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5 Marketing & Business trends to watch and who is executing them the best

I’m not a fan of following the crowd. 

Which is why I like to stay ahead of trends. Because if you wait to jump on board, you fall behind. Not only is it harder to jump on board, you blend in—rather than stand out. 

Can you think of a time where you missed out because you waited? 

I can think of a time I did. 

BIG mistake. Opportunity missed. Don’t even get me started on what it cost me. 

Which is why now I pay close attention and act when the opportunity presents itself. 

So you don’t miss out, here’s what you should watch out for and who you should be watching. 

Trend #1: Using Direct Response to play for the long game

Bridging direct response marketing to state-of-the-art strategies, tactics, and channels is key to long-term success and lifetime clients. Are you successfully using the media available both online and offline? Do you know the best ways to attract, convert, and retain customers by playing the long game? 

One of the most respected business builders and company leaders in the professional direct response marketing community, Brian Kurtz helped build publications into GIANTS, leading the development of Boardroom, Inc. from a small, $3 million a year info-marketing business to $150 million. He’s sold millions of books and newsletter subscriptions in multiple categories, including the largest paid subscription newsletters in their category in America, building the list from scratch. 

He knows the ins and outs of every medium where direct marketing lives and thrives and is known for working with the most innovative direct marketing techniques and some of the greatest direct marketers and copywriters who have ever lived. 

Discover how to build a business for the long game and maximize both revenue and relationships.   

Trend #2: Membership/Subscription Programs

Creating a membership site is the #1 method for creating reliable recurring income. Even better, it does not require you to trade time for dollars. 

Plus, consumers want them –in fact, 80% of the population are already subscribed to a least one membership program (think Netflix, Dollar Shave Club). Businesses are selling membership and subscription programs because people are buying them. Are you offering a membership program? And if you are, are you giving your members what they want?

Think you can’t add a membership component to your business? Think again. In what is easily one of the greatest business growth and transformation stories in history, McKeel Hagerty grew a “mom and pop” insurance agency from $7 million in annual sales to $1 billion by re-imagining it into a market-dominating membership and media company with a magazine, video studio, and more. 

He created The Hagerty Valuation Tools®, the first of its kind, which are used universally throughout the collector car industry. 

He built the “Airbnb of Collector Cars” called Hagerty DriveShare® and Hagerty Driver’s Club™, a membership for classic car lovers that includes everything: roadside assistance, exclusive events, and member discounts. 

Become a category of one and create a reliable recurring stream of income by transforming and re-imagining your business in ANY industry into a membership, media and software powerhouse so you can become a category of one and create a reliable recurring stream of income.  

Trend #3: Horizontal income streams

Most millionaires who’ve dumped trading hours for dollars have created horizontal income streams. 

Everyone starts with a vertical income stream. 

Adding horizontal income streams will provide you with more consistent income with little or no effort which gives you more time and financial freedom. 

Broke and unemployed, a 26-year-old David Osborn returned home from traveling the world inspired to design a life of freedom. 

Testing his entrepreneurial merits in the world of real estate, his results were nothing short of remarkable.

In less than 10 years, David built the 6th largest real estate company in the world with over $10 billion in annual sales. 

Plus, he is an operating principle and/or investor in 55 profitable real estate related businesses. 

Learn how to create more financial freedom by building horizontal income streams. 

Trend #4: Customer experience

The number one opportunity for companies in 2019, according to a recent survey conducted by Econsultancy, is… experience marketing! In fact, it was found that investing in customer experience has the potential to double your revenue within 36 months. This is so hot right now that you can create a competitive edge based on the customer experience you deliver. 

I think you’ll agree with me that nobody tops Disney when it comes to providing customer experiences—which is why we looked to an expert on Disney. 

Andrew Locke has spent almost his entire life studying Walt Disney and Walt’s business practices, starting his lifelong fascination with Walt in his early teens.  Andrew’s visited every single one of the Disney theme parks… on 3 continents …more than 100 times. 

