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79% of marketers are failing with their lead generation. Are you one of them?

I have a hard time understanding why business owners spend so much money on something that doesn’t really work…

When there is an alternative that works right in front of their eyes.

For example, I just read that more than half of marketers report allocating half or more of their budget to generating leads, yet 80% say their lead generation efforts are only slightly effective.  

Even more baffling is that all this money is being spent yet 79% of marketing leads NEVER convert to sales according to Marketing Sherpa.  

Which is a shame.

Because done right, there is a system that is highly effective not only in generating leads but in CONVERTING them to sales.

Once created, it continues attracting highly qualified leads on auto-pilot for years. Our No B.S. Inner Circle members report theirs working for 10 years, 13 years, even 20 years and more.

In other words, the SAME marketing they created 10, 13, 20 years ago is still working today!

Forrester Research reports that when looking at the companies that are winning customers – 82% of consumers are responding to this strategy, which is an Info-FIRST marketing model such as the ones used by our members. Forrester states that consumers are viewing at least 5 pieces of content FIRST before making a purchase.

When I think about it, I can see the confusion. Many believe the content marketing strategies they read about –such as keeping a blog—will do the trick.

Don’t get me wrong. Having a blog will help generate leads if you have the right content, include the correct elements such as a call-to-action and you don’t go into the SELLING mode.

But relying on a blog alone or trying to piecemeal without having an info-FIRST system attracts leads sporadically instead of predictably.  

You see, there is much more to an Info-FIRST marketing model than meets the eye. Which is why it is important to really immerse yourself and look behind the curtains, so to speak, so you can implement it in your own business.

This is important because using the correct info-FIRST model not only attracts the RIGHT clients, it helps CONVERT them and KEEP them as a client. Our members also find they can charge more once they put this in place too.

The reason this works so well is that you are providing more VALUE and you are providing them with value FIRST before you are asking them to give you money.

This is great for business owners because people show up and willingly give you money – without you having to persuade them.

In fact, one of the most common things we hear from No B.S. Inner Circle Members who have Info-FIRST marketing in place is:

“People show up ready to buy before even speaking to me.”

You’re invited to attend an event with the step-by-step plan, resources and the people who are successfully doing this in their business, so you can easily plug this system into your company. You’ll find, as our members who’ve done this have, your lead generation and competition worries disappear.  

If you’ve had one or more months in 2018 where you didn’t have enough business … or if you aren’t predictably attracting leads and converting them, then this is for you.

Join us to get your step-by-step plan, resources, and instruction.

So why aren’t the leads coming in? And better yet, what can you do to get them to show up ready to buy so you don’t have to go into a sales pitch?

I don’t want you to go through another year struggling to get enough business through your door. I want you to know, with complete confidence, that you’ll have a predictable stream of business flowing to you day in, day out. And when they show up, have them ready to buy the minute they contact you the first time.

And that can only happen when you have the exact plan and strategy proven to work.

But this opportunity to get this plan won’t be around forever. Which is why I wanted to invite you to reserve your seat for you and a guest or your team to get in on the Info-FIRST Marketing Summit designed by Dan Kennedy and Adam Witty and personally taught by Dan, Adam and a team of experts.

Get your ticket here.

Look, you can keep spending money on ads and strategies to attract leads that are “slightly effective” and which only convert a small percentage of prospects to paying customers like all those other businesses out there…


You can invest a small portion of your lead generation budget now and get a proven, step-by-step plan you can implement in your business before the year ends and make your money back and then some.

If you want to rise above the competition.

If you are sick and tired of having to overcome price objections.

If you want to escape commoditization and price and profit destruction.

If you want to transform your business into a better, stronger, more profitable business…

This is for you.

PS: Don’t let another year go by running on a treadmill and never really getting anywhere. Make this the year you move ahead of the pack. Get your ticket today at or call 800-871-0147.

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