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Start Generating Revenue For Your Hotel From Mobile PPC

Google announced on their blog that mobile search queries have officially surpassed desktop queries in ten countries, one being the US.  So, why are businesses still not taking advantage of advertising on mobile devices?  Is it because the same ads for desktop and mobile performed better on desktop?  Mobile and desktop users are very different and do not respond well to the same messaging, this requires a shift in thinking to maximize PPC ROI– a “device first” mentality.

Don’t leave money on the table!

  • Roughly 25% of all travel industry transactions are done on mobile devices
  • Mobile transactions are rising 551% year-on-year
  • 2X increase in “near me” search interest in the past year
  • 82% of smartphone users use a search engine when looking for a local business

Key items to keep in mind for mobile paid marketing:

1. Average position of 3?

  • Great for desktop, not great for mobile.  Mobile doesn’t display as many ads as desktops, 2-3 ads on average, and being third barely makes the mark of showing up.

2. Misspellings are more common on mobile searches

  • Don’t shy away from Broad terms in the bidding process, useful data for finding out the shorter mobile queries.

3. Click to Call and Location extensions

  • This is standard (or should be) for any device ad, definitely mobile ads.

4. Call Only Campaigns

  • Some people are just searching to call you (Google estimates up to 70% of mobile searches), if you want people to directly call you these ads are for you.  A click= a call direct to the advertiser.  Specialized adcopy to highlight this direct call can include: “Call for a reservation” or “Call the front desk”.

5. Relevant mobile friendly landing pages

  • Mobile friendly sites, mobile friendly landing pages- pivotal.

6. Keep mobile display ads clean and simple

  • There is little space to work with on mobile display ads.  Keep the images clear and text short.  Cluttered, video heavy ads tend to take longer to load and have a change of decreasing the ad’s performance.


Trending: Typing long queries in mobile search engines has traditionally not happened, however with the adaptation of voice technology people are now asking questions to the search engines.  We are closely watching what the longer queries will change in the mobile ppc industry-  broad/exact, CPC averages, and bidding process.

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Contributed by: Sara Linton, Product Marketing Specialist

Source: Paid Search


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