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I’m going to show you the importance of having a Social Media Strategy and give you some excellent tips on how to create one.

Social Media Strategist

‘We need a social media strategy.” I hear this all the time. And companies have meetings upon meetings to discuss this. I’ve been a part of many of those meetings and it can be tiring to go through endless internal discussions as to what your social media strategy should be. You know what doesn’t work for a social media strategy? Not being social.

Social Media Strategy: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Having some idea of what measurable goals and business outcomes you’re after is essential for planning resources and forecasting outcomes. This is true with any kind of marketing and is certainly the case with social media.

Why having a Social Media Strategist is important

Social media will present a wider audience, and it is cost-effective and easily accessible. Social Media Strategy is something that businesses are beginning to take seriously. There are certain steps that make a good social media strategy possible, and there are many things that can hinder progress. I’m going to try and give you the best information available on the subject and guide you step by step towards creating a strategy for social media that gets positive results:

1. Your Social Campaign should post good content every day to every network.
2. Your Strategy should include a “Turn-over plan” in case your Social Media is turned over to a new employee.
3. Find a Social Media Winner That You Would Like To Emulate.
4. Your content should stand out – Nobody wants to share boring stuff.
5. Your Social Media Plan Should be Geometric – Specifically how can you regularly increase your friends 10X and sharing 10X on every network.

Truly look at what a productive social media strategy strategy will call for. If you merely run after fashions with no single program, you will waste a lot of funds and have nothing to present for it. Produce a long-term method that will take your general company objectives into account and implement it. Take the time prior to you start to try a few experiments with diverse tips just before you really position them up on your social media strategy profile and Web Pages. After that, run some further checks in additional sites till you have tweaked the approach. This is a easy way to make sure that everything you publish will boost your graphic and more your business strategy plan.

10 Best SEO Agency Tricks – How To Grow Traffic 10X

10 Best SEO Agency Tricks
10 Best SEO Agency Tricks

Do you want to know the Secrets of our success? Here are our 10 Best SEO Agency Tricks –

What I am talking about here are secrets of the Pro’s.

10 Best SEO Agency Tricks – How To Grow Traffic 100%… Easily

What is GEOMETRIC growth? Well it’s easy – instead of growing 10% you grow 10×10% = 100%. And this is how you do it.

1. Make a list of every product you can produce produce – or every product someone would PAY you for – this is my example:

Web Development Lead Generation Design Video
PHP WordPress Optimization 3D Design DVD Menus
PHP Joomla Micro Sites Pro Photography Video Editing
Flash Animation Analytics Traffic Print Graphics Renderings
Flash ActionScript Bulk Email & Tracking Logo Creation 3D Studio max
HTML Landing Pages E-mail Design Motion Graphics
CSS E-Commerce CD Covers Music Editing
Javascript Click Through tracking Letterhead, Cards. Commercials
Phone Applications You Tube SEO Photoshop InDesign CD – DVD – HD

2. Create a category on your site for each.

3. Create a daily blog post for each and place it in it’s respective category.

4. Write Sensational posts – or posts that people would want to share.

5. Find posts that you would like to emulate and emulate them (emulate means to copy but not duplicate)

7. Don’t be bashful share this content with your friends. (Add social media sharing buttons to your site)

8. Outflow = Inflow (ask other popular blogs to share your great content).

9. Add a great Video, Image, Info-graphic and Download to each post. (This does not have to be a unique download) Note: We can do this for you if needed.

10. Syndicate! (This means Blast it out – use Press Release Companies like PR WEB or PR LOG – Use Video sharing sites like OneLoad or Hey!Spread)

Our SEO Agency’s 10 Best SEO Tricks:

There you go – I can tell you that this will increase your internet traffic by 10-100% almost guaranteed.

It’s not just a 10% growth on one subject. Do you see the pattern? – It’s 10X10X10X10 etc. Traffic will increase GEOMETRICALLY.

And that’s the secret of our success…

10 Professional Web Design Geek Tips

Professional Web Design Technical Tips
Professional Web Design Technical Tips

What determines a professional web design from an amateur design? Check out this article on what makes us better.

10 Professional Web Design Geek Tips:

Successful Website campaigns have several essential elements in common.

  1. Every Website must Stimulate a response.
  2. Every Website must Open minds.
  3. A Website must Engage the right people.
  4. A website must Ring true.
  5. Make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.
  6. Offer a site map to your users with links that point to the important parts of your site. If the site map has an extremely large number of links, you may want to break the site map into multiple pages.
  7. Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number.
  8. Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content.
  9. Try to use text instead of images to display important names, content, or links. The Google crawler doesn’t recognize text contained in images. If you must use images for textual content, consider using the “ALT” attribute to include a few words of descriptive text.
  10. Most Important: Think about the words users would type to find your pages, and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it.

    Professional Web Design Tips from The Big Sites:

    This is a great Info-graphic describing the anatomy of an effective web design.

    Professional Web Design Tips
    Professional Web Design Tips

    Thanks for reading.



Google Penguin Update – 10 Website Optimization Technical Tips [+ Info-Graphic]

Google Penguin Update – 10 Website Optimization Technical Tips. Here are ten great tips on how to beat Google Penguin updates as well as an awesome info-graphic… (Keep reading)


Do me a favor and check out my other article on Google Quality Points – I warned you in my article of last year – that you are always at risk unless you use logic – But I personally hate people who say ” I told you so”. So here are my ten ways to recover from Penguin and avoid future penalties:

Google Penguin Update – 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 and 10!

I expect there to be numerous updates – similar to Google’s Panda Updates on this one. Using what we know about Panda – this update is very similar and should be an incremental algorithm change (similar to “Panda”).

Here are my great tips on how to beat the “Penguin”:

  1. Remove Paid Text Links Using Exact Match Anchor Text: You must avoid sponsored or paid links that use exact match anchor tag keywords.
  2. Remove Comment Spam: Another easy footprint for Google to spot! Avoid using automated link building tools.
  3. Remove Guest posts on questionable sites: Most “private” blog networks that allow you write a guest post/article, which you would upload it, many of their networks have all been identified by Google.
  4. Remove Article Marketing Sites: Links from article marketing sites have been classified as being unnatural links by Google
  5. Avoid Links from Dangerous Sites: Sites that have been flagged for malware, numerous pop-ups, link farms or other spammy issues are another indicator causing sites to lose rankings in the Google SERPs.
  6. Focus on Social Media Links: Social Media Links have increased over 25% in estimated value to Search Engines this year alone. This is because SE’s know they are from real people – for the most part.
  7. Focus on relevant Directory Links: Directories are a great way to get links – especially if they are relevant to your website. How do you know which directories to get? Simple: Just type “[your field] directories” into Google and you will get a long list of good directories to get listed in.
  8. Focus on Press Releases – Adding a photo or an image increases views of the release by 14%.
  9. Focus on sharable content on your Press Release: Adding a video gives you a 28% increase in views.
  10. Press Releases Sharable: Add a Video, Info-graphic, Image and a Download to each: Go all the way and put in a photo, a video, a graphic and a download and you’ll see a 78% jump in the number of views!

Google Penguin Update: – How To Avoid Future Penalties

So how do you know the next Google update will not crash your SEO rankings?

Answer: You don’t. But I can give you a hint: Users and Google are going after user experience – quality and Logic.

One of my Favorite Quotes: Wayne Gretzky Said something like: “I Don’t Skate After The Hockey Puck – I Skate To Where The Puck WILL BE”.

I quote another article: “Every year there are optimization techniques that become generally accepted best practices. However – before an idea becomes accepted – it sits in this intermediate state where enough evidence of its value in increasing rankings is lacking. Many of these items are treated as signals of quality.”

“So what is a signal of quality? It’s some aspect of a web site whose existence indicates that the site is less likely to be engaged in search engine black hat techniques. Enough signals should add up to provide a boost to a site when it is compared to other sites that don’t provide the same signals. These signals aren’t proof – of course – just another piece of the puzzle.”

