5 Fitness Brands Kicking Butt on Social Media



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It’s a new year, which means that most of you will have resolutions like “lose 20 pounds” or “get fit” or “lose the flab.” Fortunately, many fitness brands are using social media so that you can think about — and work toward — a healthy lifestyle, even when you’re not in the weight room.

These brands are taking a multi-platform approach to helping fans get healthy and excited about fitness in a fun wayMashable spoke to five brands — Equinox, Under Armour, Lululemon, Zumba and Crunch Gym — about their approach to social media and what makes them successful. Read more…

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How 5 Top Brands Crafted Their Social Media Voices



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Social networks are platforms for personal connection and dialogue, a reality that has proved challenging for many companies that are not used to speaking to their customers in conversational tones. As companies have established profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels, many have had to develop their brand voices anew.

Mashable spoke with the figures behind some of the most compelling voices on Twitter. (Since I primarily follow media and fashion brands and their teams, my sample is a bit skewed — forgive me.) Each has taken a different path to identifying and relaying the brand voice on social networks. Some, like fashion designer and CEO Tory Burch, speak directly on behalf of their brands. Others, like DKNY and Kate Spade, have developed semi-fictional personalities that speak to the best of their brands’ traits, while still others, including Esquire and Lucky magazines, have adapted their existing, “all-encompassing” editorial tones to social channels. Read more…

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Disney Marketing: The Happiest Social Media Strategy on Earth



With more than 200 million Likes across all of its Facebook Pages, The Walt Disney Company is one of the most powerful brands around, online and off.

The Disney Consumer Products (DCP) division of the Walt Disney Company is responsible for various merchandise and licensing for different Disney properties — including leading franchises like Cars, Toy Story and Disney Princesses. DCP operates its social media presence under the name “Disney Living” and has managed to gain more than 300,000 Likes on Facebook, 29,000 followers on Twitter and 8.8 million views on YouTube in just under two years.

Disney Baby, an initiative designed to engage with parents of infants, launched its social media presence in January 2011. In less than eight months, Disney Baby has gained more 363,000 likes on Facebook, making it one of the biggest brands in its segment Read more…

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6 New & Innovative Social Media Campaigns to Learn From



We’re always on the lookout for innovative social media campaigns at Mashable. This week we scoured the web and our Twitter feeds to find some of the most interesting campaigns out there.

From utilizing online video in an inventive way to creating a unique presence on Facebook, these six social media campaigns are some of the most original pieces of work as of late. Let us know about your favorite recent social media campaigns in the comments below.

1. Intel: Targeting a Digitally Savvy Audience

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFbUbAWbB-s&w=640&h=390]

Ad agency Amsterdam Worldwide unveiled the first in a series of blogger films, called “Visual Life,” for technology brand Intel back in January 2011. The series showcases top bloggers discussing how they use technology and how it has transformed their work Read more…

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HOW TO: Optimize Text Ads for Search



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Text ads aren’t sexy. They look bland, aren’t colorful and often read like they’re being shouted by annoying salespeople. But the simple fact is that many businesses use them to drive site traffic and sales.

We spoke with Michael Gold, search engine optimization specialist and co-founder of Midtown SEO, about how marketers can optimize their text ads to make them more appealing to search engine users. Check out his tips below. Read more…

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How Barbie & Ken Were Reunited by Social Media



Exactly seven years after their controversial split on Valentine’s Day in 2004, America’s favorite plastic lovebirds reunited, sending the socialverse down memory lane.

In celebration of Ken’s 50th anniversary and just in time for the Valentine’s Day release of its Sweet Talkin’ Ken doll, Mattel launched a grandiose marketing campaign to reunite its iconic doll couple, Barbie and Ken.

We spoke with Lauren Bruksch, director of Barbie marketing at Mattel, to get the inside scoop on the success of the campaign’s social media components.

