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Data Proving Your Work BFF Is the Best [Infographic]

We’ve all heard the saying that “it’s not what you know, but who you know.”

While “who you know” can help you get your foot in the door or your resume at the top of the pile during the job search, it’s also crucial to being happy once you get the job. According to LinkedIn’s Relationships @Work Study, having strong personal relationships with our coworkers is essential for a happy, productive, and fulfilling professional life.

LinkedIn created the following infographic to highlight some of the major findings from their study. Take a look at the infographic to learn more about how workplace relationships impact our professional lives. (And don’t forget to share it with your workplace BFFs.)

Work Relationship Statistics

  • 46% believe friendships with coworkers make them happier. (Tweet This Stat)
  • 51% stay in touch with former colleagues. (Tweet This Stat)
  • For 18-24 year-olds, friendships in the workplace make them feel: happy (57%), motivated (50%), productive (39%). (Tweet This Stat)
  • 33% of millennials vs. 5% of baby boomers think socializing with colleagues helps them move up the career ladder. (Tweet This Stat)
  • 18% of professionals say that friendships with colleagues make them more competitive in their careers. (Tweet This Stat)

Got your own work BFF? Send this to them to see if they agree with the stats!


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