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Planning Your 2018 Digital Marketing Budget

In our previous article we discussed how 2017 has been an exciting year for digital marketing with a focus on key trends impacting your online presence in 2018. The next step is to start planning your budget for the coming year. Businesses need to decide how much to spend on digital marketing, which channels to optimize, and where to make investments in new technology while keeping up with the budget allocated for the financial year.

Start Here

Most businesses don’t have an adequate budget to fully invest in all aspects of digital marketing. There is an ongoing struggle to optimize the spend between the practical reality of running a business and a wide array of marketing options. The ultimate goal is to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time. Utilizing the steps to achieve that goal will help you allocate your digital marketing budget most effectively.

Everything you do from a budgeting perspective must start with your business goals. At the very outset, you must decide what is most important:

  • Are you trying to drive more revenue?
  • Do you care mostly about customer acquisitions?
  • Do you wish to maintain or grow your brand?
  • Are you interested in building brand loyalists?

Depending on your goals, the strategy you implement and technology you deploy may differ.

Map goals to your tactics and results

Once your goals are decided you need to map these to tactics to accomplish those goals.

For example, if you want to drive more revenue, you could focus on:

  • Increasing the number of orders
  • Converting first time buyers into customers
  • Increasing the size of the order
  • Increase sales from existing customers
  • Decreasing customer churn ratio


If the goal is to drive build brand reputation and develop loyalists, then you might focus on:

  • Increasing social media engagement
  • Developing and distributing engaging content
  • Incentivizing customers to sharing or engage with your content


Once the tactics are set, identify the channels and customer touchpoints you are going to use to reach those goals. For example:

  • What search engines might be best to reach your audience?
  • What kind of display advertising do you need and which network might be most beneficial?
  • Which social networks are most relevant for your business?
  • Are there 3rd party channels such as online travel sites (OTA’s) and meta search engines that you should consider?
  • Which customer review channels are important for your business – Yelp, TripAdvisor, Citysearch, Google Places or others?


Finally, you should measure what you do across channels to help you optimize your spend and resources. A proliferation of multiple devices accompanied by the evolution of customer behavior has created new challenges in tracking and understanding the customer journey.

Businesses must understand the relative contribution of all marketing channels. Identify problems and opportunities in all stages via channel, medium and source and finally check what changes may be needed in the marketing spend. It is very important to map goals to channels and tactics to really drive home the impact of your digital marketing plan in the coming year.

Key Focus Areas for Your 2018 Digital Marketing Plan

Start with your website!

Once your goals and objectives are defined and supported by relevant strategies, KPI’s and channels, inventory your existing digital assets starting with your website. Then look at your content strategy and map it to your end users’ needs. To do that, consider the customer intent and personalize their experience. Users desire different types of content depending on where they are at in their journey.

For example, the content needs at the awareness stage are totally different for someone who might be at the conversion stage. At the awareness stage, the consumer might want to know more about what kind of activities are available at a destination, compared to someone at the conversion stage, who wants to know specific terms and conditions to close their transaction.

It’s also critical to know your audience. Who is your website target?

  • Are they predominantly male or female?
  • What age demographic does your target audience represent? Are they millennials, middle age or baby boomers
  • What interests do they have? Are they movie lovers, or perhaps they like shopping or maybe they like the outdoors. Understand the makeup of the audience you are trying to target.


Once you understand your audience demographics, you need to map that to personas. What does your typical consumer look like? What are their preferences? What are they seeking in their experience with your business? Are they adventurous or do they just want to relax?

Finally, align digital assets to your goals and targeted personas. Think about the stages of the customer journey – what kind of content does your targeted persona need to move through the customer journey to the goal?

It’s important to keep in mind that you might have to saturate all your available channels to serve your audience and different personas.

Make Sure Your Website Appeals to Your Targeted Personas

Refresh your website: If you haven’t refreshed your site in three years, we suggest you do so. If you have recently refreshed your website make sure that you have upgraded it with the latest technology and make sure that all content is up to date.

Content is still the king: Map your content to the customer and their journey and make sure that you have a content strategy that covers the spectrum of your customers journey.

Focus to deliver the best mobile experience: Make sure that you provide the best mobile experience for your users. Consider Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web App (PWA) technology to provide needed speed.

A secure website (https) is a must have for 2018. Not only is it becoming a ranking factor from Google, users feel more confidence when using secure websites.

Make sure that you have a budget to increase your website conversions and work on elements of your site that you need to optimize.

Use FAQ’s and Schemas to power your voice search: Be prepared for common user questions and make sure that they come to your site for answers rather than go to a competitor’s sites. Go beyond “business type” with rich schemas and schemas across your entire website.

Don’t forget speed: Make sure your website is as fast as possible, not only on mobile but also on desktop. Speed is critical for the entire spectrum of customer journey.

Lastly, all customers are important: Cater to 100% of your audience. Often businesses look at ADA conformance from the legal perspective, and forget about the opportunity to provide all of their customers a rewarding experience. With 20% of Americans having some form of a disability, ADA helps you cater to their needs as well.

Develop an Omnichannel Marketing Plan

Omni channel strategy begins with very strong and powerful SEO and Local presence. People need to find your information quickly and it must be 100% accurate all the time. That means SEO and Local search are critical to ensuring that customers and potential customers find you online and in real life.

Consider the components of SEO

Make sure that at the beginning of the year you have a technical digital analysis which covers your platform technology elements. What does your digital presence look like in comparison to your competitive set? Ensure your content is the latest and most accurate. For example, an incorrect address on Google maps means customers can’t find you and that means lost revenue. Make sure your information (URL, Name, Phone, Address) is accurate and consistent in the digital eco-system.

Social content strategy

Provide content to your customer based on the way that they look for information. Make sure the information is useful, relevant and shareable, whether it’s information regarding upcoming events, amenities at your hotel, or the latest photos from the pool party.

Digital advertising – be everywhere

From a digital advertising perspective, it’s critical to be everywhere all the time. One of the important aspects for planning your 2018 digital marketing strategy is that you be on all devices all the time. Whether it is meta search advertising, paid search advertising or programmatic or social media advertising, make sure that you reach your customers on all platforms with all the relevant content.

Map goal to media mix

By understanding your 2018 business goals, you are ensuring that the budget is not just about assigning some resources towards your digital assets but also understanding how it applies to your media mix. For example, if you care more about guest acquisition, allocate more spend towards the awareness stage. On the other hand, if you wish to drive direct revenue, focus more on the conversion stage. Thus, it’s very important to align your goal to media mix.

How much media budget is right?

It is different for every business. Ultimately, it comes down to understanding your business needs, what is the desired impact and who your target audience is and different market. It’s also important to monitor your competitors. What are they doing there and how does it impact your business?

Email Marketing

Use emails to personalize communication and drive engagement, special offers or services.

Measure, Optimize, Repeat

One of the most important tasks is to measure your efforts. If something isn’t working, change it. Then measure it again. And repeat. Successful digital marketing is not “set it and forget it.”

Analyze your marketing impact on the journey

If you are a Milestone customer then you would be able to utilize Milestone Insights to understand how the customer journey is being impacted by the advertising and marketing strategy that you have implemented. For example, you can look at your social media spend and consider new ways to optimize it. Or what about PPC? Should you be spending more or less on PPC? You could answer the question – how do I mix both of these channels to get a better ROI? Being able to analyze your ROI and determine what is working for your business is critical to optimizing your digital marketing budget in 2018. Whether you are doing it through Milestone or utilizing other tools, make sure you are paying attention to the right things.