“Certain Signals of quality exist everywhere & in many cases we subconsciously respond to them. For instance – if you’re looking for a good restaurant and you’re particularly nervous about cleanliness you’ll look for signals that the kitchen is clean. There’s no way for you to know the true state of the kitchen – but you can infer it by answering questions like is the table clean – are the glasses spotless – & is the waiter’s uniform professional looking. Restaurant staff that take care of these things are signaling to you that they are also taking care of things you can’t see.”

Here are a list of many of the quality things I would look for:

(Now a target for Penguin) The Numerous Site Wide and Irrelevant Links:
Corporate sites are often the worst when it comes to site wide links. Politics and the “too many cooks in the kitchen” syndrome often result in header and footer links that point to every division and subsidiary regardless of whether these other sites are related from a content-perspective. The existence of these links implies that the user to the web site isn’t important enough to trump corporate egos. And conversely – the absence of such links can signal that the user is king which is a philosophy that Google encourages.

Readable and Clear Navigation Hierarchy and Links:
Make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.

Mobile Friendly:
Can your site be seen easily on a mobile phone? Is your site scalable? There are ways you can strip off items for cellular phones. I believe mobile-friendly sites will be the wave of the future – so start working on it now. But make sure you do not duplicate your content by creating a duplicate mobile site. The best way is to make your existing site mobile friendly or replace it with one that is.

Site Speed:
If you think about it – the faster your site is – the more users are capable of doing on your site – the faster they can navigate through it and the more productive your site will be. Slow sites can drive customers crazy (especially customers or clients with slow connections). In any way possible – Speed up your site so users can move around the site easily.

Short URL’s:
Search Engines are moving more and more towards shorter cleaner URL’s (no appended parameters and special characters in them).

Uniformity of URL’s:
There is no way to separate uppercase URL’s and lowercase URL’s.

Sitemap to Users:
Offer a site map to your users with links that point to the important parts of your site. If the site map has an extremely large number of links – you may want to break the site map into multiple pages.

Lower the amount of links on each page:
Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number. Page (Under 200 is good – 100 links is ideal) – Consider Java-scripting additional links or linking higher up on the strategy:

Relevancy – Don’t talk about irrelevant topics on your site:
More information is better – but irrelevant information is worse. Create a useful – information-rich site – and write pages that clearly & accurately describe your content. Separate Different Subjects in different folders – If you are a Rehab Center and you are talking about celebrities – keep it in a “Celebrity-Rehab” Category folder off the main content of your site. Don’t mix “Cats” and “Dogs” links on the same page. Separate your site by subject.

The Keywords and Top Searches in The Title – H1 and Domain name if possible:
Think about the words users would type to find your pages – and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it.

Try To Use Text Links & always Include Info On Each Picture:
Try to use text instead of images to display important names – content – or links. The Google crawler doesn’t recognize text contained in images. If you must use images for textual content – consider using the “ALT” attribute to include a few words of descriptive text.

Having Accurate Notations:
Make sure that your elements & aLT attributes are descriptive & accurate.

The Broken Links and Broken HTML:
Check for broken links and correct HTML.

Try and keep every page you want indexed as a static page:
If you decide to use dynamic pages (i.e. – the URL contains a “?” character) – be aware that not every search engine spider crawls dynamic pages as well as static pages. It helps to keep the parameters short and the number of them few.

The Domain Age:
A really old domain is one that existed before anyone cared about SEO. If it existed before anyone thought about gaming the search engines then it’s less likely that it is currently trying to game them. Note that domain age is said to be reset whenever there is a change of ownership so a 10 year old domain that just changed hands last month isn’t going to provide as strong a signal as it did before it changed owners.

The Shared IP Addresses:
If an IP has multiple web sites associated with it – then it can be inferred that the web site owner isn’t paying much for the hosting service. Spammers often choose this route to keep their costs low and hence a dedicated IP signals that the owner is truly interested in a long-term – successful web presence.

The Code to Text Ratio:
Some Sites that contain 100 KB of HTML code with only 2 KB of content are possibly signaling a lack of sophistication and perhaps a lack of interest in doing what’s right for the user – (i.e. creating pages that load quickly and feel responsive). Since search engines want to keep their users coming back – they want to send them to sites that are going to be well-received and therefore considered a good search experience.

Note that Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz quotes Vanessa Fox of Google and suggests that code is ignored by Google implying that this ratio doesn’t play any role at all.

All CSS vs. Tables:
There is a lot of debate about the advantages of CSS when it comes to SEO. For me – there are two signals here. The first is that a redesign from tables to CSS is picked up as a site-wide investment in the site. A site that is maintained & updated sends a signal that someone cares about it and therefore is worth a look by the search engines. The second signal is that CSS can improve the code to text ratio (see previous item).

The Valid HTML / XHTML:
The W3C makes it easy to validate a web page & ensure that it conforms to standards. Since valid web pages almost never occur without a conscious effort to make them error-free – having such pages is a signal that there is someone behind the site that is being careful with their efforts.

The Existence of Robots.txt File:

This file – which sits in the root folder of a web site – provides instructions to web sites about what they should and shouldn’t index. Without it – search engines are left to assume that all content is fair game. Thus – one could argue that if the file exists & explicitly permits search engines to crawl the site then if all other things were equal – the site that gave permission should beat out a site that didn’t.

The Bounce Rate:

It is well known that Google Webmaster Tools shows how long people stay on your site and how many people bounce. Although Google has not officially stated that this is any deciding factor at all in rankings (can you imagine what would happen if they had said this – people gaming this point – machines staying on pages hundreds of hours just to make this go up). I believe it plays a large part of your site’s SEO performance and shows a clear picture of how relevant people who go to your site stay on it. Anything you can do to improve this & increase time on your site is a good idea.

Can you think of any other important Quality Points?

Need To Make Money – Whose Fault Is It When Clients Disobey?

I’m going to talk about how to correctly deal with clients in this article…

“THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BAD CLIENT – ONLY BAD SEO’s”… You see we are cut from the same cloth: Although some client’s can’t pay as much – we all would like to make more money.

We All Need To Make Money – Whose Fault Is It When Clients Disobey?

Have you ever heard the term “You Get What You Pay For?” – Lets talk about the four conditions of exchange…

There are four types of exchange:

Need To Make Money - Internet
Need To Make Money - Internet Marketing

1 Criminal Exchange

2 Partial Exchange

3 Fair Exchange

4 Exchange In Abundance

Criminal Exchange is taking something for nothing. There is no real exchange involved. An employee that does not carry out his duties but collects a paycheck is an example of criminal exchange. An organization that collects fees for a service or product and never delivers is also criminal exchange.

While Partial Exchange is above criminal exchange- it is not at all acceptable in business or in everyday life.

Partial exchange is the act of delivering less than what was agreed upon or expected. This can involve the delivery of only part of the product- a flawed product- or a product which is not completely functional.

Fair Exchange involves selling and collecting money for a specific product or service and delivering exactly what has been sold. Most successful businesses & activities operate on the basis of fair exchange.

Exchange in Abundance is the highest condition of exchange. This does not mean one undercharges or gives products or services away. It does mean that one (in some way) delivers something more valuable than the buyer paid for or expected. Unfortunately this condition of exchange is not common

Exchange involves valuables for valuables. In life- exchange occurs in many ways. A business generally receives money in exchange for a Valuable Final Product; however, the principles of exchange apply to friendship, sports, goodwill or church activities as well as business transactions. People exchange with their family, friends and country as well as their business.

You can exchange in abundance with your husband, wife, children, parents & Employees- or perhaps you could provide a worthwhile exchange to mankind in general. Truthfully, there is no real limit to the valuable things you can provide.

The fourth conditon (exchange in abundance) is almost unknown. Yet it is the key to holding success and expansion.

