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A Step By Step Guide To Taking Your Offline Leads Online

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We are now going to talk about my very favorite form of marketing. The strategy we’re outlining here is both effective AND relatively inexpensive – postcards and integrating online marketing with offline marketing.

So, we are going to talk about how to use offline methods to generate leads online.

Why is this exciting?

  1. You can reach lots of highly targeted prospects. As we get into this, you will see why.
  2. It’s so easy. There are so many people, and so many of these Internet marketers, who are intimidated by using direct mail or using offline methods because they think it’s hard. The truth is direct mail is easier than almost all of the online things. It’s easier to do.
  3. You get a much, much, much higher quality of lead. You see it doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have, but are they qualified subscribers? Are they good subscribers? Are they going to buy something?

I know people with lists of 100,000 people who don’t do squat in sales. And other people with a list of five thousand people who kick butt because it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. So, you get a much higher quality of leads with offline methods.

You could also ramp up sales very, very quickly, make a lot of money, and get rich very, very quickly.

Maybe you are wondering about the best method for driving traffic to the site and then to your product. Well, the best method is direct mail. Now, do I say only use direct mail? No, I say use everything you can. But for now we recommend using direct mail, which is great because you can ramp up something very quickly.

Let me explain what I mean…

It’s All About the List

Victoria’s Secret has (and I forget what the exact number is so I am just going to use this) 100,000 hotline names every single month. Hotline means that 100,000 people have either subscribed or bought something within a month or three months. Those are hotline names in direct marketing.

You can rent a Victoria’s Secret list. Remember that each month they have 100,000 new people who have bought something. Well, if you can find a product or service that you can sell to the Victoria’s Secret list, you will get rich very quickly just from that one mailing list.

There are people that have become millionaires by mailing to one gigantic mailing list of highly targeted prospects.

So, how do you do this? I am going to give you four letters—four very powerful letters— and here they are: SRDS─Standard Rate and Data Service. Check them out at, or head on over to your public library (a major facility, not a tiny satellite) and ask the nice lady at the reference desk for a looksee at a copy.

SRDS lists every commercially available mailing list on the market. It also has a ton of list brokers. List brokers are people who will find lists for you. SRDS is a subscription, and it’s about $500 a year, but it is well worth the subscription price.

Here’s why: You can rent targeted lists of buyers of products similar to the product that you are trying to sell. Buyers—not people online looking for free information and clicking on every Google AdWord they see to see how much free information they can get. Not freeloaders and moochers in discussion groups who think that everything should be free. Buyers—people who have taken out their wallet, taken out their credit card and actually bought a product.

You can even target it to people who have bought a product very similar to the one you are selling.

Let me ask you: What do you think is a higher quality lead? There really is no comparison. So for example, let’s say you are selling stuff teaching people how to make money in real estate—it’s a huge market. You can go and rent the email list of people who bought other real estate gurus products. You want to get the Carlton Sheet’s list— you can get that list! Again, the key is buyers, buyers, buyers, because this equals qualified traffic.

And what’s really exciting is you can get lists of buyers who have email addresses. Not that you are going to rent the email address, but the beauty of this is if you can get buyers of products similar to yours that have email addresses so you know that they are online. If they have an email address, they are online.

Why I Love Postcards!

Let’s say we rented the list. How do we get our information out to drive people to the website? I am going to suggest that you use the lowly postcard.


  • Number one: It’s inexpensive.
  • Number two: It’s fast to use.
  • And number three: It works.

So, how do you design your postcard? Easy – you model exactly the sample postcard we’ve provided by applying your information when filling in its associated template.

Here’s the SAMPLE Postcard:

Side 1


Side 2

The sample was written by Dan Kennedy himself to drive prospects to a lead capture website where they could get a free audio CD (Lead Generation Magnet).

It’s packed chock-full of benefits, reasons, and testimonial proof for why you should sign up to get this free audio CD.

It worked like gangbusters and that’s why we’re passing it along to you to model. Let’s now look at the associated Template for this postcard.

Filling in the Postcard Template

We’ll start with filling in SIDE 1 and then move on to SIDE 2.

Step 1: Fill In the PreHead Section

You’ll need to enter your [PROFESSION] – what it is you call yourself AND the [TARGET CUSTOMER] – exactly who it is your Lead Generation Magnet (LGM) is designed to help.

Step 2: Write Your Headline

You’ll need to identify the Core Problem your LGM is designed to solve as well as the HUGE Transformation the Target Customer will experience by having this problem solved. So fill in the blanks to create your headline:


Step 3: Write Your Sub-Headline

Here’s where you’ll need to identify three key benefits the customer will experience from having their core problem solved. Then add in the area in which you specialize – so they can see you’re a top tier expert. So fill in the blanks to create your sub-headline.

