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Are You In The Right Mindset To Succeed?

One of the most powerful concepts I’ve ever learned is about mindset.

It helps me understand…

How to deal with success.
How to deal with failure.
Why I give up at times after a failed attempt.
Where my perfectionist side comes from…

…among other things.

Your mindset drives every aspect of your life from your business to how you sell your products and services to your relationships and more.

Carol Dweck, a leading expert in motivation and psychology, discovered that everyone has one of two mindsets.

In a nutshell, people with a fixed mindset believe you either have talent and ability or you don’t.  People with a growth mindset believe that talents and ability can be developed and are built over time.

Defining which you are isn’t as simple as you might think because while you might be a growth mindset in one area of your life, you could be a fixed mindset in another – which could cause you to sabotage your results in other areas of your life.

For example, you might have the growth mindset about a new technology you are using in your business trying to learn everything you can about how to use it, but have a fixed mindset about how to market your business because your industry has been doing it a certain way for years.

Apply the growth mindset and you’ll achieve results. Apply the fixed mindset and you’ll become stagnant and may even quit.

The good news is that you have the power to drastically improve your life and your level of success by changing from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Once you’re aware of your mindset and apply some simple techniques you’ll start noticing results quickly.

Here are five steps that will help you change to a growth mindset starting today:

1)      Look for opportunities to learn and grow every day. When you are in the growth mindset, you believe that if you aren’t growing and learning, you are failing. So by taking the challenge to learn something new every day, you’ll always feel successful and build your growth mindset too.

2)      Make a vivid plan. Make a specific plan of when, where and how you will make opportunities work for you. When you have a concrete plan, it will help keep you moving in the right direction.

3)      Deal with setbacks and obstacles. If you don’t meet the goals or deadlines in your plan, don’t quit. Instead make a new plan by asking yourself, when, where and how you will make capitalize on your opportunities. Don’t let a lot of time pass by before doing this. Should you miss a milestone, immediately  make a new plan for reaching your goal.

4)      Do it! No matter how you feel –even if you feel bad, depressed or upset…continue to look for opportunities to grow every day. This helps you to take charge of your success and will help you learn to view obstacles in a positive light instead of having them throw you a curve that stops you in your path.

5)      Ask yourself what you can do to keep growing. Once you reach a goal, set another and ask yourself what you can do to continue to grow.

Transition to a growth mindset in every area of your life and you’ll learn how to keep moving forward even when you have setbacks. You’ll find you achieve more and what once seemed impossible will be within your grasp.

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