Social Media Campaigns – Improve ROI [+Info-Graphic]

Social Media Campaigns
Social Media Campaigns

Social media campaigns are a way to enhance the publicity, brand awareness, web visibility, traffic of your company on the internet – through social media platforms, online communities, forums, blogs and community sites. Some techniques include adding RSS feeds, social media buttons, Digg This button, blogging, group discussions and incorporating third party community image forums like Flickr photo slides & galleries, YouTube videos, Google Local pages and Videos. Social media promotion and optimization is a part of Search Engine Marketing. (keep reading after watching this video about what we do:)

Social Media Campaigns are what we do best

Social media campaigns come in all shapes and sizes and every campaign is unique. But what all successful social media campaigns have in common is a set of clear objectives and success criteria and laser targeting.

Social Media Marketing is marketing your brand across the online social world via connecting with communities, groups and social platforms. Social Media Marketing involves creating personal relationships with the right leaders and Social-opinion-leaders who own the loudest voice within their social circles. It’s about giving those leaders and their communities valuable content that appeals to their interests. World Class Media leverages Social Media Marketing to connect client brands to the digital world around them, in order to drive increased traffic, high rankings and conversions.

When social media campaigns are the tactical outcomes of a sound strategy, success doesn’t look like a popularity contest. Campaigns can only be deemed successful if their specific key performance indicators are tied to measurable institutional or departmental outcomes. Defining the success metrics before designing the campaign itself and adopting a systematic-tracking approach will lead to effective performance measurement and planning.

Our Social Media Marketing & Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Marketing has surged in recent years with 2013 representing the most activity and importance to date. Social Media Optimization involves properly leveraging the 5 major platforms to connect and communicate with customers (and future clients), generate buzz for products and services, offer innovating promotions, create brand awareness, and more. These cost-efficient methods have made social media marketing one of the most highly demanded services. World Class Media is an internationally recognized Social Media Company at the forefront of leveraging Social Media Marketing to the benefit of our clients’ campaigns.

This is a great info-graphic from KISS-METRICS:

Social Media Campaigns
Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Marketing is all about marketing a brand to become part of the online social ecosystem, in a meaningful way. But in addition to the brand value that Social Media Marketing brings, World Class Media leverages Social Media Marketing in order to gain clients higher Search Engine Placement. Through the right social marketing – including blog posts, links, bookmarks, social profiles, RSS feeds, press releases, videos, images and more – we grow your portfolio and presence of social assets. The more social assets you have, the more search engines have to rank, which means that you gain multiple listings on search engine results pages. The more listings you have on keywords that are important to your business, the more traffic, interest and conversions.

Internet Marketing Consultants – Have You Been Burned?

In this article I will show you how to pick the right Internet Marketing Consultants. (Keep Reading)

What Is An Internet Marketing Consultant?

Internet Marketing Consultants
Internet Marketing Consultant For Businesses

Internet marketing consultants are basically advertising consultants that specialize in online marketing. They are pretty flexible and offer different consultation approaches such as phone, on site, and even web consultation.

These professionals can create marketing schemes and advertising strategies to help businesses sell their products and services over the World Wide Web.

Internet Marketing Consultants – How We Do It

The actual processes that Internet marketing consultants go through are commonly referred to as “search engine optimization”, or “SEO”. Whether the business is large or small and regardless of what industry it is in, the SEO process will be essentially the same. It is just the scale that may differ. The final goal is, of course, more exposure online, more visitors to your website and more customers in you place of business. SEO consists of the tactics that an Internet marketing consultant would use in order to get the client’s company the maximum possible exposure online for their local or regional market.

Online marketing consultants, more popularly called “SEO consultants”, can play a very crucial role in your business’ success. Hence, it is very important that you know exactly what to expect from these people. So if you are planning to hire an SEO consultant for your business anytime soon, here are some of the most important things that they should need to possess.

How To Find The Right Internet Marketing Consultant

This is what Google Says:

“SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimizer.” Deciding to hire an SEO is a big decision that can potentially improve your site and save time, but you can also risk damage to your site and reputation. Make sure to research the potential advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO can do to your site. Many SEOs and other agencies and consultants provide useful services for website owners, including:

Review of your site content or structure
Technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript
Content development
Management of online business development campaigns
Keyword research
SEO training
Expertise in specific markets and geographies.”

Good Internet Marketing Consultants should also be able to attract potential clients that may possibly avail of your products and services as well. Chances are, a good number of these people are going to avail of what you offer. They should also be able to deliver to you not just any kind of website traffic. Leads generated should be of high quality and the people that visit your site should belong to your respective target market. This way, you are sending out your advertising messages to right people.

Your internet marketing consultants need to have at the very least one particular online marketing method to help get your company, your title, your products, or your service in front of as numerous targeted eyes as possible.

One technique you can use is that of Content Syndication – reveal and spread your content material (content articles, movies, weblog posts, videos, etc.) as significantly and wide as you can across the internet.

Efficient internet marketing consultants have a big impact on your online business. It can help you dominate the market.

Remember, there are now hundreds of Internet Marketing Consultants that offer their services out in the market today. So always be cautious when selecting a service. Do your own homework and get to know these people first before actually hiring them. Make sure that your consultant has the proper background and experience in the field of advertising to be able to deliver what you expect and what they promise.

SEO’s: Google Webmaster Tools Changes – No Robots, No Performance, etc.

Webmaster Tools SEO - Google Changes
Webmaster Tools SEO - Google Changes

Google is revamping their Webmaster tools. Again. I will give you some sound tips on how to use webmaster tools for SEO as well as describe some of the changes that Google is introducing…

Webmaster Tools Upgrades – SEO Sitemaps, No more Robots.txt Tool, Etc.

What Google says: “Webmaster Tools added lots of new functionality over the past year, such as improvements to Sitemaps and Crawl errors, as well as the new User Administration feature. In recent weeks, we also updated the look & feel of our user interface to match Google’s new style. In order to keep bringing you improvements, we occasionally review each of our features to see if they’re still useful in comparison to the maintenance and support they require. As a result of our latest round of spring cleaning, we’ll be removing the Subscriber stats feature, the Create robots.txt tool, and the Site performance feature in the next two weeks.”

Summary of what this means: 1. No more subscriber stats. 2. No more Robots.txt creation tool. 3. No Site Performance Tool.

How To Use Webmaster Tools for your SEO:

1. Watch Impression Up’s and Down’s and act accordingly.

Google Webmaster Tools provides access to statistics that provide valuable insight into what your site is primarily known for. To view these statistics, access the Dashboard for your site, click Your site on the web, and then click the desired option:

Search queries: Keywords and phrases users enter most frequently to reach your site.
Links to your site: Other sites that link to yours.
Keywords: Most common keywords on your site.
Internal links: Number of links pointing to each page on your site.

Do you watch your impressions graph? You should! This way you can investigate ups and down in your traffic. Investigation boils down to this one thing: Keep asking yourself “What Don’t I Understand”. Once you answer the first question, you will find something else you don’t understand and you just “pull the string” all the way down until it all makes sense. And Its that simple. My friends and I at The Search Agency used the phrase: “Aha Moment”. At the bottom of the questions will usually be a large situation that makes the whole thing make sense. Like someone blocked all robots in the “robots.txt” file or an issue that makes all other issues clear.

Why?: Taiichi Ohno, considered to be the father of Toyota’s Production System, encouraged everyone in the company to always ask WHY about everything they did – especially when problems showed up. He believed that “having no problems is the biggest problem of all.” His famous statement was, “Ask ‘Why’ five times,” to get at the root cause of the problem.

2. Check for Possible Problems & tweak SEO

Google Webmaster Tools monitors your site and alerts you of crawl errors – like duplicate Titles, Duplicate Descriptions, and malware (if your site has been infected by a virus or worm, for example). It also provides crawl statistics and HTML suggestions to help attract traffic to your site.

3. Submit a Sitemap

You can increase the speed of adding your pages tremendously by submitting sitemaps to Google. A sitemap tells search bots which pages to index and each page’s relative importance. If you use CMS like WordPress to manage your site, you can install a plugin, such as Google XML Sitemaps that creates and updates the sitemap for you.