So, what does your 2018 Digital Marketing budget look like?

  • Start with your website and ensure you are delivering a rich experience.
  • Invest in local search and SEO.
  • Invest in both social media advertising and social content marketing. Make sure that you take advantage of both combined.
  • Invest in digital media and PPC based on your goals. Broaden your reach with display advertising, remarketing or meta search advertising.
  • For retailers, think about Google Shopping and Amazon advertising as a great way to get your message in front of your audience.
  • Make sure you include at least one analytics tool.

Source: Paid Search

How you can magnetically attract your ideal customers, clients or patients at will…


In the words of Jerry Maguire “Show Me The Money!” and that’s exactly what we’re going to do in this week’s blog!

Screenshot 2017-09-19 12.39.38

If you want to have an unfair advantage over any and all competitors then keep reading…

You see, most business owners and entrepreneurs we meet don’t have an efficient, affordable, and revolutionary system working in their business to magnetically attract their ideal customers, clients, or patients.

Which is a shame, because they’re actually great at what they do!

And it’s only a matter of time before they struggle to pay rent!

In fact, according to research from Bureau of Labor Statistics, Business Employment Dynamics.

Roughly 20% of new businesses survive past their first year of operation. That was the case two decades ago and is still the case today.

However, around half of all businesses no longer exist after five years.

Only one-third make it past their 10th anniversary. These statistics have been remarkably consistent through the years.

I’m sure you don’t want to be apart of those stats!

And you want to ensure your business thrives.

So let’s get stuck in shall we?

One way to succeed is to build a database of potential customers.

To do that you need to have a system that collects information from your prospect.

For example, let’s take a really basic system of collecting the details of a customer that would be useful for future marketing efforts.

Imagine entering a coffee shop, when you buy a coffee, the barista offers you a delicious mouthwatering cake in return for filling out a simple card that asks for some details: Your Name, Email and Mobile number.

A very tempting offer isn’t it!

The reason why it’s important collecting this type of information is so the coffee shop owner could use ‘text and email marketing’ to keep in contact with you.

They could send you special offers, promotions and hopefully increase their lifetime customer value.

Let’s look at an online example…

Q: How many times have you visited a website and made a purchase on the spot?

OK let me ask you this another way…

Q: How many times have you visited websites and NOT entered your credit card details.

Most people would have visited more websites than made purchases. I’m sure you can relate.

Why is that?

In the coffee shop example, most people are already sold on buying coffee before they enter the shop… the buying decision has been made; it’s just a matter of where they want to spend money.

But, when the buying process is moved online, customer behavior changes…

You see, most people shop around online for the best prices, coupons and deals. Think price comparison websites, checking eBay, Amazon and more…

Now let’s see how much competition is online…

Imagine looking for a dentist in Chicago, a quick Google search will reveal 22,800,000 results.

Screenshot 2017-09-19 12.41.34

Let’s try a deeper search:

Screenshot 2017-09-19 12.42.13

Less hits, but still 390,000 results all screaming for attention!

So what was the point of showing you those Google searches and how does this relate to you?

Look, it doesn’t matter what ‘niche’ you’re in, or how customer focused you go…

There will always be competition.

Lot’s of it!

And if there isn’t any competition, chances are there isn’t a list of hungry buyers waiting to spend money with you!

So what can you do?

A good place to start and focus on is building your email list. This article will show you some great ideas to get you started.

Because if you don’t make the sale on your first, second or even on the third attempt, you can keep following up till your prospect is ready to buy from you.

There are hundreds of ways to GRAB attention and win new customers, clients and patients.

Would you like to find out how you can fast track your success?

Well, imagine having 213 examples and samples from actual, real life businesses, entrepreneurs and sales professionals that have been proven to attract ideal customers, clients or patients so YOU can magnetically attract your own…

Imagine how much time that would save you.

And imagine having Dan Kennedy’s marketing secrets by your side to help grow your business, multiply sales and boost your profits.

Well, you don’t need to imagine any of this because you can experience it for yourself.

Because If you want to forever end the drudgery of cold calling, cold prospecting and costly, unpredictable and wasteful advertising with a PROVEN system that Predictably Delivers Customers, Clients, and Patients All pre-determined to do business with you, then you must read this page!

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How To Cut The Fat And Waste From Your Advertising And Hold Every Dollar You Spend Accountable So You Can Get Reliable And Predictable Results


As an entrepreneur or small business owner, to thrive in this uncertain economy you need to keep your marketing interesting.

You need to be looking for ways to boost your response.

And you need to create better relationship with your clients, customers and patients.

That’s why I want to share two powerful tips to grow your business FAST!

How fast?

That’s completely up to you.

Pro Tip 1 – A Winning Parasite Relationship For Multiplying Sales & Boosting Profit

What’s the quickest way to reach your ideal customers, clients or patients?

A: The most powerful form of this is the endorsed mailing. You will get a great response from this, provided that the person or business that’s endorsing you has a great relationship with their customers.

See, you can achieve a great response from an endorsed mailing. Almost any deal that you agree with the person or business endorsing you is worth it.

And remember to make it really easy for them!

All they have to do is say, “YES.”

You need to avoid making rookie mistakes here.

So don’t make the person or businesses you choose to partner with do any work whatsoever. Make sure that you write all the copy including the ads, emails and sales letters etc.

Also make sure all of the inquiries or responses will come back to you, so that the person or business you’re partnering with isn’t handling any of your sales.

You’ll also want to make sure that your guarantee is solid and protects their customers.

Thus reducing any risk on their part and making them more likely to agree to partnering with you.

Example: Imagine you’re a tiler and you approach a bathroom company to partner with.

You could instantly add value to their customers without stealing them (This is important) and get paid too.

How could this opportunity work?

You could design, create and print a postcard for the bathroom company to give to their customers when they place an order for a new bath or shower.

This could be physical (in a show room at the cash register) or it could be mailed direct to their customer with their order receipt.

IMPORTANT: You must make your offer so irresistible they find it almost impossible to say no!

Think of it as your foot in the door without spending lots of money on advertising! You are gaining a customer that you could potentially upsell or get repeat work.

For example your postcard could lead with:

Screenshot 2017-09-14 13.08.27

Who Else Wants Their Bathroom To Have The ‘Show Home’ Look Without Spending An Arm And A Leg?

“50% Discount For ‘BUSINESS Y’ Customers” – Save $XYZ On Tiling Your New Bathroom!

Call Bill on 800-871-0147 to get your free personalized quote. SPECIAL BONUS: If you call before DATE – I’ll also include pro tile adhesive and mold resistant grout for FREE! Saving You Up To $xxx

Pro Tip 2 – How to boost sales instantly by entering the conversation that is already occurring in your prospect, customer or client’s mind.

Have you considered Holiday Promotions in your business?

Well you should because it can easily skyrocket the effectiveness of big money holidays such as:

Independence Day




And unusual holidays such as National Pistachio Day, National Siblings Day & National Ice Cream Day!

Using the specific holiday for your promotion is a great way to sell more of your products and services.

For example a dentist could use Halloween as a promotion.

“Even Vampires Have White Teeth!”


The promotion – 60% discount on teeth whitening if booked on Halloween!

