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Are You Working 10x’s Harder Than You Need To? If You Aren’t Doing This, You Are.

There they are. Business owners, marketers, and salespeople huffing, puffing, straining and struggling to convey their marketing message…

…to convince a prospect of the virtues of their product or service, while an entire army of more persuasive, more instantly believable salespeople eager to do the heavy lifting for them are willing to do it for free.

But they keep these people locked away and out of sight.

How dumb is that?

Who are these slam-dunk salespeople that can improve your results ten-fold and are willing to do the work for you at no charge?

Your customers. Your clients. Your patients.

If you fail to put a system in place that utilizes the emotional connection that your customers, clients or patients can provide to link your company, product, service and deliverables to your prospects’ feelings, then you are not only working ten times harder, but you are losing customers and money every single day.

Plus referrals are the best type of customers you can get. They spend more both in the short and long run and are more loyal than the normal customer.

This has not only been my experience (and my clients’ experience) but has also been confirmed in studies, such as the one Darcy Juarez mentions in her article Is Your Business Leaking Profits?

When I lived in Phoenix, I bought cars from a top Ford salesman who knew the value of utilizing his customers’ emotions.

The walls of his cubicle were filled with photographs—each showing a customer or a customer with their family, smiling, standing next to their new Ford. Each photo is dated and has the customer’s name on it.

He was not only my car salesman the entire ten years I lived there, but through referrals, he was my family’s and friends’ car salesman.

My photo was there with my Lincoln. My brother’s photo was there with his pickup truck. My father’s photo was there with his Mercury Marquis. And so on.

Some families have many more photos there from the series of vehicles they purchased over the years.

It doesn’t take long to accept the pictures as proof that this guy treats his customers right—otherwise, how could he have so many photos of them?

Incidentally, when I went to buy a Ford from another dealership in another state, I walked in and paid cash for a $35,000 SUV.

I was never shown any testimonials. Never asked for one. And never asked for a referral either.

The next year, in that state, I bought two cars, neither from the $35,000 SUV salesman.

Using “photo proof” is one thing that will work in any business to show happy customers with their newly purchased merchandise or after their newly performed service.  

A restaurant can have a special menu item—an outrageous sized burger, ice cream sundae, etc. (at an inflated price I might add) and post a picture of customers with it on their wall.

An orthodontist can show patients after they get their braces off.

A florist can photograph happy surprised recipients of delivered flowers.

In my literature I often include photos of myself with famous people, actors and actresses I’ve worked with in infomercials, athletes, coaches, even former U.S. Presidents I’ve appeared on seminar programs with.

Using picture proof as part of your referral system not only can convert prospects to clients, customers, or patients, with less resistance and less fee resistance, but it can result in and be a part of your referral system to get clients being brought to you.

Not just told about you. Not just referred to you. Brought to you.

For example, in the restaurant example above, those who order the monster-sized dessert, hamburger, etc. will not only tell their friends about this experience; they will drag their friends along to the restaurant just so they can show them their picture on the wall.

Simply put, customers can and will say things that you can’t; “You’ve got to see my chiropractor, he’s a genius at getting rid of back pain.”

Or because your customers can make an emotional connection much, much faster and easier; “I’ve been going to his events for 10 years. I never miss one –they make me on average $80,000 to $100,000 extra every year.”

What others say about you and your product, service, or business is at least 1,000 times more convincing than what you say, even if you are 2,000 times more eloquent.

So let your customers help you. And help them do it more often by putting a referral system in place.

By the way, if you want even more ways to quickly multiply your customer base with people predisposed to do business with you…

Or if you’ve ever been afraid to ask for referrals, don’t know how (or your customers don’t know how), or you want a constant stream of referrals bringing business to you then this message from me will give you the answers for which you’ve been searching.

Discover how you can create a referral system at little or no cost that generates an endless flow of your ideal customers, clients, and patients who are already predisposed to do business with you here.

Source: Dan Kennedy


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