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Three Massive Opportunities From Frank Kern

I just got done watching a video from Frank Kern where he discusses three massive opportunities in today’s market.

1. Consulting -Right now in the U.S. the consulting industry is roughly a $100 Billion a year industry.  AND…according the the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics it’s projected to grow by a staggering 83% by 2018.

As a real estate agent the average full-time real estate agent was earning less than $40,000 a year in commission.  To be in the top couple percent you just barely needed to crack the six figure mark.  And to do that you it usually meant you worked 60+ hours a week, often on nights and weekends.

I was pretty successful, or so I thought, until one day I was hired to go consult with an office to show them what I did.  They offered $2,500 for a single day of my time.  Geez…no attracting leads, no turning them into buyers, no showing them dozens of homes, no legal, no mortgage, no inspections, no surveys!  Just show up and tell them what I did every day and get paid $2,500 for it…up front.

And the funny thing was, after the first time I did it, I got more and more calls from offices wanting this same “presentation.”  I was in the consulting business and didn’t even know it.  The thing I didn’t yet realize was that knowledge I took for granted, people were willing to pay a lot of money for.     

I was far from the best, or most successful real estate agent out there.  But I had did one thing everyone else wanted to know how to do.  I charged 7% to sell a home when others were struggling to charge 5%, and I closed more than 9 out of 10 people I met with.  So even the “best” agents out there, ones with a lot more experience, and who made a lot more money than I did, wanted to know how I did it and were willing to pay good money to find out.

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2. Coaching – Right now businesses are spending $12 Billion on coaching.  And that’s not all…that’s just business coaching.  According to the Life coaching Institute, Life Coaching which is already a $2 Billion a year business, is the second fast growing industry on the planet.  How about them apples?

Can you segment your knowledge and put it into a training program…one that’s delivered over weeks or months?  Do you have hobbies or passions that other shares and would want your knowledge delivered in a one on one or small group setting?

3. Professional Services –   This may be the largest and broadest category.  But here’s an example as it relates to people in the marketing world.  People first want to know “What To Do.”  Second they want to know “How Do I Do It?”  Third they want to know “Who Can Do This For Me?”

This area probably has the largest area of opportunity since you can find anything a segment of your market does, that you could take off their plate.  Figure that out and how to deliver it and you can be paid very well for your time and expertise.

So what do you do now?  Simple and two things.  First is you click here to reserve a spot on a FREE, one-time-only livecast Frank is doing next week.

Second you show up.  Many times we sign up for webinars with good intentions but as the day approaches we schedule events over them or simply forget to attend.  Well the truth is, if you were 100% where you wanted to be in your life, you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog right now.  You probably want a better life with more freedom, more time, and a business that supports your lifestyle instead of creating a lifestyle that supports your business.  So sign up now and put it in your calendar and DON’T miss it.

Again click here now and get all the details for the live event “How to Get BIG Sales From small Lists.”

Source: Dan Kennedy


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