If you want to forever end the drudgery of cold calling, cold prospecting and costly, unpredictable and wasteful advertising with a PROVEN system that Predictably Delivers:




All pre-determined to do business with you check out Dan Kennedy’s Magnetic Marketing

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Discover Dan Kennedy’s Secrets For Identifying Opportunities For Increasing Productivity, Boosting Sales, And Rapid Business Growth


This week’s blog was written to help you to increase your productivity, boost your sales and maximize your business growth.

You see, when you pull back the curtains, almost all businesses are the same in that somebody has to generate a lead or a prospect.

The prospect somehow has to get into a sales event.

Somebody has to try and sell them something, and if they buy it, they’ve got to be developed and if they don’t, they’ve got to be chased.

But what most business owners miss out on are the concealed opportunities that could easily increase your productivity, boost your sales and maximize your business growth.

With that said…

How Can You Find Concealed Opportunities In Your Business?

Good question.

I’m glad you asked.

There are three secret ways (discovered by Dan Kennedy and based on his extensive research and project by project testing) that can help you find concealed opportunities in your business.


You need to use a system for frequently, constantly hunting for and identifying concealed opportunity.

You really need to build a regimen that you go through methodically; that you take your business and run it through.

PRO TIP: “Create a checklist for your business that you use repeatedly and methodically run everything through.”

You must revisit, which might be every quarter, it might be every year, it might be every day, depending upon how screwed up your thing is or how unsatisfied with it you are.

But you really need to build a regimen that you go through methodically; that you take your business and run it through the same meat grinder every so often looking for concealed opportunities.

So a lot of what you’re going to get can be assembled into that and then you really ought to think it through and have a way that you and/or your team periodically approach:

Question everything you’re doing.
Try and see what you’re not seeing.


You need a lot of focused input. By that, I mean input that is directly related to your business. For example, Dan Kennedy, reads trade journals in, give or take, 20, 25 categories. Not that he reads them all word for word and not that he reads them every month.

PRO TIP:You only need to read two or three journals that are in your particular industry to know what’s going on.”

People are surprised by stuff they should not be surprised by and they miss stuff they should not miss because it’s laid out right down in front of them in what Dan calls focused input, in the journal that is assembled for them about the particular industry or business or profession they’re in.

If you’re not even reading that… if you’re in Dan’s business and you’re not reading Ad Age, Target, DM News, Response, you’re really not in the game.

You don’t even know what’s going on. You need focused input.


You need some time where you go to places that are not directly related to your thing and poke around because, sometimes, that’s where you get it.

For example, a good day for Dan is:

Go to the bookstore
Go to the shopping mall; watch people
Get somebody to pitch me on some product
Go see what they’re selling in Bed, Bath and Beyond
Spend an hour at the Dollar Store

PRO TIP:Create a list of 3 to 5 places you could visit that are not directly related to your thing and start poking around.”

Go here for even more ways to develop your business, multiply sales, and dominate your market.

Before you go make sure you check out ‘The Advanced Business Development Secrets Academy’ on this page where you’ll learn: seven keys to business development… the theory of business… how to solve the problem that can never be solved… 15 transformation strategies… how to not buy a business but get it’s customers and much, much more.

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Milestone Newsletter – August 31, 2017


A source for the most relevant stories regarding your digital marketing presence

Is Your Digital Marketing Budget Allocated Appropriately?

This has been an exciting year for digital marketing. Siri and Google alone are handling 452 billion voice searches per year and changes in consumer behavior are altering the nature of search… read more

Webinar: Digital Marketing Essentials for Your 2018 Budget

If you missed out on our latest webinar, or just want a chance to review (it’s pretty dense with budgeting info) you’re in luck! read more

Continue reading Milestone Newsletter – August 31, 2017

Is Your Digital Marketing Budget Allocated Appropriately?

Trends Impacting Your Online Presence in 2018

This has been an exciting year for digital marketing. Siri and Google alone are handling 452 billion voice searches per year and changes in consumer behavior are altering the nature of search. Mobile devices are leading the way and making search more personalized. Consumers are more engaged than ever thanks to seamless cross-device experiences and access to apps. The future of search is here; be it “Intelligent Assistants” (Siri, Alexa, OK Google or Cortana) guiding searchers with answers, the exponential growth of digital products or making the most of micro moments. Businesses have no choice but to keep up with the rapid pace of change. Is your business prepared to capitalize on the digital trends that will be most impactful in 2018?

Trend #1: Mobile is consumers “go to” device.

Mobile has become the primary device that consumers use to solve daily challenges: maps, calendars, email, planners, communication, payment gateways, apps, voice search. You name it and a mobile device is likely involved. In fact, 60% of searches now happen on mobile devices. In hospitality, 2017 saw 39% more “near me” searches than 2016 according to Google. In addition, comScore believes that by 2020 more than 50% of searches will be voice powered (that’s only 3 years away). Most of these searches will be done on mobile devices but we shouldn’t forget that a whole host of “headless” devices like watches and personal assistants will also contribute to the growth of voice search.

Users are leveraging mobile devices to solve their pain points. According to Google, 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find products, services, or experiences. These interactions are called Micro Moments. Google found that 84% consumers use search engines on their desktop or tablet and 88% use their smartphone to initiate an intent-driven micro moment.

Micro Moments can be divided into 4 major categories:

  • KNOW moments. Consumers are seeking answers to their questions, for example, “Does Hotel Nikko in San Francisco provide free shuttle service from the airport?”
  • GO moments. Users are looking for an address or location of a business.
  • DO moments. Users are looking for things to do near their current location such as restaurants, museums, theme parks and more.
  • BUY moments. Consumers are looking to make a purchase, either online or offline.

The impact of mobile is just not limited to user interaction. We are living in an era where mobile interactions are driving revenue and ROI across industries. Research suggests that 65% of smartphone users continue their shopping experience on a PC, 2% of first-time visitors complete a purchase and 50% of mobile visitors visit a physical store location within a day.

Trend #2: Multiple digital touch points for consumers.

The average consumer now owns 3.8 internet connected devices like mobile phones, personal assistants (Amazon Echo, Google Home), tablets, and PC’s. In some cases, consumers interact with their devices verbally and are not necessarily going to see content while getting answers to their problems. Digitimes estimates Amazon will ship about 10 million Echo devices by the end of 2017. These “limited” screen interactions and “headless” interactions that have no screen, will create a whole host of new marketing opportunities and problems in 2018.

According to comScore consumers are also likely to view the same piece of content at least 5 times, often on different devices at the same time, before they make a purchase decision. For businesses, this increases the complexity of presenting offers to consumers and expecting them to convert.

Trend #3: Consumers want relevant information quickly.

Speed of access to information remains incredibly important to the consumer. Despite all the advances in network technology and download speeds, consumers continue to demand faster access to information.

In fact, a web page that takes more than 3 seconds to load will lose more than 50% of visitors. This directly impacts conversion and revenue.

Alongside speed, consumers also want relevant content. Seventy five percent of consumers say that personally relevant content increases the likelihood of a purchase.

Finally, consumers trust third party reviews. They visit authoritative sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor to read the insights other consumers share about a product or a business which impact the purchase decision

Trend #4: Search is still King.

Search remains at the heart of the digital experience. Consumers go to devices to search for information and so long as consumers use a search engine, it will be important to keep optimizing for the search experience. Being present when the consumer searches will always remain important for business. Google remains at the top of the pack in the core search space but also drives significant traffic via image search, YouTube and Google Maps. Search is at the center of any experience today. Make sure to take that into consideration as you think about your 2018 digital strategy.

Now is the right time to start planning your 2018 digital strategy. While planning, it’s important to include the possible impact of the latest trends in your budget.

