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Why Custom Promotional Products are Best

Promotional products are a good way to get customers to notice you – and can be as simple as a piece of candy or other small object – but here’s why custom promotional products are best.

Not all promo items are personalized. Some companies, particularly at trade shows or other expos, feel it is enough to give away “something”. So they may choose to give away generic pens, candies or even items like rulers and tape measures – but without the company’s name attached. Hoping that those who stop long enough at their booths to grab these items will remember where they got them, these companies do not realize that most people grab and run.

The reason why custom promotional products are best is because these items are always personalized or emblazoned with your company’s name, logo and contact information. That way, if a prospective customer just stopped by your booth (or store, or other place of promotion) to grab some “free stuff”, they will end up with your information. Many people just blindly take pens from other places, for example, and custom promotional products with your name on them will end up advertising for you for much longer.

There are other types of custom promotional products as well. Some companies, usually larger companies, choose to get items made just for them that include their information. These items can be representations of what they already sell (such as foods, bath products and office supplies) that are made up to include their company’s name, contact info, and logo. These items are sure to be remembered, as they differ so greatly from the usual promotional items that are given away at booths and in business-to-business transactions.

A final way that custom promotional products work is as a way to get you noticed. If a prospective client or customer sees your name on an item they might not expect (such as a tote bag or travel mug, for example) – it might make them more likely to remember your company’s name. Seeing these things printed on a pen can be overlooked, as most companies produce pens and other stationery items with their names on them. Choose an item that is customized just for you – that way, it will stand out from a crowd of other promos.

Choosing your promo item is an important part of your company’s entire advertising campaign, and that is why custom promotional products are best – they do the best advertising job for your money.

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