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Guidelines for Good Title Tag

What is a Title Tag?

A title tag is a piece of HTML code that describes a specific web pages content through a keyword query that a person types into a search engine. Title Tags are a very important guide for all search engines in determining what is in the content of a specific web page. Creating a relevant title tag is one of the most important variables in achieving high search engine positioning.

View your Title Tag
You can view the title tag in the source code of a web page or at the top of your browser window. If you are interested in viewing the title tag through the source code simply click on view from the menu at the top of your browser and then click on source, open the window for full view. You will find the title tag in the head section of the source code along with your Meta description tag and Meta keyword Tag.

Guidelines for Good Title Tag

  • Selecting the best keyword(s) to focus on.
  • The contribution of the TITLE tag to your SERP (the higher, the better). The second is the click-through ratio (out of 500 views, how many clicks your web site is getting).
  • Brand your company’s name in the Title tag
  • Include keyword phrases in your title tag
  • Order keyword phrases effectively within the title tag
  • Make the title tag appealing to the eye
  • Try to keep title tags as unique as possible
  • Do not leave your title tag blank!
  • Do not use ‘Untitled’ or default text in your title tag.
  • Search engines compare text in the title tag against actual textual content on your page to rate relevancy. If the two are not related this will decrease your ranking. Also it is annoying to a person who visits your page when the title tag they saw going into your page does not relate to the content on the page. This will ensure that this person leaves your site and maybe never comes back.
  • Do not stuff your title tag with repeating keyword phrases.
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