Key takeaways for your 2018 Digital Marketing Budget Plan:

  • Mobile is the “go-to” device. Optimizing for multiple devices and multiple touch points is critical.
  • Think Micro-moments: As consumers turn to mobile devices to solve a pain point (micro moments), brands can leverage these opportunities to deliver relevant content and solutions.
  • Voice assistants have arrived: Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant etc. are quickly becoming the way users seek out information.
  • Search is still King and users are looking for answers, not just links.
  • Speed, relevance, and trust matter the most to the mobile consumer.

Source: Paid Search

Your Rapid Results Info-Marketing: Business Building Blueprints


If you own a business you may have wondered whatever happened to the freedom, money, success, and prosperity you always desired — which is why you got in business in the first place…

…But instead it turned out being a 60-80 hour non-stop grind where you’re working all the time and always stressed out about where the next customer, client or patient is going to come from.

Barely being able to pay for basic expenses, always struggling to pay the bills, and coming to grips with the realization that you may have gone down the WRONG path.

The good news: In this week’s blog we’re going to show you how these problems can be solved.

And in true Dan Kennedy fashion, they can be solved fast!

How fast?

That’s completely up to you.

With that said, have you ever considered creating your own information product?

You see, Information marketing allows you to leverage your expertise to create a lucrative business where you can make money from a spare room with no employees or overhead.

Take Dan Kennedy for example, he’s already created hundreds of information products (take a look here) that have made him millions of dollars in extra revenue.

Yes, that’s right he also runs an info marketing business alongside his copywriting and consulting business.

Would you like to create your own 6,7 even 8 figure info marketing business on the side?

Of course you would right?

But if it was that easy to do everyone would be doing it, wouldn’t they?

The first step is getting started THE RIGHT WAY…

First, you must research your market and decide if what you want to sell actually has buyers waiting. If not move on!

If it has the potential of known buyers…

How could you reach out and get them to spend money with you?

How could you solve their problems?

One example is by creating a written report to attract potential customers to you. This will also help build your email list for follow up marketing purposes.

Let’s take the property niche for example…

You know from your research there’s is a huge market for property investing. There’s a huge market for newbies getting started.

The title of your report could be:

“The 3 Common Pitfalls Most Newbie Investors Make When Starting On The Property Ladder And How To Succeed”

Your report should focus on how a newbie would overcome those pitfalls based on your experience and expertise.

Or you could use something like this:

What Banks And Mortgage Brokers Don’t Want YOU to Know… “How to raise finance without using banks or mortgage brokers”

Your report should focus on the insider knowledge of raising finances at better interest rates and how they can do the same.

Make sure your report has a clear call to action at the end so the reader can reach out to you for more information, etc.

Also creating a report doesn’t have to cost you the earth.

Right now you can get a high quality cover from a graphic designer created for as little as $5 on

You can create your report in MS Word or Pages and save as a PDF document.

You could also outsource everything, if you want.

Your report could even be your first of many digital products.

Another example would be selling a digital recording.

For example you could interview a celebrity in your market and record the conversation (obviously you would need their consent).

In fact, imagine if you asked the known celebrity in your niche thought provoking questions that you know your market wanted to know.

For example, imagine in the Internet marketing niche if you could ask Frank Kern or Eben Pagan how they come up with their profitable ideas! Or how do they build their email lists, etc.

To make your recording you could use Audacity® – which is a free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing.

You can then sell your interview as a digital download.

You could also use this as a lead magnet for potential customers.

Another option would be to burn your recording to a CD or transfer to an USB stick… and mail it to your customers.

You can publish your content on demand so you don’t have to keep masses of stock and costly overheads.

By selling your digital products by mail you’ve just started to build your in-house direct mail list of known buyers!

Imagine if you also have a backend product to sell – you could even send your backend sales letter with the product.

There are so many ways to create products and make money.

The problem most people face is wasting time and money by focusing on the wrong products that won’t sell in a million years!

Like trying to sell weight loss to skinny people… or DVDs to bookworms who refuse to use any other media than books!

Now, if you want to prevent yourself from making the common pitfalls most “newbie” marketers make, and save TONS of time, money and headaches…

Checkout these blueprints–the exact-same blueprints that have liberated a great many people from poor incomes, from frustrating businesses or jobs, from fixed-in-stone work schedules, and from outright boredom–to lives of renewed vigor, control, certainty and fun!

PS – If you want to discover the secret to creating rock-solid information products in as little as 2 hours…even if you have never created a product in your life – this is how you forever banish “perfectionism” entirely!

PPS – If you want to learn the latest info-marketing secrets from Dan Kennedy in person and hang out with the profit boosting, sales multiplying avengers he’s assembled to help you prosper in 2017 and moving into 2018… this could be your opportunity to catapult your business into orbit – go here for all the details about The Info-Summit 17!

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How Can You Make The Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing Plan In 2018?

Measure, measure, measure.

Milestone Inc. recently published a new white paper – Maximize the Impact of Your Digital Marketing with Better Insights. Focused on ensuring a company’s digital marketing spend is applied effectively and correctly, the white paper tells business owners:

  • Why it’s critical to understand what your consumer is doing
  • Why you must understand how your consumer is finding you and completing transactions

“At the heart of digital marketing, we still have a fundamental concern,” said Walter Paliska, VP of Marketing for Milestone, “marketers struggle every day with understanding what’s working and what needs to be adjusted. Providing insights into solving that problem is the focus of this whitepaper,” continued Mr. Paliska.

Forrester Research has estimated that by 2021, businesses will spend nearly $120 Billion on digital marketing; including website, search, display advertising, online video, email marketing and more. In order to optimize spend and stay ahead of the competition, measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts has become a critical component of the modern marketer’s arsenal of tools.

The white paper is available here and can be downloaded for free.

For more information about Milestone Insights, visit Milestone at or call us at 408-492-9055.

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YOUTUBE AUTOPLAY in HD Embed Code iFrame – Make Videos Automatic!

YouTube AutoPlay HD – Embed Code for iFrames – How To Make Your Video Automatically Play


I’m Going To Show You How To Automatically Play Your YouTube, Yahoo and Bing Videos. Here’s the exact Code to Auto Start Videos and the Video AutoPlay Embed Codes: Including Google Video, Yahoo, Bing, MetaCafe, iFilm, MSN Video, Daily Motion, Break and Other Online Video Sites.

(New iframe Code + Old Flash Code)

Do me a favor and share this if you like it – and if you want help with your videos, don’t hesitate to call us up!

