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Replace Your Banner Ads With Baby Animals [Free Chrome Extension]

You know what’s really annoying? Irrelevant, untargeted banner ads. They’re all over the web, barraging you to buy buy buy from a company you’ve never heard of while you’re just trying to enjoy the few minutes a day you get to sit down and read your favorite media site.

You know what’s less annoying? Baby animals. Kittens and puppies specifically. They’re soft, cuddly, playful, and cute. Plus, a study has shown that seeing pictures of them actually could improve your concentration.

So what if you could replace all of the annoying banner ads on the web with adorable pictures of baby animals? That would be pretty sweet, wouldn’t it?

Introducing BabyAnimalBlocker

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve created BabyAnimalBlocker: a Chrome Extension that turns untargeted display ads into images of pets on every website you visit, like CNN, Mashable, or The New York Times.

Once you install the plugin in your browser, simply click on the orange kitten icon () near your address bar and select your pet preference: dog or cat. (But let’s be real here, kittens are totally better, right?)

From then on, instead of seeing most display ads, you’ll see only cute pictures of the baby animals of your choosing. Awesome, huh?

So go, get the plugin and make your web browsing experience 1000% more cute (it’s science).

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