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#BrazilvsGermany Most Tweeted Sporting Event in History: Here Were the Top Tweets

Anyone else catch the World Cup game yesterday between Germany and Brazil? It was a crazy game.

I was keeping up with the game at work. I looked down at my work for a few minutes during the first half when the score was 1-0, and when I looked back up just minutes later, the scoreboard read 4-0. I couldn’t believe it.

By the time the final whistle blew, the Germans had broken a number of records on the way to their 7-1 win over Brazil. The Germans set the record for the most goals scored in a World Cup semi-final, they doubled the previous margin for the worst defeat ever handed to a host country, and they scored a record four goals in just six minutes, to name a few. 

The game did not only break records on the field, but it also spurred a record-breaking number of mentions on Twitter. With 36.5 million tweets over the two-hour match, the semi-final match far surpassed the previous soccer-related tweet record, as well as the previous record for any sporting event.

Take a look at the tweets below to see some of the most popular tweets from the record-breaking World Cup semi-final between Germany and Brazil.

Top Tweets From #BrazilvsGermany


Why Were These Tweets So Popular?

The Content of the Tweets

  • Almost all of them are humors, witty, or snarky. However, some are either sincerely congratulatory or consoling.
  • Many of them have images and memes. As we know, tweets with images get far more engagement on average than those that do not include images.
  • They nearly all use relevant hashtags mentioning Brazil and Germany and/or the World Cup 2014.

Who the Tweet Is From

  • The tweets are obviously from a wide range of sources. We see everyone from fictional characters like Professor Snape and Arya Stark, to the U.S. team’s coach Jürgen Klinsmann, and even God on this list. The common theme between them is that the content of the tweets aligns with who posted it — the fictitious characters are snarkier, the real-life characters are more judicious. Basically, people tweeted content that was expected of them — and it paid off.

Which of these tweets is your favorite? Are there any tweets you think should have been included on this list, but were overlooked? Let us know in the comments section below!

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