Note: Google may (or may not) penalize auto-play videos – so I would recommend watching your visitor stats to see if they are affected. If it lessons your bounce rate than it would obviously be a good thing…

Here’s an example (instructions below the video):

It’s fairly easy to do. Google updated their Embed-code to what is called “HTML 5” – this new code makes it a little more difficult to make Your Tube Videos to Autoplay. But I’ll show you how here:

YouTube Autoplay Iframe Code – How to Make Your Tube Video Automatically Play:

First – you have to copy the code to your website, looks like this:

<iframe src=”″ frameborder=”0″ width=”560″ height=”315″></iframe>

To make your youtube iframe autoplay:

The next part is simple:
Just add:


to the end of the You Tube URL – like this:

<iframe src=”;autoplay=1” frameborder=”0″ width=”560″ height=”315″></iframe>


Make A You Tube Video Automatically Play

Here is the old version:

This is the old code: press embed then check “use old code”. for example : <object width=”560″ height=”315″><param name=”movie” value=”;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0″></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”560″ height=”315″ allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true”></embed></object>

Youtube Autoplay Embed Code

Youtube Autoplay Embed Code

Where it says “&hl=en_US” in both urls in the code replace that with “&autoplay=1” dont forget to erase the amp…etc. then replace it with “&autoplay=1″ in both URLs – like this:

<object width=”560″ height=”315″><param name=”movie” value=”;rel=0″></param><param name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”></param><param name=”allowscriptaccess” value=”always”></param><embed src=”;rel=0″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”560″ height=”315″ allowscriptaccess=”always” allowfullscreen=”true”></embed></object>

Summary – Video AutoPlay Embed Codes: Including Google Video, Yahoo, Bing, MetaCafe, iFilm, MSN Video, Daily Motion, Break and Other Movies

How to Auto Play or (Automatically Start) YouTube Videos

Add &autoplay=1 to the src url in the Embed Code

<embed src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash”
wmode=”transparent” width=”425″ height=”350″>

How-to Auto Play or (Automatically Start) Google Videos

Just like YouTube, simply add &autoplay=1 to the src URL in the embed code.

<embed style=”width:400px; height:326px;” id=”VideoPlayback” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash”

How-to Auto Play or (Automatically Start) Metacafe Videos

Add a flashVars attribute with a value of “playerVars=autoPlay=yes” to the Embed Code.
<embed src=”
fplayer/469657/funny_man.swf” width=”400″ height=”345″
flashVars=“playerVars=autoPlay=yes” wmode=”transparent” pluginspage=””

How to Auto-Play or (Automatically Start) IFilm Videos

Add &ip=true to the value of the flashVars attribute in the Embed Code.

<embed width=”448″ height=”365″ src=”” quality=”high”
bgcolor=”000000″ name=”efp” align=”middle” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash”
pluginspage=”” flashvars=”flvbaseclip=2772721&ip=true”>

How to Automatically Play or (Automatically Start) MSN Soapbox Videos

Add a value of ap=true to the flashVars attribute in the Embed Code.

<embed src=””
quality=”high” width=”412″ height=”362″ wmode=”transparent”
type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” pluginspage=””

How-to Auto Play or (Automatically Start) Daily Motion Videos

Add a flashVars attribute with a value of “autoStart=1″ to the Embed Code.
<embed src=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash”
width=”425″ height=”334″ allowfullscreen=”true” flashVars=”autoStart=1“>

How-to Auto Play or (Automatically Start) Myspace Videos

Add &a=1 to the flashVars attribute in the Embed Code.
<embed src=”” flashvars=”m=2014480286&type=video&a=1” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”430″ height=”346″>

How-to Auto Play or (Automatically Start) Break Videos

Add &autoplay=1 to the src url in the Embed Code
<embed src=”
type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”425″ height=”350″>


I like to keep these up-to-date so if you have any trouble with these let me know.

Although this took a bit of work – all I ask is that you share it with others.

And if you are aware of any other major video sharing sites that allow auto-play code, let me know.

Youtube Info-graphic 2014

You Tube Paid Marketing Info-Graphic.

Infographic Courtesy of – See Embed Code Below:



Download this infographic.

Embed Our Infographic On Your Site!


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Video: Digital Marketing Essentials for Your 2018 Budget

If you missed out on our latest webinar, or just want a chance to review (it’s pretty dense with budgeting info) you’re in luck! You can watch the video by simply entering your name and email in the box below.

Some of the broad strokes of what we cover:

  • Staying ahead of consumer behavior and what’s driving change
  • Thriving in 2018 with the best digital marketing tactics
  • Earmarking the most impactful technology investments

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Discover 43 Advertising Tactics You Can “Legally Steal” To Easily Create Powerful Sales Messages That’ll Make Your Prospects Buy Now


In a recent email we sent called: The Tale of Two Coaches there was a marketing lesson embedded in the copy.

Did you spot it?

In case you missed out here’s the opening…

“One beautiful summer afternoon in Cleveland, Ohio, 27 years ago, two men attended a seminar looking to build their coaching businesses…

They were very much alike, these two men. Both wanted to make a difference in the coaching industry, both were friendly and people focused, and both had big dreams for their future coaching practice.

They vowed to stay in touch, but as the years rolled by they gradually lost contact, that was until recently when they ran into each other at the Info Summit.

They were still very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had children. And unlike many who attended the same Info Summit, both had started their own coaching practice AND were still in business, despite the ups and downs of the economy.

Both also had excellent reputations for being great businessmen.

But there was a striking difference…

One of the men worked in his business 40-50 hours a week, and made a modest income for his family. (Around $70k pa) The other spent more time with his family than he did working, and enjoyed a 7-figure coaching and consulting practice.

What Made The Difference?

So why did we use the story lead?

Why didn’t we write about the features and benefits of what we were selling?

Because we live in an overcrowded market where copy TEMPLATES are now the norm!

You have to be different if you want to be noticed.

And you have to do something different if you want to make sales.

Which means, you must look for ‘brilliant Ideas’ in your marketing… because this is the ONLY way to make your copy stand head and shoulders above your competitors and most importantly… convert like crazy.

The Tale of Two Coaches was modeled on the Wall Street Journal sales letter!



Because we we’re able to model the ‘BIG IDEA’ and adapt it for our market in minutes…

Can you imagine how much time you could save using this method?

How many promotions could you create?

Dan Kennedy is a master of this process.

And in this week’s blog we’re going to show you his secrets to finding BIG IDEAS and how to create practically any marketing message in any media to get more people to say “Yes” to working with you—or buying your product.



1. The “Buy It Now Before It’s Too Late” Idea – There’s nothing like firing the fear of apocalyptic advertising into buyers like there’s no tomorrow. Because literally… THERE IS NO TOMORROW.

Send your buyers into a frenzied rush as they’ll fight to the bitter end to snatch up your “limited” one time offer.

Or even use the oldie, but goldie: ‘buy it now… before prices increase!’ People hate to miss out on something. So you’ll be really playing right into their psyche by using this well regarded school of thought.

2. “The Created Problem” Idea – Now this is good one if you like to get creative… and you love stirring things up.

You see, in advertising, wherever there is a problem – there’s gonna have to be a price-tag on the solution.

And if you can create the solution to a BIG problem, people will flock like sheep to purchase your goods.

Now when I say you’ve got to find solutions to BIG problems, I’m not referring to World Hunger or any kind of Financial or Economic crisis. Those I’m afraid are to be solved for another day.

The problems that you need to solve are all those ‘annoying’, ‘peevish’ or unimportant problems that we face daily.

So before somebody told you that you needed to get just one cup of coffee at a time,
everybody was perfectly content making a Mr. Coffee pot of coffee. Most people
drink three, by the way, at a time, so the Mr. Coffee pot was actually about right.

Now you’ve got to make three cups with three Keurigs.

By the way, all of you people that sort your trash and have five different trash cans and all that stuff, may I point out to you, you’ve gone from throwing away one bag of coffee to throwing away 5,622 little plastic cups a year, which are not biodegradable.

So 1000 years from now, when climate change finally does kill everybody, it’ll be because of your damn Keurig little machine things, and mine too.

So now hot issue topics like “Climate Change” get to form part of the problem. Which are usually the main vehicles of persuasion when you’re trying to convince someone of a problem that might not yet even exist in your buyer’s mind.

It’s pretty much another advertisement fear tactic, but you get to reap the biggest reward by offering your shiny new product or service as THE solution.

