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6 Fantastic Landing Page Examples You'll Want to Copy

Landing pages exist to serve one purpose: to get people on your website to convert to the next stage in the buying journey. Although their purpose is simple enough in theory, actually creating a successful landing page requires detailed planning and creative testing.

Regardless of what your business is selling or the conversion action you hope to instigate, it’s helpful to get inspired by seeing what other great landing pages look like. And because there’s no one “right” way of doing a landing page, you need to check out examples from lots of different industries for different stages of the buying process.

Thus, this post was born. Check out the great landing pages below to get inspired. Disclaimer: I don’t have access to the analytics for each of these landing pages, so I can’t tell you specifically how they convert visitors, leads, and customers — but they follow best practices and try a few new experiments that could give you ideas for your own landing pages. 

1) Muck Rack

This landing page has it all. It is visually appealing and interactive, offers scannable yet descriptive headers about their services, and uses quotes from industry professionals (a form of social proof). The page is intuitive and easy to navigate.

The cool part about this landing page is that it can appeal to both of Muck Rack’s audiences. The top of the page is split into two, featuring their two different services side by side, and the form is initially concealed. Once a visitor moves their mouse over either of the “find journalists” or the “build free portfolio” CTAs, the form slides in to cover the screen.

2) MuleSoft

This MuleSoft landing page is designed to convert visitors into leads by having them fill out the form and download the featured ebook. The imagery is relevant and simple. The headline is straightforward and the description of the ebook informs viewers of the specific value they will get by downloading their ebook. 

The only thing we’d change about this landing page is the copy on the bright green “submit” button — though the color of the button makes it stand out on the page, the copy isn’t as clear and compelling as it could be

Still, the overall landing page is one many of us could look up to.


The hard part about using your homepage as a landing page is that you have to solve for several different audiences at once — but’s homepage does this very well. This page is clearly designed for three different types of visitors: those who are already familiar with their services and ready to get started and those who are not really familiar with their services at all.

For people who are coming to the homepage with the specific intent of creating an account, the form itself is front-and-center. The header uses clear language and the description is posed as a question make it thought-provoking while also hammering home the value of their services. Located directly next to the form is a video that builds off of the sub header question and briefly describes their services in greater detail, for people who want slightly more information before creating their account.

The remainder of the page is designed for viewers who are not familiar with The page lists six reasons to get started — all of which are easy to scan and understand. There is also a CTA below each of the six descriptions, so as soon as viewers feel they have enough information, they can get taken back up to the form at the top of the page without having to scroll.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, the company offers the logos of a few recognizable businesses that are already using the team plan, another great use of social proof. 

4) Codecademy

I like this page because it is simple and direct. The company clearly assumes that most of their viewers are already familiar with Codecademy, or are, at least, already looking to learn how to code. The image is a computer screen displaying an HTML bracket with a blinking cursor, helping hit home the point that you will actually be learning to create code by filling out the form on the right.

The form itself is simple and only requires a name, email address, and password to create an account — or you can just use your social logins to fill out the form, make creating an account as simple as a single click.

For people who may not be entirely sure they are ready to create an account, or who are convinced that this is the right services for them, the page also offers a video that explains their educational coding school and its value in greater detail through a real life success story. For those people who need even more convincing, the page then offers viewers the option of viewing additional testimonials and lists the various coding languages that one can learn through their platform.

5) Groupon

This landing page is about as simple as it gets. The landing page uses a green background with a white text box layered on top in the center of the screen to direct visitor’s attention directly to the email form. The header description is concise and direct, explaining exactly what visitors can get by using Groupon. I also really like that the description is targeted based on the website visitor’s physical location, making the page more relevant to each individual visitor.

6) Advanced Data Systems Corporation

Just because this page doesn’t have lots of flashy design doesn’t mean it’s not a great landing page. The header makes the offer, a live demo, immediately clear. I like that page offers a customer testimonial that’s easy to notice because if its larger font. I also love the use of an orange sub-header and CTA — it makes viewers eyes jump back to the right hand side of the page. Extra points to Advanced Data Systems Corporation for customizing the “submit” button copy!

What other companies do you admire for their landing pages? Share your favorites with us in the comments!

Source: Hubspot


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