4. Submit a robots.txt File

A robots.txt file does the opposite of a sitemap—it tells search bots what not to index. This is especially useful if you’re using a CMS, because you don’t want search bots to waste time crawling CMS files that have nothing to do with the content of your site.

5. Submit specific page you want indexed right away by using “Fetch as Googlebot”

You can actually get pages indexed much faster if you submit them using the Webmaster Tools “Fetch As Googlebot” feature. Try it out.

6. Resubmit you site to Google.

This can be one of the most valuable points if your site has been hit by an Algorithm change or has had a significant drop in rank in Google as some of my clients have before hiring me. Once you have fixed the problems with their site this is a good thing to do to ensure Google removes a penalty.

7. Check Messages. from Google.

This area provides access to any messages about your site that Google deems important enough to notify you about, including any sudden and significant rise in error messages. Check for any incoming Messages regularly so you have early notification of any problems on your site.

8. Explore Additional Google Webmaster Tools

Near the bottom of the navigation bar on the left is a link called “Labs”. Click Labs to access additional Google Webmaster Tools that are currently in development and that Google considers not quite ready for primetime.

Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools – I call them “Google Goggles” and “Bing Binoculars”.

Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are essentially a means for website owners to ensure that Google can easily find, crawl, index, and categorize their website appropriately. GWT provides website owners with detailed reports about their website’s search engine visibility, which can be leveraged to improve outcomes. After creating an account and verifying their site, site owners can log in to access these reports at any time and use these to see drops in impressions on any given keyword.

Thanks to Idiots Guide for breaking down some of these points.



Internet Marketing Coaching – Have You Any Of These Symptoms?

Have you any of these Symptoms: Do you feel like Internet Marketing does not work? Are you in apathy about your marketing efforts? Do you have a worry stock in how much you are getting for your money. Does your ROI “SUCK”?

Getting Internet marketing coaching is a smart choice for those that are ready to elevate their company to a higher level. Although it is hard work – tasks can be simplified by working with an experienced coach or Internet marketing agency. Our Online Marketing Firm is a full service marketing company offering a wide range of services and business coaching. We offer a unique service for each client – we can spend as little or as much time as you need training & educating on whatever specific areas of internet marketing you need help. Save money by learning how to manage many of your online marketing tasks in house. Watch this video to see how we do it…

What is Internet Marketing Coaching?

The Playing field has changed: It used to be a simple three-way split: Print / Television / Radio. But now it looks more like this:
There are so many avenues to reach people – the pie has been split in so many niches:

Internet Marketing Consulting
Internet Marketing Consulting

Internet marketing coaching is guidance which is meant to assist you in the best practices and highest use of your time in the dog-eat-dog Internet Marketing fields.

A good Internet Marketing strategy should have these points:

1. Website Architecture.

2. Excellent Content based on Top Searches. (This also includes focusing on the correct demographic).

3. A Pay Per Click Campaign.

4. Social Media Marketing.

A good internet marketing coaching program also makes it easy for you to follow along. Not all programs are geared for beginners – not all programs are geared for intermediate marketers either. Finding one that resonates with where you are – but also shows you what you can achieve is essential.

Internet Marketing Coaching
Internet Marketing Coaching

Finding the right internet marketing coaching can be a very frustrating experience. First you have the wanna be gurus who are telling you one thing – then you have the so-called experts coaching you to go in another direction.

At World Class Media – we focus on dominating your field and keywords.

Contact us today.



Internet Marketing Plan- Shame You’re Not Making Money: Its Easy

Internet Marketing Plan
Internet Marketing Plan

What is an Internet Marketing Plan?

I’ll give you some great tips on how to create an Internet Marketing Plan in this article. Keep reading and watch this video.

An Internet marketing plan can help launch a new business or improve profit margins of an existing business. It is your compass that points you in the right direction. A good Internet marketing plan starts with research. In your research you should include some time to study your competition. Learn what the movers in your niche are up to. Not that you’ll follow them, but it helps to know what others have done & are doing in your industry. You may find some things that you like that you want to emulate while tossing out other strategies that don’t fit in with your goals and mission.

How To Make an Internet Marketing Plan:

Lets start with the correct sequence:

1. Website Architecture – Correctly architecting your site should be the first step. You don’t want to build links to pages or a site that will change in the near future.

2. Content – This is where research and keywords come into play – what are your public searching for? What can you do that shoudl make others contact you?

3. Link Strategies and Linkbait – This is how you will gain important backlinks to your site. How will you do that?

4. Social Media – This is how you will use high traffic sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to gain popularity of your site or your activities.

Those are the four correct focus points… Here’s some additional tips to take it over the top:

If your internet marketing plan includes analytics, you should already be familiar with your top-performing products. Using these profitable products can help you convince consumers to buy other products you market. If you carry complimentary products advertise them as such to make an additional sale. You may even offer a discount for buying the two products together. This way, you will spend less on advertising these newer products, because they are riding on the coattails of your already popular items.

A global Internet marketing plan is an investment in the future of a business. A reputable optimization firm utilizes highly trained professionals with years of optimization experience and certifications or degrees. These professionals will adjust website design, perform careful analysis of keyword structure, research competitor websites, develop a content management strategy, develop a list of back links – implement a workable social media strategy – engage in proactive reputation management techniques – & examine analytical data – and that is just the start.

Like your Internet marketing plan : Once you have looked after your current customers – being confident that you’ve got a firm base in place – you can include “new customers” to your range of concentration. Marketing & advertising is a powerful way to get new clients in, but advertising on it’s own won’t help you keep new customers; you need to also create a feeling of customer loyalty. If you’re a small business, you will continue to expand so long as you take the time to get acquainted with your customers as persons. And then for big businesses, by creating a feeling of community & understanding of new customers, you’ll make sure that they’ll continue to come back.

A strategy Internet marketing plan should define goals and set objectives to achieve those goals. Having a solid yet flexible plan will assist you in building your business and will help influence the others that your business will be a success. The following items will give you a core of business principles that will give you a firm foundation to start your business. Each component that is mentioned below will move your site from failure to success.

Why Marketers Should Get to Know Customers' 'Digital Selves'



Today’s marketers are under-utilizing the large amounts of personal data their customers are sharing publicly every day, according to Adobe’s senior manager of social-media products, Chad Warren. By looking at their customers’ activity not just on social networks but all over the web, brands can potentially engage with them in ways that are much more meaningful.

When brands successfully connect with customers around the things they love, advertising ceases to be a commercial endeavor and instead becomes simply useful information, Warren said during a presentation at Mashable Connect in Orlando, Fla. While many brands use personalization techniques to reach their customers, Warren says it’s often one-dimensional, isolated to a single activity, medium (such as television) or social network. Read more…

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You-Tube Autoplay Embed Code – How to Make Your Video Automatic (iframe)

(New iframe Code + Old Flash Code) Do you want people to automatically start watching your video? In this article I will show you how to make a You Tube Video Autoplay.

Note: Google may (or may not) penalize auto-play videos – so I would recommend watching your visitor stats to see if they are affected. If it lessons your bounce rate than it would obviously be a good thing…

Here’s an example (instructions below the video):

It’s fairly easy to do. Google updated their Embed-code to what is called “HTML 5” – this new code makes it a little more difficult to make Your Tube Videos to Autoplay. But I’ll show you how here:

You-Tube Autoplay Embed Code – How to Make Your Tube Video Automatically Play:

First – you have to copy the code to your website, looks like this:

<iframe src=”″ frameborder=”0″ width=”560″ height=”315″></iframe>

The next part is simple:
Just add:


to the end of the You Tube URL – like this:

<iframe src=”;autoplay=1” frameborder=”0″ width=”560″ height=”315″></iframe>Make A You Tube Video Automatically Play

Here is the old version:

This is the old code: press embed then check “use old code”. for example : <object width=”560″ height=”315″><param name=”movie” value=”;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0″></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”560″ height=”315″ allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true”></embed></object>

Youtube Autoplay Embed Code
Youtube Autoplay Embed Code

Where it says “&hl=en_US” in both urls in the code replace that with “&autoplay=1” dont forget to erase the amp…etc. then replace it with “&autoplay=1″ in both URLs – like this:

<object width=”560″ height=”315″><param name=”movie” value=”;rel=0″></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”;rel=0″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”560″ height=”315″ allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true”></embed></object>

Hope that makes it more clear for you. Feel free to share this if you like it!