And boy, do people beg for solutions to their non-existent problems that you’ve creatively escalated by comparing to a World Crisis!

That’s money straight in your pocket AND you get to win the hearts of the people.

You absolute advertising hero.

3. “School of Curiosity” FINALLY an idea of thought without inflicting fear tactics on your audience – or is it?

Well, they do say that Curiosity killed the cat. So maybe there still is an element of danger with this one. And good use of this school of thought should really get your buyer’s hearts thudding and eye-balls popping.

See if you can arouse people’s curiosity, then they will definitely be paying attention to your advertising. People are pretty odd when it comes down to working out what really makes them tick.

We love to be thrilled. We love to be shocked. And we love being gripped by fear as we pace our way through any sort of electrifying literature.

So if you can set the pace for people in your ads… then you’re onto a real winner!

So yeah, get deep with your audience. Slice right into the human psyche.

Because it’s our deepest FEARS that elicit action. And if you want successful ad copy, then you’re going to need to dig real deep into your market to find out EXACTLY what makes them tick.

Find out exactly what puts the fear of the lord and above inside of them so that you can set a deep-seated desire into all of your buyers and prospects…

However, if you don’t have time to waste figuring out your Market’s Fears and you want to FAST track the process and have more ammunition so you can create killer ad after killer ad using time-tested and PROVEN copy angles that there is no way you could ever think of all by yourself – Check out Dan Kennedy’s 43 Advertising Tactics You Can “Legally Steal” To Easily Create Powerful Sales Messages That’ll Make Your Prospects Buy Now

P.S. – If you want to learn the latest profit boosting, sales multiplying secrets this could be your last opportunity to save money on a ticket for the Info Summit 17… This is important because in 2017, and as we move closer to 2018, only entrepreneurs and info-marketers who employ the most cutting-edge sales and marketing tactics will make the grade. EIGHT out of TEN info-businesses fail in their first year, and of those that stay afloat, many struggle to make a profit. Click here for all the details!

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Three Secrets to 10X Your Productivity – Webcast Episode #2

What I’ve got for you? In Today’s FREE TRAINING I’ll show you how to 10X productivity for you and your staff.

Did you know the average person wastes 759 hours per year, just at the office?

I think it’s much higher at home. I’ll show you how to 10X your ROI or ROT – Return on Time.

What it will do for you? I Specialize in Automation & Building Systems to Increase Value.


How would you like me to help you double, triple or sometimes 7X your company valuation with your team? I specialize in building Custom Automation – setting up automatic sales, phone, text and email CRM sequences to improve monthly recurring revenue and referrals (resume attached).

I’d love to help you and your team (create automatic referrals and word of mouth). Here’s what I bring to the table:

Who am I? I’ve helped build sites with over 12 mil visits per month – 10Xed Traffic & Clicks …

  • 10Xed PIMCO’s Digital Marketing Results and Saved them millions
  • I’ve helped build sites to over 12 million visits / mo (Lead Architect Search Agency)
  • Helped build traffic and revenue multiple fortune 500 sites (under NDA) like PIMCO
  • Managed Digital Marketing Budgets of 1.5 mil per year
  • Tested thousands of ads on Google, Bing and Facebook & You Tube
  • Video Live Streaming – DSLR Cameras (Pro Video) – Greenscreen & Video walls
    (like Grant Cardone & Frank Kern)
  • Podcasting – Videocasting – Custom Funnels, Ads, Landing Pages – Split Tests
  • 5 Years of Infusionsoft use – Memberium – built courses up to 200K MRR per month
  • Set up Amazon SES email (saves Thousands Weekly Million+ Emails Per Week)
  • Developer with Front End / Photoshop – UI and UX Experience
  • Helped build International sections of sites 6 million pages (Go Global!)

What to do next: Apply to to work with me I’ll show you what I can do for free before you pay me a dime.

Click Here to Apply

Charles Verhoeff

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The Selling Secrets Your Competitors Will NEVER Know And Won’t Discover In Today’s Out-Dated Sales Books


Important message from Dan Kennedy: “While most sales professionals are knocking on doors and cold calling, I have prospects pay me up to $19,000 to come to ME for consulting days in my home office in Cleveland, Ohio.”

In this week’s blog we’re going to show you how to sell at substantially, even SHOCKINGLY higher prices than your competitors…yet immunizing your customers, clients, and patients against sticker shock.

This is a powerful strategy for price presentation that prepares the client to accept a price he would likely find outrageous without this “warm up”.

Experts like Ramit Sethi have already mastered the sales process and are HAPPILY reaping the financial rewards. This article reveals some sales closing tips from Ramit.

Moving on… I want to introduce you to a system that will allow you to engineer the natural and automatic sale without using barbaric “brute-force” old school tactics your prospects are immune to and recognize immediately.

In fact, in true, renegade entrepreneurial fashion… Dan Kennedy says: “This blog might tick off a lot of my “guru” counterparts in the sales and marketing industry, but you know what? I don’t care.”

That’s one of the many reasons why we love DAN at GKIC!

You see, what you’re about to learn has nothing to do with “smarts” or talent. It just has to do with learning a specific set of skills you can easily implement.

It starts by learning the sales tactics that separates the top 10% of income earners in ANY field (heck, even the top 1%)…from the bottom 90% of entrepreneurs—or what we at GKIC call the “mediocre majority”…

One of these secrets is the “Three Tipping Points”…where your potential client, customer, and patient is immediately moved to trust you and accept your advice and recommendations at the drop of a hat.

And another one is a single, incredibly, irrationally powerful “status-lift” you can use to instantly “be taller” in your market—more important, more trustworthy, more expert, and more influential in the eyes of your prospects, clients, and patients.

Seriously, you could triple your income with just these 2 weapons…that is if you just take action on them.

These weapons have allowed Dan to earn a solid $2 million dollars per year copywriting for clients.

Can you see how powerful this system is?

Selling can be a pleasant experience that’ll make you wake up in the morning looking forward to going to work.

And it all starts with the Sales Mastery Unleashed Home Study Course.

This course will show you:

• How to sell at substantially, even SHOCKINGLY higher prices than your competitors…yet immunizing your customers, clients, and patients against sticker shock. This is a powerful strategy for price presentation that prepares the client to accept a price he would likely find outrageous without this “warm up”.

The 2 fastest paths to getting the other person to immediately confide in you and TRUST you. The more you immediately earn rapport, the closer you’ll have a sale.

• The 1 secret tactic that’ll allow you to sell more. The best part? It doesn’t require you to do any work. Just ask your prospect this simple question and they’ll take it from there.

The easiest way to get in the mind of your target prospect. Nope, there’s nothing manipulative or “shady” about this. Its just good detective work so you can discover ways to sell to them effortlessly.

• The 4 pillars of choosing prospects to work with that’ll make your life a lot easier. This will automatically weed out the “looky-loos” who will simply waste your time.

How to choreograph the perfect sale before you say a single word to the prospect. This is applicable whether you sell online, face-to-face, or in groups. This takes the pressure off the face-to-face sales presentation and shifts the power to YOU.

• How to avoid the three giant mistakes too many salespeople make with ‘price’. Most salespeople under price, negotiate away profit, tremble in fear over price, and lose sales because of “price”.

The keys to using “ethical manipulation” to boost sales. This powerful tactic is a secret you have to promise to use for the forces of good—not evil.

