Top 5 Tips for Local SEO [Video]

As you can see from this info-graphic below from, the Local Search Ecosystem is very complex and often overwhelming. We know most people don’t have the time or the resources to fully optimize their local online presence, so today we wanted to share with you the top 5 things Read more…


Run Google Hotel Finder Ads [Video]

What is Google Hotelfinder and how can this platform improve your hotels’ business? Having an increased presence in Google’s new hotel search results not only improves visibility of your hotel property but it also helps to increase direct bookings. Watch the video below to learn more! Milestone’s Google Hotelfinder platform will Read more…


Magnetic Marketing Event Bonus Videos

Congratulations on registering for Dan Kennedy’s Upcoming FREE event where he’ll reveal “How To Create A Flood of New Customers, Create A Cash Flow Surge AND Magnetically Attract Prospects Who Want To Buy From You“ In case you got here by accident and aren’t registered simply go to now Read more…


Is This Media Really Dead?

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”—Mark Twain There’s a lot of B.S. out there about newsletters. The declaration by several bloggers that “Newsletters are Dead,” is not only a huge misguidance, but an expensive piece of advice to follow. Considering that 50%-70% of my private clients have Read more…


Digital Video Disc

Digital video disc or digital versatile disc abbreviated as DVD is one of the most popular optical disc storage media today. Its immediate predecessor VCD (Video cd) was a decent format for video data. Usually people prefer DVD to VCD because VCD has less storage capability (600-700MB) which limits the number of pixels and decibels a movie can burn in. A DVD can store a data of 1.36GB to 15.9GB.

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