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Which Game of Thrones Leader Are You? [Quiz]

Is life an imitation of art, or art an imitation of life? Sometimes, even in the most outlandish pieces of pop culture, we’re reminded of the every-day. 

Take Game of Thrones, for example. While there are knights, dragons, and magic, the characters often remind you of people in your life. Maybe character reminds you of your best friend you grew up with. Maybe a character reminds you of one of your parents. Maybe character reminds you of a horrible boss at a previous company. Or maybe, character reminds you of yourself. Regardless, it’s easy to draw parallels between this popular show and ordinary life. 

In honor of the Game of Thrones season four finale, we decided to put together quiz below to help you figure out those parallels a little bit easier. For those of you who have been glued to your screens this entire season (guilty), or you’re tuning in for the first time to see what everyone on Facebook has been groaning about, this quiz is you. 

Share your results with us in the comments section below!

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