The Campaign

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0IQBgfphk4&w=640&h=390]

As with all integrated marketing programs, the Barbie and Ken reunion campaign took a village to produceAttention, Ketchum Public Relations and Mattel‘s internal marketing, design and digital media teams worked together to pull it all off. Read more…

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How Converse Became the Biggest Little Sneaker Brand on Facebook



Converse doesn’t have a huge advertising budget, but, judging by its social media fan base, it doesn’t seem to need one. Converse now has more than 15 million fans on Facebook, which is almost four times the number for its parent company, Nike and about eight times as many as Adidas

How did Converse do it? Geoff Cottrill, Converse’s chief marketing officer, has said that one day he discovered that Converse had 8 million fans and was asked what the brand should do. “Nothing,” he replied. But, as the interview below reveals, there’s a bit more to it than that. In fact, Cottrill has engineered some clever social media programs for the brand that raise awareness for Converse without compromising its image. For instance, the brand is planning to open a recording studio in Brooklyn for up-and-coming bands this summer. But Converse is careful not to ask the bands plug any of its products. Read more…

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4 Ways Behavioral Targeting Is Changing the Web



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We’ve already seen signs of it — targeted ads on Facebook, suggested people to follow on Twitter, even Google Instant seems to know what you’re thinking — but how is behavioral targeting changing the Internet at large?

Here’s how behavioral targeting works: Targeting companies establish an agreement with a publisher, who puts a piece of code on his website. (That publisher must have a clearly stated policy for the consumer to opt out from having data collected.) Then, when you’re browsing the web, the site will put a cookie on your browser, which populates as you surf. (Though one interviewee, ContextWeb, targets based on content and not cookies.) Read more…

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The Impact of the Social Web on Media Agencies



Facebook was born in 2004 as a simple directory of profile pages for Ivy League studentsTwitter emerged one year later, imploring people to chirp what they’re up to. When these social platforms launched, few people understood the promise they held for marketers and the opportunities they would bring for brands. Five years later, we have Facebook Pages, branded Twitter accounts, pimped out YouTube pages and badges on Foursquare.

Social media has had an incredible impact on a brand’s marketing program, but often the brand works in tandem with a media agency to perfect its communication and create its approach on these innovative new platforms. Social media has forced agencies to work quicker, longer and harder — all while keeping up with the newest Facebook features and location-based app. Its impact on agencies and their work can not be underestimated. We spoke with three agency representatives who describe exactly how social has affected the way their agencies work. Read more…

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Top 5 Innovative Digital Marketing Agencies



The Digital Marketing Series is supported by HubSpot, which offers inbound marketing software that helps small and medium sized businesses get found on the Internet by the right prospects and converts more of them into leads and customers. Learn more.

Behind every great digital campaign is a great agency. Thanks to the Internet and its growing role in our lives, agencies have come a long way in the past decade, and they’ve begun to hone in on and innovate in the realm of digital marketing.

Whether the agency is a dozen people or 500, or was founded as a traditional agency or a digital agency, every creative group brings its own flair and aesthetic to its work. Here’s a look at five interactive agencies behind some of 2010’s best digital marketing campaigns, which promoted a new TV show, a community giving project, gum innovation and more. Read more…

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The State of Small Business Online Marketing Budgets [REPORT]



This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

Small businesses are predicted to maintain steady marketing budgets next year, including spending on websites, direct mail, e-mail marketing, social media and print advertising, according to a recent survey by Zoomerang and GrowBiz Media.

Small business marketing budgets leaned toward websites this year, with 39% of SMBs with fewer than 1,000 employees spending greater than 20% of their budgets in that area. Online spending is expected to continue in favor of websites, as 17% of respondents plan to increase budgets for their sites in 2011 — the highest percentage increase in planning for any marketing item included in the survey. In comparison, 15% of respondents reported that they plan to spend more on e-mail marketing next year, while 13% of respondents plan to up their social media marketing budgets. Read more…

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HOW TO: Define the Role of Your Social Media Team



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Social media is an increasingly popular area of marketing and communications for businesses of all sizes. Companies from industries of all types are interested in learning about the basics of building and implementing a social media strategy.

Since social media is still a burgeoning area in business, there aren’t any set steps for success. While there are many suggestions and recommendations across the web, many of these pointers are specific to certain types of businesses or industries. Read more…

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