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Secrets Stolen From The Bat Cave! The Best Practices For Targeting And Optimization On Mobile Devices!

Batman: I’m not sure info-marketers are ready for this…


Jim Gordon: Shouldn’t the people know the TRUTH…

…In today’s blog we’ve pulled a FAST one on Batman, and borrowed a blueprint from the Bat Cave!

Don’t worry; we’ll get it back before anyone notices…

Targeting and Optimization on Mobile devices!

We’re going to reveal how you can divide your audience by operating system, device, in-app vs. mobile web, and dayparting…


Plus how to track conversions (Google analytics) to understand what drives results, and use this information to improve your campaign…

“Holy Internet Conversions Batman!”

Operating system – Depending on your customers preference, it would be advantageous to track what operating system they’re using.  

The reason why you should be segmenting your customers based on different operating systems.

Android and iOS users can behave differently.

Twitter for example, will allow you to use device targeting for creating ads. This will cater for customers who use different operating systems. This article from walks you through the process.

Device – Knowing how your customer spends their time in the digital realm through out the day can add more dollars to your bank.

If you could know for certain what time of the day your customer will be on their mobile device, desktop or tablet.

Doesn’t it make sense to capture that data?

Imagine how powerful it would be if you knew mobile traffic spikes on a weekend?

Imagine if you knew what time of day to send out txt messages to phones – knowing there’s a 99% chance your customer will read and engage.

Well, this article walks you through some interesting facts on device specific PPC adv campaigns.

Which brings me to…

App Vs Mobile Web

Who’s Winning The Battle?

You should consider the web is for wide audience reach, and mobile apps are driving engagement from your loyal customers.

Both are strategic and valuable.

So when it comes to mobile, it’s not a question of web vs. mobile apps. It’s picking the right approach that will yield better results for your customers.

Have you considered creating an app for your loyal customers?

Imagine if you could have space on their mobile device that you can engage with your customer on a more personal level!

Let’s move on shall we…

Dayparting – is the practice of running you digital marketing at specific times of the day or on specific days of the week to more effectively target an audience.

This is extremely useful if you’re on a budget and you need to get your message in front of your customer when you know they will be looking!

This can be done on PPC ads, FB ads, Radio, and TV commercials.

Enter Google analytics

Mia Vallo – Sr. Director, Marketing Analytics, National Geographic says:

“Google’s analytics products helped us improve engagement by 33% and click throughs by 21% for content promotions on our homepage.”

Would your business benefit from 33% increase in customer engagement?

Don the cape and fly on over to this article all about Google analytics and the 360 suite. Which is designed to help you get the most out of your market research.

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