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How To Implement the $20-a-Day Facebook Strategy

YES! Sign Me Up NOW for the All-New
“Optimum FB Sales System”
I Am Ready To Master the Power of Facebook to Attract My Ideal Customers, Clients, Or Patients.

YES! I want to take the first step in my 6-week journey with Kim Walsh-Phillips and GKIC’s “Optimum FB Sales System” to attract my perfect prospects and convert them into life-long customers through the power of social media and Facebook. Here’s what I’m going to receive and experience by signing up now:


OPTION #1: Core Package:

  • 4 Weekly LIVE Training Sessions with Kim Walsh-Phillips. I’ll experience Four (4) Training sessions conducted by Kim – where she’ll guide me through each key element of the Optimum FB Sales System, including:
    • Designing a Facebook Page for MAXIMUM Success
    • Exploiting the free tools that Facebook provides to target customers with pin-point accuracy
    • Mastering the art of turning likes, comments, and shares into customers
    • Creating Ads that strategically guide prospects through your sales funnel.

Kim will provide EXACTLY what I need to know and do to ramp up my own Facebook campaigns as quickly as possible.

  • Recordings and Transcripts of each Training Session… just in case I can’t make a session, I won’t need to worry – it’ll be made available online at my Membership Portal resource center.
  • FAST Implementation Checklists/Guides provided for every session during the entire program that provide specific “Do-This-Now” steps for me take.
  • Templates and Tools… complete [FILL-IN-THE-BLANK] templates, tools, and resources that enable me to quickly and easily create Facebook pages and ads that will set your business down the path to success.


And Don’t Forget These BONUSES!


  • 2 Additional LIVE Q&A Sessions w/Kim Walsh-Phillips. She’ll get on the line for two more times to answer questions about any-and-all things Facebook related – making this program a full 6 weeks in total. I can’t afford to miss this!
  • The Blueprint For Writing Effective Facebook Headlines (Worth $97): Dave Dee & Kim Walsh-Phillips will reveal proven formulas for writing devastatingly effective headlines.
  • GKIC’s Online Membership Funnel (Worth $97): Mike Stodola & Kim Walsh-Phillips explain the keys to how GKIC created and launched its hugely successful online membership funnel on Facebook.
  • Optimum Facebook Sales System Facebook Group: Gain access to a private Facebook Group that will be updated and refreshed throughout the live training sessions. Network with others enrolled and get your course, marketing and Facebook questions answered in real time from a panel of social-media-for-business experts… plus you’ll receive daily tips and strategies to drive great leads and sales in your Facebook Marketing.
  • Optimum Facebook Social Media Strategies: Every week, you will have a sweet piece of social media know-how dropped into your inbox. These emails will contain in-depth coverage on newly developed tools that can improve your conversion rate, improve your social media automation, make your landing pages more effective, and many other benefits! They will provide course-related and technology updates to keep you ahead of the curve and steps ahead of your competition.
  • Optimum FB Sales System Quick-Start Call with Kim Walsh-Phillips: Over 1 Billion searches are done on Facebook each month. In this quick-start call, we will cover how to set up your Facebook page with keywords to help you rise to the top of Facebook’s listings in order to get more qualified leads for free. Plus, you will receive a quick tour of the course resources and be able to ask any questions you may have about the program. One lucky attendee will win a free Kindle with of copy of Kim’s new book, “The No BS Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing”.

OPTION #2: Done-For-You ROCKET LAUNCH Package:


Includes EVERYTHING described above PLUS I’ll get to hire Kim and her Facebook ROI experts to “do the work” and create my own Facebook lead-generation and sales funnels! This includes:

  • A ROCKET LAUNCH of my entire Facebook marketing system to attract my perfect prospects and turn them into customers ($5,000 value)
  • Done-for-you optimized Facebook page to attract and capture qualified leads ($500 value)
  • A full sales funnel audit and conversion optimization to convert Facebook traffic into sales. You will create my sales page, opt-in form and drive traffic directly into my funnel. ($7,000 value)
  • 60 days of engaging content posted to my Facebook page daily ($2,500 value)
  • Up to 10 ads using the latest testing results and proven sales funnels allowing me to skip weeks of costly ad testing to maximize my budget. ($2,500 value)
  • One 60-minute on-boarding call and two follow up calls at the 30-day and 60-day campaign marks. You will review results to date and optimize my campaign accordingly. ($2,000 value)



I understand if at ANY time during the first 30 days of my enrollment in the
6-week “Optimum FB Sales System” Program that I’m not satisfied,
I can request and receive a 100% refund of everything
I’ve paid toward this program up to that point.

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