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How to Generate $100,000 a Month from a Brand New Blog

A week ago, I wrote a blog post stating that anyone can generate $100,000 a month in income. To prove it, I told you that I’m going to create a new company and grow it from scratch without leveraging my connections.

In the majority of your comments, you told me you wanted me to create a new company in a space that I had no ties to. So I’m now starting a nutrition blog.

The official start date will be April 1, 2015. And within 12 months, I have to get the blog to generate $100,000 in monthly revenue.

So, how am I going to start?


In an ideal world, the older your domain name is, the easier it is to get rankings. From now till April 1, I’ll be looking for a website in the nutrition space that hasn’t been updated in years and buy it for $100.

Doing this will give me a head start and make it easier for me to generate traffic.

If I bought a brand new domain name, I could build up the domain, but it wouldn’t rank as high in the search engines. Going on my experience, I am estimating the difference in search traffic will be roughly seven-fold.

For that reason, I’ll be manually emailing people within the nutrition space with a message that looks like this:

Hey [insert their name],

I noticed that you haven’t updated [insert their URL] in over a year. Is there a reason why?

I am really passionate about the nutrition space, and I would hate to see your website die. If you want, I can take it over for you… Heck, I don’t even mind purchasing it.

Just as a heads up though, I don’t have a ton of money to spend, but if you are interested in keeping your website alive, shoot me a reply back.



P.S. The last thing I want is your hard work to go to waste.

Social media

The simplest way to generate more traffic to a blog is through Facebook. Why? Because once you build a loyal Facebook following, you can continually market your blog posts to those fans.

That means each of your blog posts will get more social shares, comments, and linkbacks.

As I build up my Facebook fan page, I’ll keep you in the loop on the strategies I’m using and show you how you can replicate what I’m doing.

Content creation

Whether I have a domain or not, I will start creating content on nutrition. Because I’m trying to show you that this can be done on a budget, I’ll have to research the space and write the content myself.

It looks like each post is going to take me 3 to 6 hours to write as I am not very familiar with the space. Each content piece should be over 2,000 words long to make my blog the most detailed nutrition blog on the web as detailed content tends to rank better on search engines.

In essence, I will be copying the same strategy I use on


As for the design, I am going to use a free WordPress theme. I may buy one from WooThemes if I can’t find a good one for free.

My overall goal is to not invest any money into web design until the site is generating at least 500,000 visitors a month and I can start monetizing the audience.


It’s still early, and most of this information is very high level. But the purpose of this post is to show you that I am moving forward.

And as I progress each month, I’ll write a blog post sharing my progress and showing you the specific steps I’m taking to reach the $100,000 a month in income. You too can follow along and copy me as it will help you generate more income as well.

So, are you excited to see how easy it is to make $100,000 a month?

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