  Just by using the three strategies above, you could see your revenues soar, and you’ll be working LESS with LESS new clients, customers or patients.

So go out and make Mucho DEEnero!

Source: Dan Kennedy


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