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Five Signs Your Business Needs Realignment

It’s not surprising.

After the brutal winter we had in Chicago, pothole damage claims are at record levels and expected to top the most ever in Chicago.

Hit one of those potholes and you might later notice your car drifting to one side, shaking or any number of signs that your wheels are out of alignment.   This may not only be of safety issue, but it could lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your tires and having to buy new tires sooner.

It started me thinking about the importance of alignment.  Not just when it comes to your car, but the functionality of your business.  Because if your “personal alignment” is out of whack, the success you crave may always be just beyond your fingertips. However, unlike your car, you may not even realize your alignment is what is causing you to steer off course, so here are five signs to look for:

1)      You’re working hard, but getting mediocre results. If you are putting the time and effort in, but not getting the results you want, it may not be for lack of trying. It could be that you are missing one key ingredient or need a slight adjustment in your mindset to radically improve your business results.

2)      You struggle to make consistent sales. If you can’t reliably predict what your sales will be each month, or if you get prospects on the hook but can’t consistently close those sales, you need to focus on this one issue with laser-like precision until it’s fixed.

3)      Your success is like a roller-coaster. If you find that your finances seem cyclical—meaning you are really profitable for a while and then you find yourself back in debt or one month your business is soaring and the next it is plummeting, this is a tell-tale sign you need your mindset realigned.

4)      You continually question your decisions. Here’s a typical example for this one: you get a hot new prospect on the hook for what could be a lucrative sale. But at the first sign of this prospect showing hesitation…such as not getting back to you right away, you start questioning whether your price is too high, you hit the right hot buttons with your prospect or if they are even interested.

You may even be quick to offer a discount to try and compensate for your uncertainty.

This is a sign that your confidence is holding you back and that it’s time to reprogram yourself and do away with the habitual thought patterns that keep landing you back in this place.

5)      Your business is NOT the dominant one in your marketplace. If your business is not leading your market and you’re doing everything you can think of to dominate then it could be a sign that you need a slight adjustment.

Keeping yourself running at peak performance so that you consistently are maximizing your profits and easily creating the business and life you want doesn’t always run on auto-pilot.

In fact, for most people that is not the case at all. We all have habits we’ve picked up from our parents and environment. Many of us were never taught the signs of trouble or even how to go about creating the life we want.

Now that you know the signs, you can identify when it’s time for you to get a “mental tune-up” to get your mind in the right place so you can kick your old bad habits or self-limiting behaviors to the curb.

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