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YouTube Auto HD – Automatic HD settings

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YouTube is a video website on which users can upload, share, and watch videos. It’s a great resource. Since 2008, YouTube HD Videos have been available in a range of quality levels , with the higher quality levels offering improved picture definition. In late 2008 YouTube Provided 720p HD support. And in November 2009, 1080p HD support was launched! Now users are allowed to upload and watch their HD videos on YouTube.com.

YouTube provides support for uploading, hosting, streaming and playback of HD (High Definition) video for quite a while now; Webmasters who want to embed YouTube videos on their websites have made use of the YouTube higher-quality video embed code trick and YouTube HD video embed code hacks to present the high definition videos to their readers. Since then, YouTube has a new embeded player parameter switch that can enable HD playback by default, if available – which I will show you here.

Multiple uploading methods provide you the most convenient way to convert and upload almost any HD video.

YouTube HD Settings – Step one is to go to this link:


Then click on YouTube PlayBack like this:

You Tube Auto HD

YouTube Auto HD

YouTube HD Settings

The next step is check the box to play Youtube Videos in HD automatically.


YouTube Download HD Settings

Check the speed of which your videos play now. There are different speed tests to compare bandwidths from Internet Providers, and then there’s the newly launched “Video Quality Report” from Google which subscribers and Internet providers can use to benchmark video streaming performance. The Google-powered tool uses YouTube HD playback to measure not only the speed of video delivery but also its quality.


In one hand you have speed and the other you have quality. It is up to you. Check your quality and speed and set your YouTube as you like. If this helped you out, let me know how it works:

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