Social Media Marketing Company – How A New Code Doubled My Traffic

Social Media Marketing Company:

Let me show you what we do here at World Class Media – and how we do it. Plus we will also talk about a relatively new coding called Google Authorship and how it has doubled some of my clients traffic (after the video). Enjoy…

Social Media Marketing Company: How A New Kind Of Coding Doubled My Traffic – by World Class Media:

Okay – so we all know that quality signals affect search engine rankings – right? And we inadvertently know that click through rate is king in terms of PPC and (in part) SEO. So now imagine that you could increase click through rate & add user quality signals to almost everything you write on the Internet? Well – now you can – with a nice smiling picture of you. (Unless your picture frightens people away – in which case I may discourage you.) Read on to learn an easy way to do this.

Google has released a very FAST way to indicate you are the author of a piece of content – as simple as pasting a hyperlink in your text. All you have to do is add rel=”author” with a link to your Google profile – wait a little bit for Google to find it – and ‘Viola!’ Google may even place your picture next to your article – for example:

Social Media Marketing Company - How a New Code Doubled My Traffic
How a New Code Doubled My Traffic

Increase Click Through Rate With Google Authorship

Just think about it – the possibilities are almost endless… For example – you can use this in Social Media Marketing by placing this link in your posts. You can use it to promote your own blog. How cool is that?

An age-old problem for Google has been to verify – who the first one was to write content and who the true source is. There are so many scrapers and spinners out there that good original quality is hard to find. So what if I told you that you could potentially have your picture next to every post and web page you made. The answer is Authorship. I’m applauding Google’s Quality team for coming up with this one – Thank You to Othar Hansson and the quality team.

Google Authorship

This is fairly easy to do – these are the steps:

1. Create a Google profile (or Google Plus Profile)

2. Add a link to your site in your Google profile links (a link must exist to your site for this to work)

3. Upload a clear picture of your face (note: Google is using facial recognition)

4. Copy your Profile link full URL) and number – See example in step 5:

5. On your site: Add this simple example hyperlink to your Bio & articles (replace name & number):

<a href=”″ rel=”author”>Charles Verhoeff +</a>

“Your link must contain the ?rel=author parameter – and your anchor text must start or end with a + character. (You don’t need to be a Google+ user to do this – and you can use any anchor text you want.) If either of these is missing – Google won’t be able to associate your content with your Google Profile.”

Social Media Marketing Company - How a New Code Doubled My Traffic
Social Media Marketing Company

6. Verify you did it right here:

7. Last but not least – The final step is to submit your Authorship to Google here:

That’s it – you’re done!

P.S. If you are still confused – check out these videos:

Short and sweet version:


+ Charles Verhoeff | SEO
Specialist – architecture



Have You Ever Read Internet Marketing Articles From The Heart?

Have You Ever Read Internet Marketing Articles From The Heart?

What’s the difference between an SEO’ed out article & an article from the heart? People can smell a fake from a mile away.

In this article we will discuss our secret sauce for doubling traffic (keep reading)…

Does your content work as hard as you do? For most businesses on fixed budgets, Content has to pull its weight.

Even some of the country’s largest advertisers who once ran ads for the sake of product branding alone now focus their efforts on web content that produce a measurable ROI. As we come out of recession, web content must be a workhorse not a show pony & its first duty is to support sales.

Successful web-page campaigns have several essential elements in common. To turn prospects into customers, your articles & content must do four vital things:

1. All content must Stimulate a response.

Every Logo – image & ad must direct a customer to do something, for example: visit your web-page or contact you by phone. But it’s not enough simply to tell your prospects what to do, you must give them some excellent reasons to do it. A great print advertisement, for example, starts with a benefit-rich headline – it states the benefit in the opening sentence, & explains the ad with features–specifying how the advertiser will deliver these benefits. Along the way, the ad differentiates the advertiser from other companies offering similar products or services. And the ad culminates in a strong call-to-action that tells potential customers how to take advantage of the benefit or offer.

2. All content must Open minds.

Scientists have discovered that our minds ‘perk up’ to new information. We practically prick up our ears when something new is presented to us. That explains why – as consumers, we’re always looking for the latest and greatest versions of goods and services. What is the latest wrinkle presented by your ad campaign? Good ads provide prospects with small ‘a-ha’ moments, when they realize there’s something different–a unique product bundle – another layer of beneficial services – or a revolutionary new concept–that you offer and no one else does. Whether triggered by your company’s point of differentiation or simply a special offer, this ‘a-ha moment’ should open minds to the unique benefits of buying from you.

3. Content must Engage the right people.

In this age of enormous web-page clutter & the bombardment with web-page messages in every environment, your ads must have immediate appeal to your targeted prospects. In fact – a prospect who’s exposed to your web-page should instantly think, “This is what I need.” Like a heat-seeking missile, your ad should single out your best prospects – and “speak” to them in their vernacular–including any buzzwords. And visually, whether in print or on TV, the ad helps if your prospects can also see themselves represented in your ads. Look beyond their age, gender – economic status & other basic demographic information – and put yourself in their shoes to think as they do. Then create an ad campaign to which your prospects can easily relate. Place the ad in the right context as well, by web-page in the media your prospects look to for information on what you market.

4. Content must Ring true.

Internet Marketing Articles
Internet Marketing Articles

Most consumers can spot a phony a mile away. What’s more, they’re often likely to disbelieve web-page claims – even when they’re true. That’s why it’s essential to make all your web-page claims credible – and substantiate them where necessary. Avoid too much hyperbole in your web-page – as the ad often fails to ring true. And create a campaign that integrates a combination of media to direct interested prospects to a deeper story. Magazine web-page, for example – is one of the best tools for piquing interest and sending prospects to web-pages where they can find more in-depth information, from industry affiliations, company background & testimonials to copies of press coverage. Create ads with integrity that are supported by in-depth information – and you’ll successfully propel your prospects toward a sale.


10 Internet Marketing Consultant Secrets – How to Increase ROI 30%

How using an Internet Marketing Consultant can increase your income and traffic by 30%… Keep reading.

What is an Internet Marketing Consultant?

An internet marketing consultant is a professional who works with business owners to develop strategies for increasing their website presence in order to boost sales.

Consultant Consultants
Google and Bing Certified Internet Marketing Consultants

1. Internet Marketing Consultants: Adding an Image, Info-graphic, Video and a download can increase your Press Releases and Articles views by 30% .

The fundamental goal of an internet consultant is to develop a marketing plan for a business website. This plan can include implementing methods to bring more traffic to the site – improve page ranking in the search engines – improve relevance and credibility of the product or service – & improve the instances of repeat customers.

2. Hiring a certified Consultant isn’t as much of an expense as it is a true investment for your business.

Our Consultant service is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of how Internet marketing works, how the concepts apply to your site and how to turn them into revenue. We will show you how using our service can increase your business as much as 30% or more.

3. You get the benefit of adding a world-renowned Consultant to your team without the expenses associated with hiring full-time staff or engaging an internet marketing firm.

Well – an internet marketing consultant won’t stop phone ringing (au contraire!), neither you to receive tons of emails from your customers. What he can do is to show you how to manage all these tasks and take your local business to a higher level.

4. The more effective business practice is to work with an Consultant that can carry out a long-term business website marketing campaigns and drive traffic, customers and return on investment to the business website.

Once you’re online and getting your targeted visitor traffic the next phase for the Consultant begins: converting those visitors into customers.

