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Don’t Shoot Your Customers! Unless You’ve Loaded Your Copy With These Powerful Bullets!

Your headline has your prospects attention… they start to read your sales message…


There goes another customer.

You have made $0!

Why is that?

There could be lots of reasons.

      • Your offer sucks. (Like trying to sell weight loss to a skinny person!)

      They don’t believe what you say is true.

      • Your copy is weak!

That’s why in today’s blog we’re going to inject superpowers in your copy and help you write killer BULLETS… for all your info-marketing promotions.

Bullets are important.

In fact, Parris Lampropoulos is one of the most successful copywriters in the world today.

His record number of controls, and revenue generated for Boardroom using tons of bullets is proof he’s the real deal!

He says: bullets are the reason why he has so many winners under his belt!

For example he’ll write hundreds of bullets for a single copy package that only needs 50.

I’ve also heard his copy cubs are almost sick of writing bullets!

So why does he spend a huge part of time writing bullets?

Because a bullet’s job in your copy is to deliver a clear benefit and promise to your reader…

TIP: Think of BULLETS in copy as mini-headlines. (read a recent article on headlines here)

You see, the job of your Bullets is to get your reader (prospect) to go back into your content, or go move closer to your CTA.

Let’s not forget bullets can create winning controls!

Here are some bullets featured in a well known magazine MensHealth:

TIP – Start collecting bullets that grab YOUR attention. You could choose to write them on a pad, and keep it somewhere near your desk. Then when you need inspiration, flip through the pad and read the bullets. Or create a digital bullet swipe file on your computer.

Let’s move on.

Great… Enter John Carlton. John is well known for his bullets. Some of his classic sales letters are jam-packed solid with pages upon pages of bullets!

Here are some bullets from his “One Legged Golfer” Sales letter…

       • The one mistake even pro golfers make that kills the power in their downstroke… and how to use a simple, easy “adjustment” that will instantly increase your power by 200% or more! (Imagine consistently hitting 300 yard drives, and nailing greens from 150 yards out with a nine iron!)

TIP: Swipe and deploy – let’s take the above bullet and borrow the structure for writing a bullet for a realtor.

       • The one mistake even realtors make that kills the sale over the phone… and how to use a simple, easy “negotiation” tip that will instantly increase your discounts by 30% or more! (Imagine consistently getting the best deals on property from the realtors bottom draw!)

Note – we don’t support plagiarism. But swiping copy can help you get started.

Here are some more of John’s awesome bullets to get your creative juices flowing:

 How to master this new swing in the shortest time possible… while you improve your current game with every stroke! (You’ll learn everything those rich guys paid thousands of bucks for!)

 Why “beginners” are able to use this swing to quickly surpass more experienced golfers… even if they don’t play every week! (In fact, the less you understand about what the “experts” try to tell you, the faster you’ll be shaving off strokes and getting distance you could only dream about before!)

 How a “secret” 5-inch change in your hip placement translates into massive power for your stroke! (Not one pro in a thousand even suspects the potency of this simple adjustment!)

 How to avoid the power-sapping problems of “classic” swings — and guarantee yourself repeatable accuracy, tremendous “punch”, and the most comfortable, natural swing you’ll ever experience!

• Exactly where each of the six simple segments of the Triple Coil Swing begin and end — so you’ll be able to spot-check your progress… and master the swing faster than anything else you’ve ever attempted in sports! (And repeat your perfected swing every time, without a shred of second-guessing!)

 How to use the secrets of “loading” your body for maximum power! (Traditional swings rob you of this potential power — while the Triple Coil Swing actually increases it two-fold!)

• Why the new “lag” in your swing will cause your buddies to shake their heads… until they see you consistently out-drive them by 40, 50 and 60 yards off every tee! (I guarantee they’ll make you play with one of their balls, just to make sure you aren’t cheating somehow!)

 How to use simple “double checks” (like the “visible knuckle” rule) to instantly make sure you’re prepared for any shot… so you’ll always get a repeatable result no matter what the conditions are! (Even if you’re playing a strange course, in the rain, with your partners coughing and dropping bags to distract you!)

 The truth behind “follow through” — and why 99% of all golfers completely blow it right after they hit the ball!

 How to instantly diagnose mistakes in your swing — so you’ll never have back-to-back misfires again! (This is a comprehensive list of the most common mistakes you’re likely to make… a complete “fail safe” system of correcting yourself during your game!)

 How to practice at home — using props that won’t cost you a dime — to increase your learning curve 10 times faster!

How to use the secret of “choking down” to master any club in your bag… no matter how horrible you were with it before!

To save you time, this old article will help you craft your own bullets…

In fact, it walks you through 8 ways to write bullet points that work.

TIP: When writing your bullets – you won’t go wrong if you treat them as a possible headline!  Which means if each bullet passes the “headline” test (Is it readable and does it pique curiosity?)

Now, you won’t create winning headlines with every bullet you write… but if you follow this tip, you’ll be writing winning bullets faster! Plus your new bullets will keep your readers eyeballs ‘super-glued’ to your copy!

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