• The REAL reason why your customer makes a price decision. If your customer shops prices, questions price, compares you to lesser-priced options, then there is a reason…within YOUR control.

Click Here And Discover The Secrets Your Competitors Will NEVER Know And You Won’t Discover In Today’s Out-Dated Sales Books!

P.S. – One more thing and it’s IMPORTANT: If you want to learn the latest profit boosting, sales multiplying secrets from Dan in person this could be your last opportunity to save money on a ticket for the Info Summit 17… why should you care? Good question… Well, Dan’s promised to reveal his most profitable Information marketing secrets and this highly lucrative business model that’s helped hundreds – possibly thousands – of entrepreneurs replicate it. It’s the promised land of ultimate business liberation that enables you to break the “work-money link.”

Which means, if you are stuck trading hours for dollars, you’ll always have a cap on what you can earn… not anymore Click here to change your financial future and grab your ticket before they vanish!

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How to Find GOOGLE MAPS CLASSIC MODE SECRET URL’s -View Old Version, Classic, 3D & Lite!

You may want to bookmark this page in case you need to look at the different versions on Google Maps – I’ll show you the direct URL’s to view Google Maps in different ways.

Let’s say you want to view the old version of Google Maps (Google Maps Classic) to grab any of the cool features they used to have.

If you are doing SEO you may want to read my other post on Google+ Places and Google Maps SEO

But I thought you might like to know how to view Google maps in different ways like 3D, lite or the old Classic Version. And I’ve outlined some URL’s for you:

This is what Google Says:

“We’ve seen that several of you are experiencing switching between the full version of the new Google Maps and Lite mode. Depending on your system, Google Maps may automatically switch to Lite mode. If you’d like to manually switch to a specific mode, you can try opening the following URLs on your browser.

Based on your computer speed, Google may switch automatically. But bookmark this page if you want to see Google Maps in different versions.

“If you meet all the system requirements and are still experiencing issues accessing the full 3D version, try restarting your browser. If that doesn’t do the trick, submit feedback by clicking the question mark in the bottom right corner of the map. Please include your GPU information (if on Chrome, enter “about:gpu” into the address bar) and “#gpu1” in your feedback report. If you’re comfortable sharing your GPU information here, please include.

  • Browser and version
  • Operating System and version
  • GPU information (If on Chrome, enter “about:gpu” into the address bar)
We will not be able to reply to everything, but the information you provide will help us fix issues on a larger scale.
Google Maps Community Manager”

What Was Cool About The Old Google Maps?

Just so you know, some of these features disappeared with the recent Google Maps update. We really hope Google brings them back!

Google Maps is pretty useful for getting driving directions, but did you know all the other things you could do with it? Here’s a few of those nifty tips and tricks hidden in Google Maps.

Get Walking and Public Transit Directions
Not only can you get driving directions to and from a location, you can get walking directions, too. You can also get public transportation directions in select areas.
If this is available in your area, you will see a drop-down list of choices underneath the location and destination field. Select car, walking, or public transport, and the directions are customized for you.

Alternate Driving Directions by Dragging
Do you know you need to avoid a construction zone or toll area, or do you want to take a longer route in order to see something along the way? Change your route by dragging the path around. You don’t want too much of a heavy hand when you do this, but it’s a very handy feature.

Embed Maps on Your Website or Blog
If you click on the link text on the upper right-hand side of a Google Map, it will give you the URL to use as a link to your map. Just below that, it gives you the code you can use to embed a map in any Web page that accepts embed tags. (Basically, if you can embed a YouTube video on that page, you can embed a map.) Just copy and paste that code, and you’ve got a nice, professional looking map on your page or blog.

View Mashups
Google Maps allows programmers to hook into Google Maps and combine it with other data sources. This means you can see some interesting and unusual maps.
Gawker took advantage of this to make the somewhat creepy Gawker Stalker. This map gets real-time reports of celebrity sightings and shows the location on Google Maps. A science fiction twist to this idea is the Doctor Who Locations map that shows areas where the BBC television series is filmed.
Another map shows where US zip code boundaries are, or you can find out what the effects of a nuclear blast would be.

Create Your Own Maps
You can make your own map. You don’t need programming expertise to do it. You can add flags, shapes and other objects, and publish your map publicly or share it only with friends. Are you hosting a birthday party in the park? Why not make sure your guests can really find how to get to the right picnic shelter.

Edit Locations in Google Maps
Is your house in the wrong spot on the map? Do you know that the entrance to the store is on the other side of the block? Did the record store move? You can edit it. You can’t edit every location, and you can’t move things too far from their original location. Your edits will display your profile name to avoid abuse.

Get a Map of Traffic Conditions
Depending on your city, you can view traffic conditions when you look at Google Maps. Combine that with the ability to create an alternate route, and you can navigate the toughest traffic jam. Just don’t try doing this while you’re driving.

See Your Location on a Map From Your Phone – Even Without GPS
That’s right, Google Maps for Mobile can tell you approximately where you are from your phone, even if you don’t have GPS. Google put together a video that explains how this works. You do need a phone with a data plan to access Google Maps for Mobile, but it’s a nice perk to having one.

Street View
Street view shows you images that were captured from a special camera (shown here) attached to a black VW Beetle. Google has gotten into some trouble for this feature by people who think of it as a stalker tool or an invasion of privacy, but it’s intended as a way to find your address and know what your destination will look like. Google responded to privacy concerns by implementing technology designed to blur faces and license plate numbers from the captured images.

Share Your Location With Your Friends
Google introduced a Maps feature called Latitude that lets you share your location with select friends. You can update your location manually or automatically, and you can use Latitude on phones or standard computers.
It may seem a bit creepy to enable location sharing, but you can turn the service on or off as you desire. It’s saved me calls from my husband to ask if I’m coming home at my usual time. He can just use Latitude to see if I’m at work or on the bus.


Can you think of any other cool features on that are now missing on the new Google Maps and Google + for Business?

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Upcoming Webinar: Digital Marketing Essentials for your 2018 Budget – 8/17

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is putting together their 2018 budgets and carefully weighing priorities and possibilities. To be sure you don’t overlook anything critical, please join us Thursday, August 17 at 10:30 am (PDT) for our new webinar: Digital Marketing Essentials for Your 2018 Budget

  • Stay ahead of consumer behavior and see what’s driving change
  • Thrive in 2018 with the best digital marketing tactics
  • Earmark the most impactful technology investments
Webinar Registration

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You Could Earn $100,000 To $1,000,000 A Year As A Coach Or Consultant


Being able to help someone achieve something spectacular… now that’s a feeling.

It’s a catching feeling too. Influencing people spreads like wildfire. And in this article, it explains why the ‘coaching’ phenomenon is rippling through the workplace at an unstoppable rate.

Have you ever considered becoming a coach?

What about a consultant?

Think about it.

The best athletes in the world have a coach to help boost their performance… for example:

• Floyd Mayweather – Record: 49 – 0 and the richest boxer in history! Has a coach!

• Serena Williams – five-time winner of the WTA Tour Championships in the singles division. Serena has also won four Olympic gold medals. Has a coach!

• Michael Phelps – former competitive swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 28 medals. Has a coach!

• And more..

Even the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners have coaches and advisors to help them grow their businesses. For example…

• Bill Gates – Net worth: 89.8 Billion USD (2017) – Forbes

• Jeff Bezos – Net worth: 86.7 billion USD (2017) – Forbes

• Elon Musk – Net worth: 15.9 billion USD (2017) – Forbes

And more…

Can you see a pattern?

