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Social Media Campaigns – Improve ROI [+Info-Graphic]

Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns are a way to enhance the publicity, brand awareness, web visibility, traffic of your company on the internet – through social media platforms, online communities, forums, blogs and community sites. Some techniques include adding RSS feeds, social media buttons, Digg This button, blogging, group discussions and incorporating third party community image forums like Flickr photo slides & galleries, YouTube videos, Google Local pages and Videos. Social media promotion and optimization is a part of Search Engine Marketing. (keep reading after watching this video about what we do:)

Social Media Campaigns are what we do best

Social media campaigns come in all shapes and sizes and every campaign is unique. But what all successful social media campaigns have in common is a set of clear objectives and success criteria and laser targeting.

Social Media Marketing is marketing your brand across the online social world via connecting with communities, groups and social platforms. Social Media Marketing involves creating personal relationships with the right leaders and Social-opinion-leaders who own the loudest voice within their social circles. It’s about giving those leaders and their communities valuable content that appeals to their interests. World Class Media leverages Social Media Marketing to connect client brands to the digital world around them, in order to drive increased traffic, high rankings and conversions.

When social media campaigns are the tactical outcomes of a sound strategy, success doesn’t look like a popularity contest. Campaigns can only be deemed successful if their specific key performance indicators are tied to measurable institutional or departmental outcomes. Defining the success metrics before designing the campaign itself and adopting a systematic-tracking approach will lead to effective performance measurement and planning.

Our Social Media Marketing & Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Marketing has surged in recent years with 2013 representing the most activity and importance to date. Social Media Optimization involves properly leveraging the 5 major platforms to connect and communicate with customers (and future clients), generate buzz for products and services, offer innovating promotions, create brand awareness, and more. These cost-efficient methods have made social media marketing one of the most highly demanded services. World Class Media is an internationally recognized Social Media Company at the forefront of leveraging Social Media Marketing to the benefit of our clients’ campaigns.

This is a great info-graphic from KISS-METRICS:

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Marketing is all about marketing a brand to become part of the online social ecosystem, in a meaningful way.  But in addition to the brand value that Social Media Marketing brings, World Class Media leverages Social Media Marketing in order to gain clients higher Search Engine Placement. Through the right social marketing – including blog posts, links, bookmarks, social profiles, RSS feeds, press releases, videos, images and more – we grow your portfolio and presence of social assets. The more social assets you have, the more search engines have to rank, which means that you gain multiple listings on search engine results pages. The more listings you have on keywords that are important to your business, the more traffic, interest and conversions.


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