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[Growth Summit 2019 Day 1 Recap] Celebrating Dan Kennedy

Bruno the Bull here or as Rusty Shelton introduced me today… “One of the Most Important Members of our Community”…

How do you like them apples?

I have the task of stashing Magnetic Marketing|No B.S. Bucks around the conference room, so I think he might have just been trying to find out where I hid the money so he could get some of it.

But enough about me. Let’s get to what happened today during Day 1 of the Attraction, Conversion, and Retention Growth Summit!

Adam Witty kicked off the Celebration of Dan today with an update on Dan Kennedy and a conversation he had with Dan on Tuesday.

With a dose of cautious optimism, Adam said that it was the first time he’d talked to Dan since his illness in which Dan sounded like the old Dan Kennedy. Dan’s doctors say this is because he is off the pain meds.

Dan has been moved to a rehabilitation facility and is working with therapists to regain his strength. There was no loss of Dan’s cognitive ability and there are very good signs that his health is improving, however, Dan still has a long way to go.

Adam expressed his belief that the tribute letters sent to Dan had a lot to do with the miraculous signs of improvement that Dan is experiencing.  Adam had more to say about this which I’ll leave for the update which will be posted to the site. Also, if you haven’t yet sent Dan a letter, please do. Dan still has a long way to go and it will help him to hear from you while he fights the most difficult journey of his life.

Next, was a very special presentation. If you haven’t been to Growth Summit or SuperConference, Dan Kennedy usually has the first spot of the day on Day 1. Since Dan couldn’t be here with us, Adam Witty and Darcy Juarez talked about Dan’s new book which is out NOW – called Almost Alchemy: Make Any Business of Any Size Produce More with Fewer and Less.

Published through ForbesBooks, Adam revealed that this book has been in the works for over 2 years. Adam said, “This is one of the most significant books Dan has ever written… and I’ve read all of Dan’s books.”

To help present the ideas inside the book, there were several Magnetic Marketing|No B.S. Legendary Members who presented including Lee Milteer, Dave Dee, Scott Manning, Rjon Robins, Adam Witty, and Darcy Juarez. If you tuned in during the LiveCast you saw these presentations. (I understand some Members were having trouble with the LiveCast – so a replay has been made available HERE.)

Here are a few of my favorite nuggets from these speakers:

  • “The way you treat money gives it energy. If you’re telling money you’re afraid, it will leave you.” – Lee Milteer

  • Scott Manning asked the question, “What actions are you taking to move money towards you?” He said your business is a never-ending experiment and money moves to the person who moves fastest.

  • Dave Dee shared three principles about place. He said to “think bigger”, “keep moving upstream” and “monetize everything you have.”

  • RJon Robins talked about ascension. One of my favorite take-aways from RJon is the idea that ascension is for EVERYONE. He said it helps make your existing customer better…in their business, in their life, in their education… and that if you don’t give them an opportunity to do more with you and trade up, they will go somewhere else to do so.

  • Adam Witty talked about price liberation. From 2005 to 2018 the average value of a customer jumped from $2,495 to $148K. WOW. Many eye-opening ideas here including: “Do not look to our industry for guidance on price. NEVER set your price on cost to deliver. And you should ALWAYS set price on the VALUE you provide.”

  • Darcy Juarez went into Dan Kennedy’s very powerful FOUND MONEY MAP. Honestly, I will not attempt to explain this in the limited space I have here. I’ll just say this. It’s in Dan’s new book. Go buy it so you have this amazing tool.

Throughout the day longtime members shared their biggest lessons they got from Dan Kennedy. As a newer addition to this community, I found them inspiring and filled with gold nuggets. Rusty Shelton described them perfectly when he called these stories, “A portal of what is possible for you.”  Another common theme was to focus and take action.

Here are a few highlights from these Members:

  • The more entrepreneurial you are and the more successful you become, the more you don’t fit in – which is one of the reasons Dan Kennedy created GKIC, now Magnetic Marketing|No B.S. Inner Circle. To create a community where entrepreneurs had a community where they fit in. Dr. David Phelps credited Dan for giving him a community where he’s found lifelong friends and for giving him the tools to create autonomy. He challenged us with this question he got from Dan, “If you hit the lottery tonight, what would you rush out to do? Reinvent what you are doing to make that possible.”

  • Mike Crow’s theme was “Dan can…” asking each of us to put that out into the universe. He shared the “360 Rule” by talking about how everywhere he turns he see’s Dan in his life – from books Dan wrote to gifts he’s received and so on. He challenged us to think about how we could be “everywhere” our customers look.

