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How To Cut The Fat And Waste From Your Advertising And Hold Every Dollar You Spend Accountable So You Can Get Reliable And Predictable Results

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, to thrive in this uncertain economy you need to keep your marketing interesting.

You need to be looking for ways to boost your response.

And you need to create better relationship with your clients, customers and patients.

That’s why I want to share two powerful tips to grow your business FAST!

How fast?

That’s completely up to you.

Pro Tip 1 – A Winning Parasite Relationship For Multiplying Sales & Boosting Profit

What’s the quickest way to reach your ideal customers, clients or patients?

A: The most powerful form of this is the endorsed mailing. You will get a great response from this, provided that the person or business that’s endorsing you has a great relationship with their customers.

See, you can achieve a great response from an endorsed mailing. Almost any deal that you agree with the person or business endorsing you is worth it.

And remember to make it really easy for them!

All they have to do is say, “YES.”

You need to avoid making rookie mistakes here.

So don’t make the person or businesses you choose to partner with do any work whatsoever. Make sure that you write all the copy including the ads, emails and sales letters etc.

Also make sure all of the inquiries or responses will come back to you, so that the person or business you’re partnering with isn’t handling any of your sales.

You’ll also want to make sure that your guarantee is solid and protects their customers.

Thus reducing any risk on their part and making them more likely to agree to partnering with you.

Example: Imagine you’re a tiler and you approach a bathroom company to partner with.

You could instantly add value to their customers without stealing them (This is important) and get paid too.

How could this opportunity work?

You could design, create and print a postcard for the bathroom company to give to their customers when they place an order for a new bath or shower.

This could be physical (in a show room at the cash register) or it could be mailed direct to their customer with their order receipt.

IMPORTANT: You must make your offer so irresistible they find it almost impossible to say no!

Think of it as your foot in the door without spending lots of money on advertising! You are gaining a customer that you could potentially upsell or get repeat work.

For example your postcard could lead with:

Who Else Wants Their Bathroom To Have The ‘Show Home’ Look Without Spending An Arm And A Leg?

“50% Discount For ‘BUSINESS Y’ Customers” – Save $XYZ On Tiling Your New Bathroom!

Call Bill on 800-871-0147 to get your free personalized quote.  SPECIAL BONUS: If you call before DATE – I’ll also include pro tile adhesive and mold resistant grout for FREE! Saving You Up To $xxx

Pro Tip 2 – How to boost sales instantly by entering the conversation that is already occurring in your prospect, customer or client’s mind.

Have you considered Holiday Promotions in your business?

Well you should because it can easily skyrocket the effectiveness of big money holidays such as:

•     Independence Day


•     Thanksgiving


And unusual holidays such as National Pistachio Day, National Siblings Day & National Ice Cream Day!

Using the specific holiday for your promotion is a great way to sell more of your products and services.

For example a dentist could use Halloween as a promotion.

“Even Vampires Have White Teeth!”

The promotion – 60% discount on teeth whitening if booked on Halloween!

If you want to forever end the drudgery of cold calling, cold prospecting and costly, unpredictable and wasteful advertising with a PROVEN system that Predictably Delivers:

•     Customers

•     Clients

•     Patients

All pre-determined to do business with you check out Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing

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