If you would like to quickly [BENEFIT], [BENEFIT], and [BENEFIT] ….here’s a FREE OFFER from one of America’s most respected [YOUR SPECIALTY] experts…..

Step 4: Write Your Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph introduces you, names the LGM, and restates the key transformation experienced by the target customer when they get the LGM. Fill in the blanks to create your intro paragraph.

Here are the reasons why [YOUR NAME]’s “[LEAD GEN TITLE]” Will [STATE THE KEY TRANSFORMATION] for YOU too:

Step 5: List Challenges They’ll Overcome AND Benefits of Doing So

Next you’ll provide a list of bullet points that list the challenges they’ll overcome thanks to getting the LGM… but don’t stop with that, state an associated benefit for overcoming each challenge. For example, in the Sample Postcard, the first bullet was this:

• How to sell at prices higher than your competitors, with zero price resistance (raise your profits now!)

The challenge: Selling at higher prices The benefit: Raising your profits now!

Write up a list of similar bullet points for your LGM. You want somewhere between 3 and 7.

Step 6: Pile On Even MORE Reasons to Get The LGM

Here’s where you write another paragraph and list even more benefits of grabbing your LGM. These can be more basic benefits of what they’ll learn from the LGM and/or mini-transformations they’ll experience. For example, here’s a couple from Dan’s SAMPLE:

  1. Why and how to STOP “COLD” PROSPECTING forever!
  2. Sell in a competitive vacuum
  3. Sell more with less stress, earn more in less time
  4. So fill in the text with your own answers here – again, pile on the reasons to get your LGM now!

And [TARGET CUSTOMER]s change their entire experience [DEALING WITH KEY PROBLEM] with…..

  1. [Mini Transformation / Benefit]
  2. [Mini Transformation / Benefit]
  3. [Mini Transformation / Benefit]
  4. [Mini Transformation / Benefit]

Just one of these ideas put to good use could dramatically, positively [BENEFIT TO CUSTOMER] — and you can discover all the details in a FREE CD from [YOUR NAME].

Step 7: Tell Your Story to Establish Professional Credibility

Dan’s copy now does a great job of describing who he is and why it matters to you.

Who Is Dan Kennedy? — And Why Should You Rush To The Phone, To Get His Free CD That Reveals Breakthrough Money Strategies? ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE wrote that Dan has “102 money-making strategies for any business.” INC. MAGAZINE included one of Dan’s books on its “500 best business books of all time” list. Each year, Dan speaks to over 200,000 people, including appearances on the famous “SUCCESS Tour” (as seen on CNN, in TIME)…Appearing with former U.S. Presidents, General Colin Powell, Larry King…business leaders like Ben & Jerry of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Jim McCann of 1-800-Flowers, top sports agent Mark McCormack…and Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy. These events draw audiences of 10,000 to 20,000 people! And private clients “pay through the nose” for Dan’s advice one-on-one: his fees start at $5,800.00 a day or $800.00 an hour, and he typically commands over $25,000.00 for a “project” — and 80% of all clients who use him once, do so repeatedly.

Millions of dollars worth of his “Magnetic Marketing Owners who then use Dan’s methods and “paint by numbers” marketing tools to boost their incomes — a few of their comments are in a box on the other side of this postcard.

Your story will of course be different. But the common elements you should use are:

  • Experience / Achievements / Certifications
  • Honors and Awards
  • Name Dropping of Celebrities in your Market
  • Numbers of programs sold / people helped
  • The Value of YOUR Time
  • Fill in this part of the postcard with YOUR story.

Step 8: Make the CALL TO ACTION

Here’s where you give out the web address of where they need to go to get the LGM. Make SURE you put down the exact URL – enter the text exactly as written into your own browser to make certain it works!

Then pile on just a bit more guilt with a statement that’s basically “Unless you’re already 100% happy with your own crappy results, why wouldn’t you say ‘Yes’ to this?” We’ve used this kind of text formula over and again on order forms, opt-ins, etc. and it’s very powerful. Big tip there!

We’re done with SIDE 1 – now on to SIDE 2…

Step 9: Fill in the Headline on Side 2

This is easy – just use the exact same headline from Side 1 that you created back in Step 2. No need to get creative, use the exact same headline.

Step 10: Add in Testimonials

In the “What Others Say About [YOUR NAME]” box, put in 3-5 testimonials. They should relate to the LGM if possible, but if not, just testimonials about you, your services/products, etc. would be okay. The key here is to lay out REAL social proof from happy customers who are singing your praises.

Step 11: Call to Action

Tell them where to go by writing in the exact URL for your lead capture website. It should match the one you put on SIDE 1. Again – test it!!!

Source: Dan Kennedy


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