Internet Marketing Consultant
Internet Marketing Consultant

5. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process that a Consultant and Strategist use to improve the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.

What exactly does an Internet Consultant do? What can a professional Consultant provide you and your business? A professional internet marketing consultant such as ours – are experienced in delivering the best online advertising benefits in a short period of time. We also have a very good understanding of the different business needs and requirements for hundreds of types of businesses.

Everything should be in accordance to your type of business, your target market and your market place.

6. Hiring a certified Consultant isn’t as much of an expense as it is a true investment for your business. A certified SEO expert can get you noticed – optimize your marketing image and help you stay ahead of the competition. Not doing this, however – is a sure money-loser.

Our blog will share the latest internet marketing strategies to get more traffic to websites and convert that traffic to leads and sales; including search engine marketing, landing pages, banner design – affiliate management, Domain names, new media – internet press releases, lead generation and the other dozen or so topics that create clicks each day.

7. The best way to instantly drive people to specific pages of your website at controlled costs is through the PPC Management (Pay-Per-Click Advertising) Consultant services.

When deciding on the right Consultant for your next marketing campaign, trust someone who’s authored a book, spoken at dozens of conferences – and helped thousands of businesses like yours achieve success. No inexperienced account managers, no poorly executed campaigns – and no excuses.

8. While you can always study up on creating high-quality, high-conversion landing pages, it’s a lot quicker, easier and more reliable to let a seasoned Consultant create them for you.

For almost five years, we have worked behind-the-scenes to help create exposure, traffic, leads – and sales through major search engines like Google, Yahoo! – and Bing. Calling upon our diverse background in copywriting, advertising, marketing – and sales, we have studied traditional SEO and SEM tactics since 2004 & implementing since 2005.

9. Plus, as the Internet marketing field grows, it is slowly turning into the primary marketing medium, and that means businesses frequently need to have the “Secret Sauce” it takes to do the work by a Consultant.

Since this is a relatively new field it’s unlikely that an individual with an older business marketing degree was schooled in the skills required at all. You may me hiring an old school marketer applying the wrong concepts to inbound Internet marketing. What have they done to upgrade or maintain their ongoing learning and mastery of their field? That’s pending you have any faith that a traditional marketer can straddle both sides of the fence. Personally – I don’t think they can. You are going to be giving something up somewhere as they both think quite differently. There are now specialized degrees specific to inbound Internet marketing so cover your butt and look for them.

10. Qualified visitors are truly interested in what you sell and the services you provide, they will stay longer on your website, and even come back again and again.

Using the proper internet marketing techniques and the services of a qualified internet marketing consultant will help drive those visitors to your website: those visitors who end up becoming your best customers.

Best Infographic – 50 Great SEO Reasons for INFOGRAPHICS!

This is an amazing Infographic – 50 Great Reasons to use Viral INFOGRAPHICS.

Just how viral can an infographic go? Check Out this infograph of Infographics – I bet you have never seen one like this…

PR Newswire reports that a study of releases on their wire service shows that:

  • Adding a photo or an image increases views of the release by 14%.

  • Adding a video gives you a 28% increase in views.

  • Make that an image and a video and you’ll get a 48% boost in views.

  • Go all the way and put in a photo, a video, a graphic and a download and you’ll see a 78% jump in the number of views!

Okay so if I add a VIDEO, IMAGE + INFOGRAPHIC and a DOWNLOAD – I’ll get 78% MORE VIEWS?

I’m sure they have to be good quality. But yeah, that is

what the survey said…


Infographics Designers
InfoGraphic Designers - World Class Media


Here is the list if you want to share it – you can:

1. Infographics Are a fairly cheap and easy way to promote themselves.

2. Infographics Are all around us in the media, education, the workplace, and even in road signs.

3. Infographics Are clearly displayed visual or graphic representation of straight-forward and interesting data.

4. Infographics Are beautiful to look at, easy to understand, and shareable.

5. Infographics Are cool and the visual aspect of them definitely makes it easier to communicate much clearer and faster in a very fun way.

6. Infographics Are super handy to pitch to media, pitch to blogs, share on your own social properties, share with customers…

7. Infographics Are highly collected and shared in social media because they are interested content to share with followers and fans.

8. Infographics Are a great creatively challenging outlet that let you put your creative skills to a test by pitting them against your analytical ones.

9. Infographics Are aesthetically pleasing images that take topics that have intrinsically large amounts of data and information and compress them into a format that is easy to understand for everyone.

10. Infographics Are often considered the most stunning and sharable way to get a message out.

11. Infographics Are massively important communication tools, particularly early in the buying cycle where a prospect is in the process of information gathering and learning about a business’s products/solutions/propositions.

12. Infographics Are also a proven way to jump-start the “viral” process online.

13. Infographics Are simply much more likely to be spread across Twitter, on Facebook, and on blogs than traditional forms of content creation.

14. Infographics Are as eye-catching as the imagery in a great advertisement, but ten times more informative.

15. Infographics Are easy to share and simple to display; even better, they give your audience the information they need in a fraction of the time it would normally take to get it.

16. Infographics Are overwhelmingly popular because they make dry, data-driven stories fun.

17. Infographics Are such a big deal right now, jumping on this bandwagon is a good idea.

18. Infographics Are an excellent method for enterprises who want to increase their brand presence.

19. Infographics Are a type of data visualization combining graphics and information to develop an idea.

20. Infographics Are used for anything from road signs to visual representations of the state of the economy.

21. Infographics Are definitely getting hot on the web these days.

22. Infographics Are a great new way to communicate information to your audience in a visually appealing way.

23. Infographics Are the trendiest way to put your point across in a different format, but unless you’re a dab hand with image manipulation software, you’ll find it hard to make a splash in an already crowded niche.

24. Infographics Are usually about 60 % words and 40% pictures – which makes them easy to grasp.

25. Infographics Are quite big in SEO at the moment, and this one gets the message across, as well as being original and eye catching.

26. Infographics Are employed to tell a story that is too tedious for words yet too complex for photos alone.

27. Infographics Are over 30 times more likely to be consumed than text articles.

28. Infographics Are very popular and are often shared in the blogosphere.

29. Infographics Are graphics combined with bar charts, tables, maps, organizational charts, family trees, timelines, flow charts, pyramids and more.

30. Infographics Are now BIG. In a world of information overload we need our data fast, easy, and in manageable chunks.

31. Infographics Are flashy and interesting, so they will help create “stickiness” on your websites.

32. Infographics Are visual representations of data, knowledge, concepts and information.

33. Infographics Are a great way to display information to kids in text books in a visual form.

34. Infographics Are one of the purest examples of graphic design that you’ll ever come across.

35. Infographics Are an easy and unique way to bring success to your business.

36. Infographics Are quite ancient; early humans, for example, made maps and other visual representations of their lives which can be seen today.

37. The core reason infographics are so versatile is based off their unique combination of amazing visuals with intriguing data.

38. The new breed of infographics are easy to consume, don’t require the time investment of a news article, and come nicely packaged in image format for easy distribution.

39. You’ll notice that infographics are very deliberate in how they use fonts. Generally, the best infographics are those that help people understand a complex set of data relevant to their industry.

40. Concepts – My favorite infographics are metaphors for ideas.

41. Group Infographics & Project Infographics are a popular form of web-based content.

42. From a marketing standpoint, infographics are a great way to spread brand awareness.

43. Sometimes Blogs are all text – making it difficult to share! Infographics are usually meant to be shared. They’re a great medium for linkbait, but too many times, marketers and bloggers make their infographics tough to share.

44. Infographics Are only usually successful if they provide content your audience is interested in and wants to share.

45. Whenever a person is unable to visit the scene of an event because of time pressure, licensing issues or safety problems, 3D Infographics are the most convenient tool to present relevant information in a moving image.

46. However, even before the reader begins reading the first paragraph, you can grab a reader’s attention with an attractive infographic.

