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The Leap Year – 29 Reasons Not to Miss SuperConference 2016

1. The quickest path to growth is collaboration. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to grow your business with the leaders of commerce. Meet and network with the top business minds and entrepreneurs in the world.

2. Rick Harrison, star of the hit show “Pawn Stars” will be taking the stage to reveal how to leverage the power of marketing and brand to drive real results and real revenue. Every serious business owner needs to hear his message.
3. Dan Kennedy, GKIC Insider’s Circle Founder and Direct Marketing Response Legend will unveil his picks for the 51 Greatest Moments In Advertising – rich in actionable ideas and tactics you can ethically swipe ’n’ deploy to confound your competition, create unique positioning amidst chaos, and command attention. Utilize these strategies to jump to the front of the line in your industry.

4. We are bringing the glitz, glamour and excitement of Vegas to Jacksonville, FL. You may want to attend just to see how we pull this theme off.

5. Want to stand out in a crowded marketplace? The same old thing won’t get you there. World-class branding expert, and multi-million-dollar entrepreneur Sally Hogshead will divulge her secrets to rising to the top of any industry with her talk, “How to be Fascinating to Create your Competitive Advantage.”

6. Have big goals for 2016? During the SuperConference, GKIC Insider’s Circle CEO J. Mirabedini will reveal how to move from being the owner/operator of your business to the CEO – and by doing so, take your business from where it is to where you want it to be, so you can quickly increase the size of your B.R. (Vegas shorthand for bankroll.)

7. Interested in growing your profitability? Want to increase your platform and celebrity? You don’t want to miss money expert and sought-after speaker Loral Langemeier on “Selling from the Stage: How to launch a highly profitable speaking career in the next 12 months.”

8. SuperConference2016 includes a networking reception to create business and personal connections that can result in joint venture deals, affiliate partnerships, mastermind groups, and more. Don’t regret missing out on these business-building relationship opportunities.

9. Old school is the new cool? It is if it will make you money. Make sure to be in the room when leading marketing expert Craig Simpson shares “How to Multiply Sales, Create Customers for Life, and Dominate Your Market Using Direct Mail.”

10. Moments like this are possible.

11. After attending, you’ll be able to radically change the way you get your customers, clients or patients. What was once such unpleasant drudgery that you had to force yourself to do it becomes easy and enjoyable. And what was once painfully expensive and often full of waste is going to now be affordable, measurable and efficient.

12. Want to sell more easily? Discover strategies from sales expert and top-speaker Lisa Sasevich on how to “Boost Sales Using Irresistible Offers — For experts who love what they do but hate the sales part!”

13. Have a teenager? GKIC Diamond Member David Fagan, creator of Guerrilla Parenting and Founder/CEO of The Icon Builder, conducts this fun and exciting workshop to inspire your child to experience the process of starting and running a small business the right way during SuperConference 2016.  Give your child the opportunityto discover for themselves through practical hands-on experience the Excitement, Magic, and Rewards of entrepreneurial success.

14. Want to find the right partner to get your product out the door, newsletter to your customers or online advertising campaign launched? We invited the top resources in the business to attend to provide you with a “shopping mall of experts” to choose from to grow your business without guesswork.

15. Looking for effective marketing that won’t break the bank? You’ll hear from Venture Capitalist Bill Walsh on “Hitting Blackjack with Your Marketing.”

16. There is more competition and market challenges than ever before. You deserve to arm yourself with the best proven strategies available.

17. Bill Gates once said, “To win big, you have to take big risks.”  Taking the stage will be one of our (and soon-to-be your) favorite risk-takers, Becky Auer. Becky has started and built three multi-million dollar successful, profitable businesses. The last was Nakama Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar and after 7 years, Becky sold this $6.5M/year restaurant. In that time, she built a list of over 63,000 unique customers, won over 64 People’s Choice Awards, and ran 6 to as many as 14 promotions during each month, produced a monthly print newsletter, and weekly promotions.  At the SuperConference, Becky will sharethe keys to her success as a serial entrepreneurand will share some of her best marketing and promotion examples as well as lessons learned by entering the restaurant business (in which she had no background) and being the driving force behind the most successful restaurant of its kind in her market, and one of the most profitable of its kind in the entire country.

18. Attend and discover how to radically change your attitude about yourself; your business; your fees, prices or compensation; your valuing and use of time; and your clientele — so that you are better paid and enjoy greater respect. Both the intangibles of how you feel about yourself and your business life and your more tangible day-to-day experiences will change for the better, forever.

19. Looking to leverage Facebook to grow your business? You will be blown away by social-media-for-business maven Kim Walsh-Phillips on “How to Spin the Facebook Wheel into Cash-Paying Customers On Demand.” She will reveal how she grows GKIC through this online platform and how you can swipe and deploy these strategies for your own business.

20. How much is one more sale worth to you? Seriously, think about it. Do you honestly think you could come to a full-day event, where you will learn the best sales strategies from the world’s greatest sales pros and not make one additional sale? Not possible, right? Join us for “The Closers: The Astonishing, Moneymaking Secrets of the Most Successful, Most Knowledgeable and Most Respected Sales Pros in the World” workshop during SuperConference2016.

21. Why do so many of the top direct response marketing companies use radio? Join celebrity radio expert Fred Catona on “The Billionaire Gamblers’ Secrets Revealed.”

22. Wait and you could be locked out. More than 300 of the seats for SuperConference 2016 were already sold from last year’s SuperConference and tickets are going fast at the Early Bird discount pricing.

23. Dream of selling your company for big bucks some day? Don’t lose the opportunity to hear GKIC Insider’s Circle Marketer of the year, Walter Bergeron, with “It’s Not Luck: How to Position Your Business for Sale.”

24. Back by popular demand, joining us on the GKIC Insider’s Circle will be past crowd favorite, Michael Capuzzi, on “Magnetic Marketing – Automatically!”

25. If you want more foot traffic, phone calls, and leads for your brick-and-mortar business, then Jack Jostes will teach you best practices to massively increase your income from local people searching for what you have through search engines like Google and Bing.

26. Impromptu conversations with celebrities and industry leaders.

27. To achieve the best, surround yourself with the best.

28. If you want to learn persuasion and influence strategies that make closing sales nearly automatic, my presentation, “Persuasion Power Unleashed 2.0” will be worth the price of admission by itself, if I do say so myself.

29. Tomorrow the ticket price goes up. So, don’t procrastinate any longer!


Do not wake up tomorrow with regret. CLICK HERE to order your ticket right now.

Source: Dan Kennedy


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