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I Need Your Help…

Do you know what my greatest accomplishment to date is?

I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years and spoke at hundreds of conferences. I’ve built a nice size following on social media, and I’ve even made a healthy income doing all of this. But that isn’t what I am most proud of.

What I am most proud of is helping other people. From helping people generate more traffic to their sites to helping people accomplish their dreams and even showing a mom how she can make money from her bed-and-breakfast so she could support her family—helping others is my greatest accomplishment.

In the last couple of years, I decided I wanted to do even more to help others. So I partnered with two good friends of mine who share a similar vision: Jonas Koffler and Patrick Vlaskovits. To accomplish our vision of helping as many of you as possible, we decided to write a book.

Many of you have been bugging me to write one for years, but the timing wasn’t right. I didn’t want to write a book for the sake it. I wanted to create something that would empower others and help them accomplish their goals in life.

If you are wondering what the book is called…well, we decided to call it Hustle.

Here’s what Hustle will teach you

Have you been feeling that life is tough, that it’s hard to succeed when others have more money, a better degree, or more valuable connections?

Even if you don’t like the cards you’ve been dealt, it doesn’t mean you can’t do better than someone who is privileged.

That’s where the book comes into play. Packed with the knowledge we accumulated and tested throughout our business lives, Hustle will teach you:

  • How to find your talents and make money doing what you love.
  • How to succeed even if you don’t have much money or education. This is especially useful if you are feeling stuck or trapped in a job you hate.
  • How to increase your focus and productivity. Learn how to master and use the 10-minute rule so you can get more done in less time.
  • How to be an entrepreneur. Hustle will teach you the three main skills you’ll need.
  • How to get more freedom in life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or work in a 9-5 job, learn easy ways to make more money.
  • How to improve your luck. Do you think you’re unlucky? Hustle will show you how to make more of your own luck every day!

Pre-order Hustle today

The good news is, you can now pre-order Hustle today. And if you decide to, I am going to offer you something you can’t refuse.

If you pre-order 1 copy of my book, you’ll receive:

an exclusive training video created by me that will teach you how to create a blog that generates a million visitors a month without spending a dollar on advertising. This training video, called “A Million Visitors a Month and Counting: How to Create a Blog That Doesn’t Suck!”, contains:

  • Data on what has worked for me as well as what has worked for all the top blogs I’ve consulted (Mashable, Gawker Media, TechCrunch, HuffingtonPost, etc.).
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to start a blog, create content, and promote it.
  • How to create and generate headlines people want to click on.
  • How to consistently come up with blog topics to write about even if you are in a boring industry.
  • How to promote your content even if you don’t have a following online.
  • The secret strategy I use to get mentioned on sites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine, FastCompany, etc.
  • How to rank your blog posts in Google without spending money on links or using any blackhat techniques.

Click here to pre-order 1 copy, then email your receipt to with “Preorder #1” in the subject.

If you pre-order 5 copies of my book, you’ll receive:

the training video described above as well as a training video called “7 Advanced SEO Hacks That’ll Double Your Traffic.” In this training video, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Hijack traffic from the number 1 spot – even if you don’t rank at number 1, it doesn’t mean you can’t take some of the top-ranked sites’ search traffic.
  2. Dominate competitive terms – I will teach you how I rank for terms such as “online marketing” and how you can too. Just don’t use this technique to compete with me.
  3. Get links from high domain authority sites – I’ll show you how to build links the ethical way.
  4. Achieve the perfect site architecture – your on-page SEO has a huge impact on rankings. Most people get it wrong, but with this training video, you won’t.
  5. Expand internationally – people take this for granted, but it’s so effective that I’ve already expanded to Germany, Brazil, and Italy.
  6. Grow your social media influence – a key part to succeeding in SEO is having a big social following. I will teach you how to build one without spending money. This strategy helps me get upwards of 80,000 visitors a month just from Facebook.
  7. Hack number 7?… – this is my favorite hack, and you’ll have to wait to see what it is.

Click here to pre-order 5 copies, then email your receipt to with “Preorder #2” in the subject.

If you pre-order 20 copies of my book, you’ll receive:

both the blogging and SEO training video courses I described above, plus a 30-minute call with me.

I usually don’t offer phone consulting, but when I do, I typically charge $5,000 an hour.

Considering you can get a 30-minute phone call with me by buying 20 books, that’s a really good deal. We can discuss anything you want on the call. From entrepreneurship to marketing and helping you with your business, I can discuss whatever you want.

Click here to pre-order 20 copies, then email your receipt to with “Preorder #3” in the subject.

If you pre-order 50 copies of my book, you’ll receive:

the blogging and SEO training video courses I described above, plus an analysis of your business and what you need to do in order to grow it faster.

Here’s how it works:

You send me any information about your business you are comfortable sharing; I’ll personally analyze your site; we will hop on an hour-long phone call; and I will share every single change I would make if I were running your business to grow it faster.

This, of course, is the most expensive option, but it’s also the best value as I don’t really offer this unless you are a Fortune 500 company. My consulting rates start in the 6 figures per month. But you can get my personal help now by just pre-ordering 50 books.

Click here to pre-order 50 copies, then email your receipt to with “Preorder #4” in the subject.

** You may have to place 2 orders of 25 to purchase 50 copies as Amazon doesn’t let you purchase 50 books in 1 order.

How to redeem your offer?

You can pre-order your books on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Whether you buy the digital version or the physical book, you can redeem the offers above. In certain countries, the digital version won’t be available. In that case, some of you will have only the physical book option.

Once you make your purchase, email me a copy of your receipt at, and I will give you your bonuses.


I hope you pre-order your copy of Hustle. I’ve been working on it for over a year, and a lot of the lessons I’ve learned in life and in business are in the book. Even if the book isn’t a good fit for you, it would help me a lot if you shared it on the social web.

I’ve never released a book before, and I want to ensure this one is a success. Anything you can do to help would really mean a lot to me.

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