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Sales Letter Secrets Part 1…

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This is truly where “rubber-meets-road” – the creation of your sales letter. It may not be THE most critical component in your Lead Generation System, but it certainly is ONE of the most critical – for a very simple reason:

It’s Where You Ask for the Sale!

Now this is often where a lot of business owners freeze up or freak out – “I’m not a writer!” they proclaim, “I barely even passed English!”

If you resonate with that, relax, I have even more good news:

With the system we’ve created for you here, you don’t have to be a GREAT writer to create copy that sells…. All you need to do is be able to put down the core elements of your offer in the sequence we provide.

Basically, you just have to fill in the blanks to a proven Sales Letter Template. Then go through it again, review and edit out the rough edges, and “voila!” You have a sales letter you can use.

We’ve worked hard to make this as easy as humanly possible.

  • This week, we’ll focus on plugging in text for the Headlines, SubHeads, and Bullets. The benefit of focusing on these elements of the sales letter is that they establish the foundation of your pitch… someone should be able to read JUST the headlines, subheads, and bullets and pretty much get the full picture as to why they should buy what you’re selling.
  • Next week’s article will walk you through cranking out the entire rough draft of the letter.

It’s truly a plug and play process.

And when you finish, even if you don’t consider yourself a “copywriter,” you’ll have in hand a perfectly good Sales Letter that in all likelihood stands head and shoulders above ANYTHING any of your competitors have ever produced.

A Fill-in-the-Blanks Formula for ALL Your Sales Letters

As you go through the step by step process over the next two sessions in creating your sales letter, there’s a basic foundational concept here that you need to grasp:

A sales letter is nothing more than a sales pitch in print.

Don’t lose sight of that reality. Because what you’re doing is putting together a sales pitch much the same as you would to be delivered to someone in person, across the table, one-on-one.

And that’s exactly how we’ve designed this tutorial article for you – it’s a carefully crafted FORMULA laid out sequentially to gradually build the strongest case possible for your product/service.

What this means is that you can use this exact same structure over and again with other sales letters… and other types of pitches you make as well.

Okay let’s get started.

Below is an excellent template for writing a pre-head:

Attention [insert target audience]: Stop Putting Up With [Annoying Task or Problem] Forever!!!

What you want to do right off the bat is grab the attention of your target customer by a) identifying exactly who they are and b) affirming you feel their pain by promising to solve a major problem they have. That’s the goal.

Now for the main headline:

“Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily Get [Big Benefit] Guaranteed To [Insert Outcome They Want] Without [Insert Annoying Problem]!”

This headline should make a BIG promise to solve the major problem identified in the prehead – stating clearly the huge benefit for making that happen. Write out at least three (3) different variations on this formula for your sales letter.

Moving on, here’s the a great template for a SubHead:

After Experiencing [Insert Problem] I Decided To Do Something About It!!!

This subhead introduces the section where you tell your story… you want to establish some kind of affinity with your prospect, either by being one of them and experiencing the exact same pain OR by perhaps seeing the problem affect others you care about… whatever, you want to let them know you understand what they’re going through and that’s why you created your solution.

On to the next Subhead:

Why Not Make The Ability To [Solve Problem] Available To Everyone!!!

This section describes your process of understanding the problem, working through various solutions, and finally finding the key – and then making the decision to make it available on a broader basis.

Then a very special Subhead – one that NAMES your Product:

[Name Of Product]

You want your product/widget to have a KILLER name… something easily recognizable as packed with huge benefits for the customer. We spend serious time on Product names – you should do likewise.

Now the letter should get into some of the specifics as to how you’ll fulfill on the promises you’ve made.

Which Of These Powerful Elements Could You Use To [Insert Benefit]?

Fill the CORE Benefit your Customers desire… which will lead to a list of features/benefits your solution provides that make that end result possible.

Now, identify some of the key features & benefits of your product/widget that directly relate to addressing the CORE Benefit your customers want. Use bullet points.

On to another Subhead – where you should finally reveal the investment required.

Okay, So What’s The Cost For [insert problem they’ll be eliminating] Forever!!

The problem you state here should be one that provokes ongoing, serious pain of some kind.

Now let’s talk about the bonuses you’re offering.

[#] FREE Bonuses Worth[$] If You Take Action Right NOW!

The keys here are to 1) pile on all kinds of extra value above and beyond what the customer would expect and b) install a sense of urgency… because if you delay, you’ll lose out on all of this! Make sure to plug in a realistic value in Worth[$] – what you enter here should be credible.

After that, list all the bonuses individually, state why they’re so valuable to the customer, and then give an associated dollar value to each.

FREE Bonus Gift #1: [Explain bonus and give value] FREE Bonus Gift #2: [Explain bonus and give value] FREE Bonus Gift #3: [Explain bonus and give value]

But I Know You’re Skeptical About [Insert Big Benefit]… Which Is Why We’re Taking ALL The Risk!

Here’s the section where you address skepticism by taking away all risk with your awesome guarantee.

In this subhead, insert a MAJOR Benefit to the customer that results from having that BIG PROBLEM solved… and then assure them there’s absolutely nothing to fear. For example, “But I Know You’re Skeptical About Having Every Carpet In Your Home Cleaned for Practically Pennies on the Dollar AND In Just 45 Minutes… Which Is Why We’re Taking ALL The Risk!”

The final subhead just recaps that this decision should now be a no-brainer.

You Really Can’t Afford NOT To Invest In [Product]!

Just plug in your product name one more time and you’ve got the basic flow of your sales letter done. Congratulations!

Next week we’ll be back on the GKIC blog to talk to you about how to complete this sales letter, so make sure you come back…

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