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Dangerous stuff man, dangerous stuff…

Gather ‘round the campfire and let Uncle Dave tell you a spooky, true story.

It all started back when I was doing a birthday party magic show at a very wealthy man’s home.

I had just started to dip my toe in the lucrative corporate entertainment market and definitely wanted to do more of those gigs and less kid shows.

As I’m doing my show, I casually mentioned that my next trick I recently debuted at show I did for IBM.

I’m not sure why I mentioned it. It must have been my subconscious mind telling me something.

After the show was over, the man, who happened to be the VP of Sales for a major corporation  came over to me and asked, “So you shows for corporations? I’d love to have you perform at my next sales meeting.”

That’s when I discovered the power of “casual mentions” or what is also known as “seeding” an audience.

This is one of the most powerful ways to plant thoughts into your prospects’ (audiences’) minds.

Here’s the beauty of seeding:

If planted properly, the seeds will start to sprout and then you can make them rapidly grow and take hold of your prospects’ mind on demand.

Soon the thought  you originally planted, will bloom and the prospect will believe the thought they now have is their own.

Read that last sentence again and let it sink in.

The prospect will believe that the thought that they now have is their own.

This is what Psychic Sales is all about…making the prospect come to the conclusion that they MUST buy what you’re offering and that they discovered the solution to their problem.

Let me give you real example that I use in almost every one to many sales presentations I do.

In fact, if you tune into the live webcast I’m doing this Thursday, you’ll more than likely hear me say something very similar to this.

My goal with this is to overcome the “I can’t afford it” objection.

Here is what I say:

“I remember thinking I can’t afford to buy Magnetic Marketing. Even though it was only $279, I was deep in credit card debt, making almost no money so $279 seemed like a huge amount of money.

But then I remembered something I read where the author said, “Successful people invest in themselves and their education. And they do it before they can afford it and that’s how they become successful.

Well, I knew that if I wanted to be successful, I needed to do what successful people do, so I invested in myself and bought Magnetic Marketing.”

While those words make look simple on paper, they are powerful.

They represent a “master class” in seeding.

First, in this particular case, I am seeding the sale of Magnetic Marketing and anchoring the $279 price point. I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Second, I am planting a seed in the prospects’ mind that “successful people invest in themselves and their education.”

Third, I plant in their mind, “In order to be successful, I need to do what successful people do.”

Now here is a mucho important point:

I am indirectly telling my prospect these things by telling a true story about myself.

I am NOT telling them what I want them to believe, directly.

If I did that, their “He’s trying to sell me” defense would come up and they would resist what I’m saying.

Instead, I am planting a seed in their subconscious mind. My statements fly past their conscious radar and resistance.

Now later on, when I get into the close, what thought springs to the prospects mind?

Right: “Even though I don’t think I can afford this I must buy it because I want to be successful and that’s what a successful person would do.”

But then I make the offer almost irresistible to the prospect by firing off the anchor I set about price by saying:

“Right now Magnetic Marketing sells for $497 on our website and in our catalog but if you invest in yourself right now, you can get it for the same price I got it for over 15 years ago. O-N-L-Y $2-7-9.”

Let the stampede to back of the room begin.

Did you catch everything I did?

I set up the price at $497, used an embedded command ( a Psychic Sales technique) of “invest in yourself right now’  which also recalls the seed I place earlier of successful people investing in themselves.

Then I drop the pricing bomb which ties my story together in a beautiful way.

It makes buying nearly irresistible and not buying almost impossible.

Yeah, this could be dangerous stuff in the wrong hands but if you sell a quality product or service that truly helps your prospect get what they want, then seeding is one of the most powerful tools in your Psychic Sales arsenal.

Use it only for good.

Kick butt, make mucho “DEEnero!”

NOTE: If this stuff interests you and you want to learn how to master  the art of selling one to many, I’m doing a no cost live training this Thursday.

You can get the details and register here now.

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