This week’s blog was written to help you to increase your productivity, boost your sales and maximize your business growth.

You see, when you pull back the curtains, almost all businesses are the same in that somebody has to generate a lead or a prospect.

The prospect somehow has to get into a sales event.

Somebody has to try and sell them something, and if they buy it, they’ve got to be developed and if they don’t, they’ve got to be chased.

But what most business owners miss out on are the concealed opportunities that could easily increase your productivity, boost your sales and maximize your business growth.

With that said…

How Can You Find Concealed Opportunities In Your Business?

Good question.

I’m glad you asked.

There are three secret ways (discovered by Dan Kennedy and based on his extensive research and project by project testing) that can help you find concealed opportunities in your business.


You need to use a system for frequently, constantly hunting for and identifying concealed opportunity.

You really need to build a regimen that you go through methodically; that you take your business and run it through.

PRO TIP: “Create a checklist for your business that you use repeatedly and methodically run everything through.”

You must revisit, which might be every quarter, it might be every year, it might be every day, depending upon how screwed up your thing is or how unsatisfied with it you are.

But you really need to build a regimen that you go through methodically; that you take your business and run it through the same meat grinder every so often looking for concealed opportunities.

So a lot of what you’re going to get can be assembled into that and then you really ought to think it through and have a way that you and/or your team periodically approach:

Question everything you’re doing.
Try and see what you’re not seeing.


You need a lot of focused input. By that, I mean input that is directly related to your business. For example, Dan Kennedy, reads trade journals in, give or take, 20, 25 categories. Not that he reads them all word for word and not that he reads them every month.

PRO TIP:You only need to read two or three journals that are in your particular industry to know what’s going on.”

People are surprised by stuff they should not be surprised by and they miss stuff they should not miss because it’s laid out right down in front of them in what Dan calls focused input, in the journal that is assembled for them about the particular industry or business or profession they’re in.

If you’re not even reading that… if you’re in Dan’s business and you’re not reading Ad Age, Target, DM News, Response, you’re really not in the game.

You don’t even know what’s going on. You need focused input.


You need some time where you go to places that are not directly related to your thing and poke around because, sometimes, that’s where you get it.

For example, a good day for Dan is:

Go to the bookstore
Go to the shopping mall; watch people
Get somebody to pitch me on some product
Go see what they’re selling in Bed, Bath and Beyond
Spend an hour at the Dollar Store

PRO TIP:Create a list of 3 to 5 places you could visit that are not directly related to your thing and start poking around.”

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