  • Donna Krech emphatically talked about the importance of Wealth Attraction and how that changed EVERYTHING for her. She challenged us to think about: “Are you making your difference?” In other words, are you making the impact in the world that you are destined to make?

  • Keith Lee had many lessons – but what struck me the most was that he wanted the community to know this one belief: That the business lessons and opportunities he had because of Dan Kennedy are still available for everyone here in our community – whether Dan is here or not.

Two-time World Champion, Financial Consultant, Author, Speaker and Life/Business Coach Steve Sax delivered an energetic and powerful keynote. He talked about the differences between a leader and a manager, preparation and habits, and the power of resilience. Three things I found especially impactful were:

“The most expensive thing you own is a closed mind.” He said you should be willing to take advice from others – even if they aren’t an expert in your field, because they might just have something valuable to contribute.

Challenge your confidence.

Celebrate failure…because failure is one of the fastest ways of learning.

Diamond Members got to have their photos with Steve and have Steve autograph his book “Shift” as well as baseballs and baseball cards.

Michael Mothner from WPromote took the stage after lunch. Michael started his business in his dorm room. Today it’s one of the fastest-growing and widely recognized online marketing firms in the country.

Michael covered A LOT of ground, solving digital marketing problems for Members. A couple of the big takeaways include:

  • It is really important to keep your customers. Even more important than getting new customers. Because when you increase the value of a customer, you can spend more to get a new customer. Michael revealed that businesses are spending too much on acquiring new customers and not enough to maximize your current customers. Carving out even a small part of your marketing budget for retention will make a powerful impact.

  • Video is HUGE and VERY powerful. He says no one is doing it because everyone (big and small businesses) are intimidated about it. Michael encouraged us to just start doing it. Not to overthink it or to be fancy or over-produce the videos. Video will increase your engagement and reduce your costs.

Darcy Juarez presented a complete, extremely detailed step-by-step plan on Customer-Cloning: How to Multiply and Clone Your Best Customer. This too was content rich with a roadmap laid out for Members to take home and implement. Since there is no where near the room to give you the whole plan here, I leave you with a couple of major ideas…

  • A buyer is not yet a customer. A customer is not yet a committed customer… A committed customer is not yet an evangelical ambassador.

  • Replace random acts of marketing with an organized SYSTEM.

  • You should implement an attraction system, a conversion system, and a retention system simultaneously, NOT sequentially.

  • Referrals are not automatic which is why you need a SYSTEM for referrals and to create a referral culture in your business. (Darcy laid out all of the steps for this.)

Members had three break-out choices for the afternoon which included:

Caroline Nuttall who delivered a thought-provoking presentation about the idea that even our expertise has become commoditized.

She said to combat this you MUST be crystal clear about what you stand for so you can attract your ideal customer and repel everyone else to become a TRUE category of one. Once you figure this out, you can accelerate.

But if you don’t, you risk going out of business. Members clamored to the back of the room to sign up for FREE consultations with Caroline to help them clarify what they stand for that will make them stand out in a cluttered world.

Dr. Jamie Reynolds delivered the unique ways his professional practice has been able to grow his business with Conversations that Convert. Jamie taught Members how to use the magic of language and choreography in your professional practice to convert more prospects into patients/clients.

Robert Skrob delivered a powerful presentation on How a Twice Bankrupt, Alcoholic, Stutterer Turned his Professional Speaking Career into a Billion Dollar Movement. Robert gave Members the tools and game plan to turn their own customers into loyal, raving fans and even turn them into a movement eager to refer.

The day wrapped up with Adam Witty having a conversation with Chris Hurn, Founder of Fountainhead about why as a business owner you should own your own building.

Fountainhead is the nation’s leading Nonbank Small Business Lender and helped Adam out a jam when he went to buy a building for his expanding business in 2017. The bank Adam had turned to for a loan changed their terms three weeks before closing – something that Adam wasn’t happy about and would cause a real strain.

Adam called Chris for help and Chris was able to close the deal on time with even better terms than the bank had initially offered… and he got it done with only 3 weeks’ notice!

(Be on the lookout for Chris’ new book coming out called Fuel: What Every Business Owner Must Know About Growth Capital, Wealth Creation, and Legacy.)

The evening was a networking reception complete with drinks and tons of food – from a taco bar, to pasta bar, to Chinese bar.

Sorry you couldn’t be there. Hope to see you at the next one!

PS: Want to register for next year’s Growth Summit? Give us a call at (800) 871-0147 or email

Source: Dan Kennedy


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