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7 Keys To Writing Killer Copy Quickly and Easily

In business you must always seize the moment. Opportunities quickly arise, producing the need for quick, clean, effective copy.

Which drives the need to kick out a killer sales letter at blinding speed.

If you want to write copy at the fastest speed possible, then you must do more than sit down at the keyboard and hammer away.

You need to have some kind of process and strategy in mind.

And that’s why over the years I’ve crafted my own very personal system for copywriting. And today I’m offering you a quick peek inside that system, a set of key points I’m calling: “7 Keys To Writing Killer Copy Quickly and Easily.”

They work for me and I know they’ll work for you.

  1. Don’t re-event the wheel! Take proven sales letters and ads and rewrite them to fit you and your offer. IMPORTANT: This does not just mean modeling sales letters and ads from your competitors… ANY letter or successful ad from ANY industry can be adapted for a totally different industry.
  2. Create a “swipe” file of successful ads and letters. When you see an ad that catches your eye, cut it out and save it. NEVER throw away “junk” mail. A lot of the so-called “junk” mail is written by the best and the brightest copywriters on the planet. Save this stuff, study it, and model it. (Dan Kennedy strongly recommends that you read publications like the National Enquirer, The Star, The Globe, etc. The ads in those publications are incredible and pull in millions of dollars’ worth of orders.)
  3. The single most important factor in making a lead generation ad or letter work is “message to market match.” This simply means that your offer has to have perceived value to your prospect. It has to be something that is appealing to them. Something that they want. So pick a battle you can’t lose. Selection is most important. The receptivity of the recipient is the most important part of the marketing process.
  4. Use LOTS of Testimonials. You canNOT overuse testimonials! I STILL see marketing materials from all kinds of businesses that don’t have any testimonials or just a couple of weak ones. You need to use a truckload of powerful testimonials in ALL your marketing materials.
  5. The headline is the most important part of any ad or letter you do. It is the ad for your ad or letter. You should have a swipe file of great headlines available to choose from.
  6. Use multiple PS’s in your letter. Restate the offer, the deadline, the free gift, etc. If you’re using three PSS, the middle one is most important.
  7. Before you write, make a list of all the reasons someone won’t buy your product or service and then come up with ways to overcome these objections. Having this in place BEFORE you write is possibly one of the best tools you can have when crafting a compelling sales letter. Do not skip this step.

The science and art of writing Killer Copy is deep and involved – but follow these 7 keys and I know you’ll find yourself well equipped to succeed.


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Source: Dan Kennedy


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