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[Growth Summit 2019 Day 3 Recap] What’s next for YOU and 2020!

On our final day of Growth Summit, we heard from Adam Witty on how we plan to move forward in 2020…

I’ll get into that more in a minute. But first, here are some highlights from our speakers. 

Andrew Tweito delivered three actionable plans in his presentation “Make Money Where No One Thinks It Is Possible: Generating Leads for your Business with Facebook and Instagram.”

Whereas most tell you what to do and maybe even how to do it but aren’t willing to show their winning campaigns with copy, offers, landing page, etc., Andrew demonstrated real-world examples from the BEST campaigns. 

He told Members to focus on a FEW critical things instead of trying to do everything and helped Members see where to start. He demonstrated each step and told them where to focus. For example, the quiz funnel campaign and Instagram Story ads were two of the campaigns he recommended. 

Lee Milteer and Peak Coaching Members shared powerful ways they’ve used Renegade Millionaire principles in their business and how it’s created success for them. 

And Karyn Buxman delivered a very funny, yet actionable presentation: Funny Means Money. She showed Members strategic ways to use humor for influence, to build sales, teamwork, trust, and profits – giving real-world, proven examples of how this is done. 

She said, “People gravitate toward funny…” Funny people are paid more and receive promotions more often. People who see humor have diminished health problems and are seen as better looking.  The good news is you don’t have to be funny. You can leverage other people’s humor, something Karyn showed us how to do.

By knowing humor and APPLYING it, you can stack the decks to see funny and manipulate your environment to get all the rewards of funny.  Karyn also gifted attendees her Humor Lab Starter Kit.

Now on to Adam…

One of the big, important ideas Adam Witty discussed at Growth Summit was the idea of being “All In.”

If you follow Clemson Tigers Football, you already know what that means. Tigers Coach Dabo Swinney started a poker chip tradition in 2008. A metaphor for every player giving 110% and being fully committed to an “All In” effort, each player places a poker chip in the “All In Bucket” before kickoff. 

Adam began doing this for all team members of the Advantage Family – so each day every team member starts the day by putting their poker chip in the bucket to show their support, belief in, and commitment to the company goals. While a simple gesture, Adam says those who aren’t truly ALL in or who won’t put their chip in the bucket, tend to work themselves out of the company. 

I share this with you—not only for you to take this idea and run with it in your business, but to demonstrate the commitment that every one of our team members has to deliver a quality experience to you. 

Over the three days, Members were treated to surprises including enhancements to your membership that will take your results and experience to the next level…

Things you’ll be hearing more about in the coming days. For now, here is a brief review…

  1. During the conference, we launched a new Magnetic Marketing app! You’ll quickly and easily be able to access all of your membership and audio materials right from the app. 

  2. Peak Performers’ coaching is being retired. Enhanced and new coaching programs were announced. These coaching programs are designed to help you implement, keep you accountable in a more significant way than ever, and take you and your staff to a new height of achievement. The three new coaching programs introduced: Elevate, Renegade Millionaires, and Magnetic Marketing. 

  3. Commitment to make the No B.S. Marketing Letter a “marketing seminar in print” which will include more examples directly from within OUR community of what’s working.

  4. More contests and rewards to recognize your efforts and wins.

  5. Formal education to help your staff and team implement Magnetic Marketing.

  6. A focus on attracting and putting high-quality people that are REAL business owners in the room for you to connect with at events and within our community. By REAL business owners, I mean business owners that have a REAL business and are not just information seekers. We believe this will make the quality of the conversations you have with other members higher.

  7. Create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for the Diamond Receptions that not only allow you a place to connect with each other but have a WOW factor.

  8. Dedicated Professional Practices Intensives that will help you build a professional practice of your dreams at every event.

  9. New masterclasses for Diamond Members which will use video to do a screen share to deliver detailed “How To” information that is relevant, foundational and shows “what’s next”.

Adam pointed out that the power of the community is not Dan, it’s not Adam… the power of the community is YOU. 

One way to build the power of the community is to bring more people into the community. 

The second way is to bring in quality people. 

We are committed to doing both. 

And together, if we each throw our “poker chips” into the “All-In Bucket” we can build a community that is more powerful than ever. 

We are honored to have you as part of the Magnetic Marketing/No B.S. Inner Circle Community. We look forward to you being a part of an unstoppable, powerful movement. 

And that’s a wrap on Growth Summit!

PS: Adam posed a question that I feel is important to share. Relaying what Dan Kennedy said to him during one of the five conversations he’s had since Dan fell ill, Adam said, “Dan said, ‘Adam, you’ve got to keep people together.’”  

Adam continued, in Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great, he talks about a “level 5” leader. There aren’t many level 5 leaders. A level 5 leader is one in which the network thrives even without the leader. We don’t know when or to what extent Dan Kennedy will return. We know he wants to be a part of our community. 

That said, Adam posed a question that I’ll leave you with, “If this membership falls apart without Dan, what does it say about him? Even more so, what does it say about us who have gained so much because of him?”

PPS: Want to register for next year’s Growth Summit? Give us a call at (800) 871-0147 or send an email to us at

Source: Dan Kennedy


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