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Dentist Marketing: How a Dental Office Got a Ton of Referrals

Here’s How a Simple Dentist Office got a ton of referrals. Try it yourself!

“Are You Mad At Me?” – Multiple Referral System.

Who this applies to: All Businesses, Health Related Practices, Referral Best Practices, etc.

Dental Office: The first day they saw a client, after they have gone through the first consultation, they would say to the client: “We don’t accept everybody as a Client. But if we do accept you as a client – we expect you to refer other clients to us, too, if we’re able to help you. Is that fair?” OK, and then the next day they would give the patient a report of findings and I go over everything with the client. And they would give them a little pamphlet to take with them, and then also they give the Client a business card with the Doctor’s home phone number. The Doctor would say: “So if you have any problems call me”. This way, they’ve got your business card with them all the time.

The follow up:

If they haven’t referred anybody lately the Doctor would say, “Are you mad at me?” And they’ll say,

Client: “No, why?”

Doctor: “Well, I was just wondering because you haven’t referred any clients to me lately.”

Doctor: “Haven’t they helped you?”

Next Visit:

Doctor: “Well, do you have any friends with problems over the years? Anybody in your family have any problems?”

Client:”Yes!” If they don’t – I would just leave it at that. But if they do I’d say,

Doctor: “What seems to be the problem?”
(They’d tell them)

Doctor: “OK. Give me their name and address and their telephone and I’ll send them some material of course”

(Also, if they say they have some friends or relatives who need some care, I’ll give them a free coupon.)

* Of Course the Doctor shouldn’t mention who told them about the condition because that’s client privilege information.

* This practice created 25% to 30% more referrals doing this, and they want to increase that now.


When you adapt, adopt and implement the successful referral systems
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Try this trick to get a ton more referrals yourself

Source: World Class Media


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