He’s read 24 books about Walt Disney’s life. Watched 9 documentaries about Walt Disney’s personality and business ventures. And even holds a special pass called the “Premier Passport” for accessing all the parks. 

He wrote the book for entrepreneurs and small business owners called, Walt Disney’s Way coming out this year. (Andrew is the author of 10 other books.) 

Plus, he leads behind-the-scenes business-building events at Disney with entrepreneurs where they discover how to create the same magical marketing experiences as Disney for their own business. 

Discover how to create customer experiences that are so far superior it will put you on the map.

Trend #5: Outsmarting the competition

This may not be a trend you see or read about, but for the most successful entrepreneurs I meet, this is definitely a key to success. 

It can be confusing with all the choices out there to market and grow your business. Erroneously 95% of business owners spend more than they need to on marketing and don’t fully capitalize on the customer flow they already have. 

Hop on the Internet and do a search in your business category. You’ll find considerable clutter. You are literally surrounded by your competitors’ advertising which means your competitors are a millisecond’s click away. 

In that space, you are competing not only against companies similar in size to yours but against big Wall-Street-financed corporations. This is good news and bad news for you.

The good news is… to a visitor, there is no immediate difference between your online presence and any other company—even if it’s ten times your size. You have the same amount of space to work with as they do. 

Which means you can compete against these companies and win

The bad news is bigger companies with bigger budgets can reach out to the best, highest-paid experts. 

They can outspend you. 

To compete, you need to know how to squeeze every drop of profit from every dollar spent. 

And because using online media is a powerful strategy, especially when coupled with offline media, that will help you win customers, clients, and patients, you need to understand how to do this yourself. However, with the rapid evolution of online media, many business owners find themselves wandering in the dark.

Founder and CEO of Wpromote, Michael Mothner is an Internet pioneer whose company is one of the fastest-growing and widely recognized online marketing firms in the country. Wpromote has a track record of transforming online lead generation results PROFITABLY. 

A leader in accelerating growth, acquiring new customers and nurturing, Michael routinely delivers effective, comprehensive digital strategies that not only integrate with your marketing plan, he provides the formulas you need to win the fight in the online space. 

In other words, you won’t have to outspend your competition because you’ll be able to OUTSMART them. 

Discover Michael’s profit-driven approach on how to build a better online experience, predictably attract customers, meet your revenue goals, and take on the competition.

Meet Them In Person

I encourage you to pick at least one of these trends and focus on it for your business.

I also hope you can see why I’m so impressed with the entrepreneurs above who’ve transformed their businesses by focusing on at least one of the trends listed. 

Which is why I’m excited to shine the spotlight on them at our Growth Summit event in October. Of course, this is only a fraction of who you’ll see and what you’ll discover. 

We have chosen leading experts who will share the MOST POWERFUL attraction, conversion, and retention strategies working RIGHT NOW. 

Join me and don’t miss your chance to meet them in person at 

PS: Is something holding you back? You’ll also hear from Two-time World Series Champion (Dodgers), 5X All-Star and Silver Slugger award winner Steve Sax. 

Steve is the epitome of inspiring comebacks. After being named Texas League Player of the Year in 1981, and Rookie of the Year in 1982, he committed a league-leading 30 errors in 1982. Battling his way back, he became the leading American League second baseman in fielding percentage and double plays and set a team record for the most singles, a record he still holds. 

After realizing that he had accomplished his professional baseball aspiration; he rededicated his talents to helping individuals and families to manage their finances as Vice President of Investments for the Royal Bank of Canada. 

The author of the book Shift, he will give you the action steps to change your mindset and overcome obstacles and doubts to achieve whatever you want in life and business.

Steve will also be signing autographs and taking photographs with Members. 

Register at 

PPS: Want to hear these business owners speak live? Claim your seat at Growth Summit 2019 to discover the MOST POWERFUL strategies working in your fellow entrepreneurs’ businesses. Hurry before it sells out!

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