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How Best Buy Increased Conversions 30%+ (infographic)

What if I told you that you could get up to 30% more traffic by using a special code on your pages? This code ties directly into Google’s new Knowledge Graph. Aha! Keep reading…

Google Knowledge Graph

Google’s Knowledge Graph – How Google Got 1000Xs Smarter!

You may not know this – but Google changed their algorithm again in a major way with what is called “Knowledge Graph – in Google’s own words: “The Knowledge Graph enables you to search for things, people or places that Google knows about—landmarks, celebrities, cities, sports teams, buildings, geographical features, movies, celestial objects, works of art and more—and instantly get information that’s relevant to your query. This is a critical first step towards building the next generation of search, which taps into the collective intelligence of the web and understands the world a bit more like people do.”

Did you know that the three major Search Engines actually conspired to make a whole new way of describing what you are talking about? In fact – more than discussions they invented a whole new way of writing code so that Search Engines could understand what you are talking about. In fact, they even dedicated a whole site to it: This is called ““.

What does this have to do with Google’s new Knowledge Graph Algorithm? Let me show you:

Knowledge Graph – Although this change is rolling out, Google launched a new Algorithm aimed at narrowing the “Thing” you are looking for.

For example, Google has a hard time understanding if you are searching for “Tiger” – if you mean the person: “Tiger Woods” or “Tigers In The Woods”.

If you type in “White House” are you looking for a picture of a “White House” or do you mean “The White House” (Residence of the president of the United States).

If you type “Kings” are you talking about Royalty or are you talking about the Hockey Team?

This is a differentiation that Google has struggled with for a while. In fact there have been several discussions and meeting and resolutions between Search Engines – to be even more specific – a whole new code was developed between the three major Search Engines – actually three new codes were developed and they are all supported by Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The three main types of code or “mark-up” are called: RDFA, Microformat and Microdata.

Micro what? This is all very confusing – what does this have to do with increasing traffic?

RDFA – The Results – Case Study:

I would recommend using RDFA – why? Because it is the most widely accepted type of code.

In fact Best Buy implemented a type of RDFA:

What benefits turned up?

“Within just a couple of months, we began to see an increase in our organic search results. Before long, it had increased by 30% over historical rates. We also saw an increase in our click-through rate. Yahoo did a study a while back and found that people that had rich snippets on the results pages were seeing around a 15% increase in CTR, which has proven to be the case for us. And of course, it makes our web site “smarter” and more open to machines, which ultimately benefits customers.”

So there you go – What are you waiting for? Go and increase your traffic by 30% or more!

Google Knowledge Graph Info Graphic

World Class Media specializes in RDFA and Rich Snippets Mark-Up. We can help you implement RDFA and Microdata on your site. Just give us a call.


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