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HVAC Marketing: How a Heating and AC Company Got a Ton of Referrals:


Here’s How a Heating and AC Company Got a Ton of Referrals… [Keep Reading]

This tactic is called: “Creating a Scripted System Approach to Make A Bigger Effect” – they All Love Surprises!

Heating and AC Business Example: What’s cool about this company is – they step clients and prospects through a process that’s very orchestrated, very scripted. They show them referral letters and they explain to them exactly what they’re going to do for them with their heating and air conditioning systems. As they’re looking at these recommendation-letters, they say to their clients: “Now isn’t that the type of letter you’d be willing co-write if all of the things that they were saving were absolutely true?”
And, of course, they answer “yes”.

At the end of the presentation after they close the sale – and they’ve used a lot of assumptive techniques – the last thing they do is they hand them a business card after they’ve closed the sale and say “thank you”.

Now they say, “I have a surprise for you”.

“Your business has been referred to us by such and such, so you get fifty dollars off of the price that we’ve already negotiated and that you thought was a good price. Now it’s a great price. And further, if you do this with one of your friends, we’ll be paying you fifty dollars for the referral and also giving the same fifty dollars to your friend.

* Show them exactly what you are going to do for them.

* Show other Client Referral Letters and Testimonials.

* Ask them if these are types of letters they would like to write if they are true.

* Assumptive closing techniques.

* Hand them a business card.

* Tell them you have a surprise.

* Give them a surprise of $50 Dollars off because they were referred by a friend.

* Plus – if you do this for one of your friends – they will give you $50 and give them a discount too.

Can you design a way to create the wow-factor for your clients?


When you adapt, adopt and implement the successful referral systems
that other businesses have used to rapidly expand their business – into
your system for getting referrals – you can propel yourself above your
We have seen people use just 10% of these methods to get a tremendous
result. You don’t have to do all of them. You just need a SYSTEM in place.
How you can add this to your businesses three Draft Referral Checklists?
How can you implement this in your business to propel you past your competition?
Remember actions, not thoughts, get results.


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