47. Infographics Are visual explanations that allow you to easily communicate an idea, fact, or piece of content.

48. Real estate stats have the propensity to be rather boring. With that in mind I set out to find real estate information displayed in a graphically please way.

49. Infographics Are both informative and entertaining at the same time. While they have been around for awhile now,

50. I haven’t seen a collection of good real estate graphics in one post, something that happens in other industries quite frequently. So Info Graphics are great for that.


In 2013 and 2012, Infographs (AKA Data Visualization) or Infographics became one of the most interactive and “viral” forms of communication on the Internet! I have created one of the best Infographics on why you should use Infographics on your blog, press release, book, chart, or website in general.

As a note: World Class Media designs great Infographics and interactive blog posts daily for corporations and companies all over cyberspace –making everything from Maps and Tools to Templates for marketing – we also syndicate these posts to over 30 Social Media Networks at a time – thus creating a great many back-links. I hope you enjoyed this. Go ahead and share it!

Seminar: Fast 30 Minute Training on How To Get Maximum Traffic.

Seminar: How To Write a Web Page, Blog – Press Release or Essay for Maximum Traffic

It doesn’t matter if you have a WordPress Categories Blog or a Standard HTML website – this post will show you the right way to build a single web page – helping to create the foundation for your site & improve organic performance. This is a small seminar I gave to illustrate how to write a Blog, Press Release and Essay in order to achieve the maximum Traffic.

Step 0: Obviously the First step is to write GREAT CONTENT that people would want to share.

A web or blog page is just one drop of the water that comprises the ocean of websites out there. If your drop does not stand out – well – then it’s just another a drop. If you make each web page stand out – you can boost your entire site’s performance. Today Back-links and Social Media are more important than ever for improving your site’s organic performance – so we are going to talk about not just creating an ideal article – but also about creating an ideal page.

How to Blog – What is Link Bait?

How To Blog - Write for Maximum Traffic
How To Blog - Write for Maximum Traffic

Link bait (or linkbait) refers to anything interesting or newsworthy on a website that encourages links from other websites. This can include content – online tools – downloads or anything else that another site owner might find compelling enough to link to. Link bait is important because most search engines use backlinks as a major factor in determining ranking.

Okay enough of that: Let’s talk about how to make a link bait page – not just a link bait article:

1. Do some keyword research to find out what people are searching for:

(These keywords should be relevant to your website or product).

Tool Keyword
Keyword Tool by Google


You can use Google’s Keyword Tool

2. Create a catchy Headline (H1) and 2 header tags (H2 & H3). Keep your chosen keyword (s) at the front.

  • i.e. “Keyword Keywords – Five Vital Points You Need To Know”
  • Try and keep your headline under 150 characters.

“Unique is Better”- Try and make all of your Headers Unique.

Your Headline Should be the H1 on your Web Page (H1 is the most important Header Tag).

How To Create Link Bait
How To Create Link Bait


This “Linkbait Generator” can give you some ideas – but keep your Title relevant to your page content. Ideally – your H1 is unique on each page. Otherwise you may need to change your template.

H1 – H2 & H3 headers – & optimizing the Headers of Your page:

HTML Placement

Headers should be placed with-in the <body></body> of a document – and should precede relevant content segments.

HTML Format

<h1>Example H1 heading tag goes here</h1>
<p>Some content directly related to the H1 content</p>

<h2>Example H2 heading tag goes here</h2>
<p>Some content directly related to the H2 content</p>

<h3>Example H3 heading tag goes here</h3>
<p>Some content directly related to the H3 content</p>

3. Catchy Image (with a caption using the keywords you want to focus on)

Be sure to you fill in each of the image fields with basic information (add Alt – Title – Description & a Caption).

Link Bait Web Page
Link Bait Web Page

HTML Example: <img src=”“Link Bait Web Page” title=“Web Page How To” height=”110″ width=”110″>

4. (1st paragraph) Talk about how this article will benefit the user in a cheerful – happy tone.

5. (2nd paragraph) You really need to give them a reason to keep reading.

This is done next with “you need to stay tuned!” (or a mystery sandwich).

6. (3rd paragraph) In-Your-Face helpful tips and know-how that benefits the reader.

7. (4th Paragraph) Offer your help in every way possible.

How can you answer people’s questions if you don’t know how to reach them? Get their E-mail address. Offer your help – answer questions – pose questions & offer assistance whenever appropriate.

8. (5th Paragraph) It’s all about exchange – offer free stuff!

In this day & age people want & except free things. So give it to ‘em. Plus – what better way to get someone’s e-mail address than to offer something for free to get it?

9. Single call-to-action above the fold (near the top of the page)!

When you l& on the page what is the first thing that catches your eye? It should be a single Professional button or what you want them to do – or a single “Call To Action.” Make sure it is not spammy and something that you yourself would click on if you came to the page.

10. Video- Google Video and YouTube

YouTube is considered the second largest Search engine – with billions of visits and billions of searches by people all over the world. 
Additionally – Google has integrated Video into their Search results. So share a video in your page. Use YouTube to upload if you need to.

Bonus! Sharing on Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn and Google+

Social Media Marketing is more important than ever.

WordPress: I would recommend using a Plug-in like “GetSocial” which loads floating “share” buttons. If you are not using WordPress – Try using or – they make it very easy to share content on Social Networks.

See my other article on how to add floating buttons like this site: Floating Social Media Marketing Buttons

+ Charles Verhoeff

PANDA UPDATE – Is Google’s Panda Algorithm AKA “Google Chrome”?

Is Google Using Chrome As Their ‘Panda Algorithm’?

Think about it – Google has spent millions of dollars creating and regularly updating their own Browser: Google Chrome. And what do they get out of it?

Ah Ha! My point exactly. On numerous occasions Matt Cutts has said how smart the Google Bot is now – so is it actually Google Chrome? And is Panda a reflection of new insight gleaned from the statistics of Chrome?

We know that Google can now read JavaScript and Ajax:

Matt Cutts - Spider Now Reading JavaScript & Ajax
Matt Cutts - Google Reading Java Script & Ajax

Logically – Do you think they wouldn’t use statistics like “Time on Page” or “Time on Site” or “Bounce Rate” indicators to rank websites accurately.


  1. A supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.

Hypothesis: Google Panda is an algorithm gleaned from the fruits of their browser: Google Chrome. (I’ll show you why – keep reading)

Panda Update
Google Panda Algorithm AKA Farmer


Let’s face it – how could they tell some of these points that they lay out in this Webmaster Tools post without something like Google Chrome?:

“Our site quality algorithms are aimed at helping people find “high-quality” sites by reducing the rankings of low-quality content. The recent “Panda” change tackles the difficult task of algorithmically assessing website quality. Taking a step back, we wanted to explain some of the ideas and research that drive the development of our algorithms.

Below are some questions that one could use to assess the “quality” of a page or an article. These are the kinds of questions we ask ourselves as we write algorithms that attempt to assess site quality. Think of it as our take at encoding what we think our users want.

Of course, we aren’t disclosing the actual ranking signals used in our algorithms because we don’t want folks to game our search results; but if you want to step into Google’s mindset, the questions below provide some guidance on how we’ve been looking at the issue:

  • Would you trust the information presented in this article?
  • Is this article written by an expert or enthusiast who knows the topic well, or is it more shallow in nature?
  • Does the site have duplicate, overlapping, or redundant articles on the same or similar topics with slightly different keyword variations?
  • Would you be comfortable giving your credit card information to this site?
  • Does this article have spelling, stylistic, or factual errors?
  • Are the topics driven by genuine interests of readers of the site, or does the site generate content by attempting to guess what might rank well in search engines?
  • Does the article provide original content or information, original reporting, original research, or original analysis?
  • Does the page provide substantial value when compared to other pages in search results?
  • How much quality control is done on content?
  • Does the article describe both sides of a story?
  • Is the site a recognized authority on its topic?
  • Is the content mass-produced by or outsourced to a large number of creators, or spread across a large network of sites, so that individual pages or sites don’t get as much attention or care?
  • Was the article edited well, or does it appear sloppy or hastily produced?
  • For a health related query, would you trust information from this site?
  • Would you recognize this site as an authoritative source when mentioned by name?
  • Does this article provide a complete or comprehensive description of the topic?
  • Does this article contain insightful analysis or interesting information that is beyond obvious?
  • Is this the sort of page you’d want to bookmark, share with a friend, or recommend?
  • Does this article have an excessive amount of ads that distract from or interfere with the main content?
  • Would you expect to see this article in a printed magazine, encyclopedia or book?
  • Are the articles short, unsubstantial, or otherwise lacking in helpful specifics?
  • Are the pages produced with great care and attention to detail vs. less attention to detail?
  • Would users complain when they see pages from this site?

