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Band Promotion Techniques All Independent Bands & Musicians Need

“Major Overlooked Band Promotional Ideas”

I’m going to lay out a couple of easy-to-use band promotional ideas for you…

“Successful Band Promotions Start With Your Marketing Abilities”

“Tricks To Selling More CD’s At Gigs”

First make sure at every gig you are placing your CD sales table in the correct place. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen bands who setup their CD sales table in the darkest corner of the venue.

Think about it for a moment…If you were at a venue and listening to a band. Then, out of the corner of your eye… You happen to see a table setup with CD’s for sale. Except, it’s in the corner, and away from all the action at the venue…Would you go check it out, or even think about it?

When you get gigs at a new venue the first thing you must do is scope out the place for the most strategic spots available for your CD sales table. Heck, there are some bands that setup their table right in front of the stage! Another great place for setting up your CD sales table is by the entrance to the bathroom of the venue…I know it may sound strange, but think about it. Everyone there is bound to pass by your CD’s, and if you have one of your “Street Team” members selling CD’s at the table. Then, recruit another “Street Team” member to literally walk straight up to people asking them “Do You Have The CD Yet?” at the venue while you’re playing – Your CD sales will go through the roof!

Just be sure to have the one walking around lead the people who say that want to buy your CD straight to the CD sales table. This will allow them to go straight back into the crowd to gather more fans for you!

“Collecting Fan Email Addresses”

Also make sure you make it easy for people to leave email addresses at your CD sales table. Even better, would be to get people to give you the email in the middle of the gig. You might make up an “Email Song” then have someone pass around a guest book where everyone leaves their email address.

If you are not gigging your only option is to visit chat rooms and forums and talk to people and collect email addresses. Why collect all of these email addresses? Easy…You will be strating a “Band Newsletter” to stay in touch with your potential fans, and CD buyers!

“Selling Your CD Cheap”

Major retail outlets are clearing out old 74 mins CDR’s right now for very cheap. Put 3, 4, 5 of your tracks on each one and use cheap jewelcases. Then go somewhere where “your potential fans” would be hanging out, and hand the CD’s out for FREE in exchange for their email address.

You’ll get 100 subscribers for under $20.00! Which, is much cheaper than placing ads, doing flea markets and paying record stores to promote your CD.”

By Scott Meyer – Author of “It’s Time To Get Noticed” Guaranteed Band Promotion Ebook located at

About The Ebook:
“It’s Time To Get Noticed” – Is an amazing ebook that teaches musicians and bands ‘step-by-step’ band promotion techniques to gain massive exposure for their music online and offline. The ebook also offers musicians and bands a gigantic list of over 300+ music related websites to submit their “musician or band profiles” for added exposure all over the web.

Author: Scott Meyer
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