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7 Steps To 7 Figures

“It is my observation that few bother to learn the history relevant to their business pursuits, let alone borrow from it and build on it and use it.”  – Dan Kennedy

The following is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to 200 entrepreneurs who attended my sold-out event “7 Figure Academy” followed by a brief outline of the 7 Steps.  While the letter is a few years old, the principals are truer today than ever before and there has been no time in history when it’s been easier to duplicate and act upon the 7 Steps To 7 Figures that I outline below.

Welcome to the Academy.

The more I realized that 7-figure earners do certain things different and do entirely different things that 6-figure earners, the more interested in doing this seminar I became.  It had a fairly long gestation period, nearly 5 years, leading up to the serious preparation work that lands us here.

The 7-figure earner is a very rare bird.  There are actually a lot less of these folks than there are wealthy – because it is possible to arrive at modest wealth or even, in some cases, enormous wealth through many other means than outright earning it through income…such as inheritance, pedantic accumulation over time, lucky single event.

Then when you set aside 7-figure earners in categories outside the realm of us ordinary men and women, such as champion professional athletes or rock starts or former Presidents or Governors (with scandal as an added asset) getting book deals and lecture tours, the rank thin even more.

If you narrow it to what most of us are – entrepreneurs – the club gets even smaller and much more exclusive.

Making my career about helping people create much larger incomes and, in many cases, wealth, has been my path.  Anyway, this Academy is drawn from the very-up-close observations of those I’ve worked with and work with, who earn 7-figures, who got up to 7-figures during their time with me, as well as the greater number professing intent but not getting there.

For roughly 20 working years I earned a 6-figure income.  I have earned a 7-figure personal, sadly taxable income for about 10 years.  During that decade I have learned a lot about about not just getting here but also staying here.

I think it’s significant that by traditional standards, I have no business whatsoever making this kind of money.  As most of you know, I have a high school education, began with no family or other financial backing, no apprenticeship or mentorship, and I suspect, no significant talent.

I might have some talent for writing – it’s debatable.  Professional editors vote no.  Unanimously!

But what I did do, largely on my own, was develop the assets necessary to support 7-figures, develop the skills and work habits required by 7-figures, and work intensely on the ‘inner game’ specific to 7-figures, and those three things are the gist of this academy.

Truth is, being one of these rarest of birds, a 7-figure earner of your own making, is not, to use the cliche, ‘rocket science’ not is it all that mysterious.  It is much less about knowing what to do and what is required of you than it is about the will to do it. 

Finally, let me make one idea clear.  When He sent Moses downt he hill, or of arguably less consequence in eternal terms, when Hill penned his 17 ‘laws’, they did not mean their lists as cafeteria menus or as matters of occasion, situation and convenience.  They constructed a collection of things intended to be used in concert, in combination, with consistency. 

I’m afraid what I have to present to you here is in the same vein.  You may pick and choose and use a few things that appeal to you and do not make you uncomfortable or offend you or require great change, and you can incrementally improve a 6-figure income by doing so, and by all means, be my guest as long as you are honest with yourself about what you are up to.  And not up for

But if you actually want to get to and sustain another 7-figures, then this is not a cafeteria menu.  No one thing is more or less important than another – what I have to say about ‘personal philosophy’, for example, is just as important as any pragmatic tactic suggested.

And so we begin…

7 Steps to Seven Figures

  1. Believe you deserve 7 figures
  2. Actually deserve 7 figures – based on value
  3. Develop a plan for achieving 7 figure
  4. Let enough of the right people know about you
  5. Actually deserve 7 figures – based on work
  6. Stop those who would interfere with you getting 7 figures
  7. Achieve ‘7 figures congruency’ and stop yourself from interfering with you getting 7 figures

7 Requirements of 7 Figures

  1. Extreme STATUS
  2. Extreme VALUE
  3. Extreme VISIBILITY
  4. Extreme LEVERAGE
  6. Overcoming Resistance
  7. Personal Philosophy

NOTE: If you want to get the entire “7 Figure Academy” check you email this weekend for a 72 hour special on this program. 

Source: Dan Kennedy


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