Writing an algorithm to assess page or site quality is a much harder task, but we hope the questions above give some insight into how we try to write algorithms that distinguish higher-quality sites from lower-quality sites.”

Panda Update – 3.3 – 3.4 – 3.5 … 4. – 5. – 6. – 7. -8. – 9. and 10!

With all the “Panda Increments” 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 – you would think that people would realize that “Panda ‘aint going away” – and perhaps that it is a regular algorithm that is run to verify website quality.

The best way to beat Panda is to focus not on Search Engines – But focus on the user: As illustrated in this Google Video:

Take it to heart – and focus on the user – not on the Search Engine



HTML 5 and Adobe Edge – Say Farewell to Flash?

Is Adobe’s new “Edge” a New Version of Flash?

In this article we take a fresh look at the new Adobe product in development called “Adobe Edge” – it sounds like a dream come true for Flash Developers – because it lets you design like flash and render in HTML 5. (Read on).

Apple must have some guidelines that say ‘Don’t use the F’ Word (“Flash”) with clients- or we will fine you 25 Cents.’ – Adobe gets it – so why not rename it to Edge?

HTML 5 - Adobe Edge - Flash
HTML 5 - Adobe Edge - Flash

It seems like an awesome PR move and a wise decision by Adobe…

Flash developers and SEO’s have been watching – wide eyed – as Adobe Flash is slowly sun-set by Javascript and JQuery sliders.

And if you are a developer like me you’ve been long awaiting a Flash version that can actually export to HTML 5!

With all of the rumors circling the block of Flash on iPhones and iPads – and the war between Flash and Steve Jobs. It seems Adobe is making a wise turn – releasing a new product called Adobe Edge.

The coolest thing about Adobe Edge – is that it exports in HTML 5 – a soon-to-be web standard – soon to be supported by all major browsers.

Is Adobe Flash at it’s end of the line?

What Adobe Is Saying About Edge:

Adobe announced the first public preview release of Adobe® Edge – a new HTML5 web motion & interaction design tool that allows web designers to bring animation – similar to that created in Flash® Professional – to websites using standards likes HTML – JavaScript and CSS. Because of rapid changes around HTML5 – the company is adopting an open development methodology for Adobe Edge & is releasing the software on the Adobe Labs site much earlier than normal in the development process – before it even reaches beta – in order to allow user feedback to help shape the final product.

“Now – with Adobe Edge – we’re taking our HTML5 tooling to a whole new level and look forward to getting some really useful feedback from the community over the next few months – as we refine the product.”

While in public preview – Adobe Edge will be a no-charge download that web designers are encouraged to explore and provide feedback on – to help shape future preview releases. To download the software.

Check out Adobe Labs for the latest versions.

Adobe Edge – first shown at Adobe MAX 2010 – is ideal for designers who want an efficient way to leverage Web standards like HTML to create Web content with motion and transitions. Adobe Edge is being designed as a fast and lightweight professional-grade tool that complements Adobe’s existing Web tools – such as Adobe Dreamweaver® CS5.5 – Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 & adobe Flash Builder® 4.5 software.

“Over the last year Adobe has delivered on several significant HTML5 milestones including contributions to jQuery – submitting code to WebKit – & enhanced HTML5 output in Creative Suite® 5.5,” said Paul Gubbay – vice president of Design and Web Engineering – Adobe. “Now – with Adobe Edge – we’re taking our HTML5 tooling to a whole new level and look forward to getting some really useful feedback from the community over the next few months – as we refine the product.”

The Adobe Edge preview works natively with HTML. It enables users to add motion to existing HTML documents without hampering design integrity of CSS-based layouts – & it also enables users to easily create visually rich content from scratch – using familiar drawing tools that produce HTML elements styled with CSS3. Users can import standard Web graphics assets such as SVG – PNG – JPG and GIF files and style them using CSS3. The design stage utilizes WebKit to enable design – preview and manipulation of content with incredible fidelity. The innovative timeline feature is both familiar for creative professionals and breaks new ground in animation productivity to enable users to define and customize motion applied to HTML elements with extreme precision. Content created with Edge is designed to work on modern browsers including those on Android – BlackBerry Playbook™ – iOS – HP webOS & other smartphone mobile devices as well as Firefox™ – Google Chrome™ – Safari™ & internet Explorer 9™.

This Adobe Edge public preview is available today on Adobe Labs as a no-charge download for anyone wanting to explore adding motion & animation to their HTML workflow or HTML animation to their skill set. Creative professionals are encouraged to dive into the public preview and provide their feedback at The Adobe Edge preview is expected to be updated regularly as new functionality is added.

This summer Adobe is sponsoring the Expressive Web Tour HTML5 Camps in cities that include San Francisco – Tokyo – New York City and London to continue providing further support to people interested in HTML5.

In addition – Adobe has launched a new online resource showcasing some of the newest and most expressive HTML5 and CSS3 features being added to the modern Web. The new site – which was released today in beta – was created using new HTML5 and CSS3 features.

About Adobe’s HTML5 Innovations

Adobe Edge is the latest development in the company’s HTML5 and Web standards strategy which also includes commitment to innovate open source platforms like Webkit – contributing to Web frameworks like jQuery & extending existing tools like Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash to bring the next generation of Web standards to Web designers and developers.

Pricing & availability

Adobe Edge is immediately available worldwide for Mac and Windows platforms via a free download on Adobe Labs – For more information including system requirements.

Confused About Search Engine Marketing?

Bad Day? Low Conversion? Every Second Is Another Chance To Turn It Around. In This Article I’ll Tell You How…

How to Turn Around a Bad Day
How to Turn Around a Bad Day

A confusion could be defined as any set of factors or circumstances which do not seem to have any immediate solution. More broadly – a confusion is random motion.

If you saw a great many pieces of paper whirling about a room they would look confused until you picked out one piece of paper to be the piece of paper by which everything else was in motion.

What are Data? Data = Pieces of Information or “datums”

Until one selects one datum – one factor – one particular in a confusion of particles – the confusion continues. The one thing selected and used becomes the stable-datum for the remainder.

Any body of knowledge – more particularly and exactly – is built from one piece of data. That is its “stable-datum”. Invalidate it and the entire body of knowledge falls apart. The selected datum does not have to be the correct one. It is simply the one that keeps things from being in a confusion and on which others are aligned.

What Are The Stable-Data Of SEO?

What are the pillars of SEO – or in other words what is good SEO built on? This video should answer that question…

Predictive Analytics – Any datum is better than no datum:

It is true that any stable datum is better than no stable datum – simply because it handles confusion. If you focus on the one point and fix that issue – then you focus on another less than ideal issue and fix that – soon you will have very few issues.

One Stable Datum that I use is “Force In The Ideal Scene”.

Consider what the ideal scene would be for your website. Then consider the existing scene – When you compare the existing Scene to an Ideal Scene – you can determine what needs to be fixed the most. This could be called the “Aha Moment”.

Focus Not on Visits – But Conversions

Visits without sales is nothing – unless you are an advertising agency getting paid for impressions. But then I would still say – focus on an Add that will actually convert to sales.

Another Stable datum I have in regards to websites – is not how to improve visits – but how to improve conversions.

Conversions are king… In my next article I will talk about this.

I hope this helps.



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