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Can Siri Talk To Your Website [ Webinar Recap]

The Milestone team presented a technology trends webinar, Can Siri Talk To Your Website, to highlight the latest innovations in search marketing. A major focus of the webinar was around mobile and user trends; discussing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and how users expect an answer with the increase in voice search.

The Q&A revolved mostly around AMP questions, below are the questions and answers with added details.

  • Search is evolving from keywords to what?
    • Consumers are no longer searching for ‘web sites’ but for information. Queries are now being submitted in the form of questions and search engines are trying to provide answers instead of links. The source of information for those answers can be from many places, it should be your web site.
  • What is schema and can I add this to my website or is it a software?
    • Schema is structured data, descriptive tags that wrap the content on your website to tell search engines what the content is about (like your name, address, phone number, etc). It is not software, but code. If you are a Milestone customer, the Galexi CMS that powers your website has schema built into it so you do not need to do anything. If your website is not on our CMS you should ask your provider if it is possible to add schemas into it.
  • Will Google award me with a better position with an AMP website?
    • AMP websites are specifically targeted to mobile platforms. Since AMP is a Google initiative, and speed is part of a large ranking factor, the huge speed advantage of an AMP page will be of benefit.  *Since AMP is such a new technology there is no right answer as to “how much” it will matter, we are currently testing this with our clients.
  • How long does it take to see results from an AMP website?
    • Once indexed by Google indexes it may take a month to three months to see results to be on the safe side. *However, as this technology is so new there isn’t an exact answer here, we launched an AMP website and results were instantaneously.
  • Is AMP built into Galexi CMS?
    • AMP is an add-on feature of Galexi CMS, it is not built in. If you would like to learn more, contact your account manager or sales team member.

If you have additional questions please comment or email us directly.

Thank you to Kyle Van Der Aa and Ryan Kappmeyer who hosted the webinar and everyone who joined!

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