Now you may be wondering… why would a successful business owner hire coaches and consultants when they’re on top of their game?

Because even when you’re the best you need someone to help you stay there and to help you get even better.

Here’s a proven way to become a highly paid coach in your niche!

Let’s move on shall we…

Enter the profitable world of CONSULTING

Can you make money from being a consultant?

Of course you can.

Is there a demand for consulting?

Great question.

Well, in the USA over 300 million businesses ALL need consultants and good advisors.

The UK has five million businesses that need your help – and this will expand during BREXIT!

Think about that for a second.

How many businesses are in the town or city where you live right now?

Because every single one spends money on consultants and advisors!

But, if you picked up the phone and started conversations about…

• Internet marketing


• Squeeze pages


• FB Ads

CPA, CPC and more

You would have most business owners scratching their head, perhaps confused, and less likely to hire your services.

But those in the know are quietly banking a small fortune for running a profitable coaching and consulting business.

Dan Kennedy for example, earns millions of dollars per year from his consulting services!

There are many more ‘known names’ banking life-changing fortunes from coaching and consulting:

• Frank Kern

Eban Pagan

Ramit Sethi

To name but a few…

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a GURU or a known name (yes it helps) but as an info-marketer there are plenty of ways you can apply your skills to coaching and consulting.

You just need to know where to find clients and how to ask them for the money!

Think about this… any of your successful online and offline marketing projects, experiences and results can be transferred to most bricks and mortar businesses.

For example… you could easily consult with a dentist, chiropractor or therapist about various methods for bringing in new patients every week.


And following the right steps you could easily start landing paying coaching or consulting clients FAST.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

If you want to fast track your success as a coach or consultant, increase your skills, learn the systems to get clients and start earning the money you deserve while adding another revenue stream to your business then you need to check out the GKIC consulting and coaching bootcamp!

Following the advice and proven strategies you could earn $100,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 a year as a coach or consultant when Dan Kennedy pulls back the curtain and shows you exactly how it’s done.

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The Importance Of Copywriting And Crafting Messages That Resonate With Your Target Market


When it comes to crafting messages that resonate with your target market. You need to stack the deck in your favor. The best way (backed by extensive testing) is to carry out research.

More specifically, researching your customers.

This step takes time, energy and focus.

If you could dissect a winning marketing promotion, or spend time with marketing greats like Dan Kennedy, you would understand the importance of researching your customer.

Imagine you are selling a $1,997 product.

Now imagine you’ve just written the best sales letter… it follows the normal structure of writing a winning sales message.

You think the headline rocks.

And NO response!

Why is that?

A few reasons:

1. They don’t believe what you say is true for them.

2. Your offer is way off mark.

Imagine if you got the world’s best living copywriter to run your promotion?

You start to make sales!

So what made the difference?


Any respected copywriter with many home runs under their belt will swear under oath research is the most important part of any sales message.

Think of yourself like Detective Columbo when you approach any sales message.


The 8 step Columbo guide to researching your customers – get a pen and notebook ready…

  1. Find out where your customers hangout.

Which social media platforms do they engage? You should join them. Study them. And see the feedback. This can arm you with some great insights into objections and fears your customer has.

For example, if you read a blog on weight loss, hiding in the comments could be a busy mom of four children complaining about having no time to go to the gym.

Now imagine if your sales message addressed her specific problem; and imagine if your solution was a ‘Workout At Home Program For Busy Moms’. Do you think you would have her attention?

2. Do your prospects read newspapers and magazines? If so, start digesting them.

3. Read any reviews about anything (for example; in a newspaper you may discover articles with plenty of questions and answers, or magazines may have a dear Jane section – read it!)

4. Buy data – more specifically, you can now rent mailing lists with relevant data for just about any niche in any town. For example, known buyers in the last 30 days of a similar product or service to yours. Better still, you can rent lists based on gender, age and interests etc.

5. Investigate where they live, it’s good to have an idea of your customer’s lifestyle. Why is this important? It’s no good trying to sell affluent products to poor people.

6. Create your ‘Columbo’ customer profile (Gender/Age/Address/Likes etc.)

7. Step into your customer’s mind for the day. Try and act out their typical day.

8. Try and think like your customers do. Try and discover the problems that keep them awake at night.

Now you have your customer’s profile.

You can begin to write about your product in a way your customer will relate.

This is one of the most important steps. You want to win trust as soon as they lay eyes on your sales message.

Here’s an example of an Ad written by John Carlton. Notice how the lead, headline and subhead are loaded with facts and information targeted to the prospect reading it.

It’s not a typical “How To Master Your Swing And Out Drive Your Competition Every Time You Tee Off!”



Another famous ad by John was the “One-Legged Golfer”…


When John was interviewing the expert who casually mentions he developed his amazing new swing after watching a one-legged golfer bounce up to the tee and launch one of the longest, straightest and most impressive drives he’d ever seen.

John says: “It took me nearly an hour to pull this little factoid out of the expert — to him, the story was old news, and who cared about one-legged golfers, anyway?

I knew I had the greatest hook in golf the second I heard the tale.

The key, again, is to have a legitimate payoff in the ad when you use sensational headlines. The payoff here comes on page 2, when Milt describes feeling sorry for the guy … until he realizes the truth: The one-legged man actually had an advantage over normal golfers. It’s all about balance.”

Special Bonus Tip – Check out amazon book reviews on your niche. Go to amazon books, search the top 10 best sellers in your niche and read the reviews good and bad. Think of the bad reviews as potential objections that you could handle when writing your copy.

Source: Dan Kennedy

The Importance Of Having Multi Channels And Podcasts For Your Business

How do you keep up with your prospects and customers?

Do you know where they are?

I’ll let you in on a secret…

They are everywhere!

That’s why at GKIC we believe in a multi channel marketing approach.

You see if you’re not marketing to your customers multiple ways, you might not be reaching them.

Plus, when you consider that multichannel customers spend 3 – 4 times more than single channel customers do.

It’s worth focusing your time and effort to get this right.

More and more consumers today are becoming multichannel media users. According to research by Nielsen, 46% of smartphone owners and 43% of tablet owners said they use their devices while watching TV every day.

So what do we recommend at GKIC?

Here are a few examples…

•Print Ad – magazines, newspapers, flyers etc.

•Direct Mail – Printed sales letter mailed to your prospects.

•Phone – Never underestimate the power of picking up the phone to call your prospects. You also have the option to text and Whatsapp etc.

•Emails – Got an email list? You need one, probably the easiest way to reach your prospects and track/measure results immediately.

•Facebook Ads – Are great for reaching your ideal customers.

•YouTube Videos – Great place for cheap traffic.

•Podcasts – GKIC’s podcast is a fantastic resource with great interviews – check it out here!

In this week’s blog we’re going to look at podcasts and why you should be using them as part of your multi channel marketing.

How do you run a podcast in your business and get people to listen?

To create a podcast you need to be able to:

• Record audio files, such as an MP3. Audacity is an example of free software

• Host them.

Syndicate these files into what’s called an “RSS feed” so that it can be distributed through iTunes as well as downloaded or streamed on on-demand.

Get your content out there!

You see, a podcast allows you to reach a brand new audience.

Pros about podcasts

•Podcasts are easy to consume

•You can listen on the go

•Can be listened on multiple devices (smartphone, tablet, computer, MAC etc.)

•It’s not a content medium like a sales letter that requires attention

•Intimate connection with your prospects/customers

•Free to create!

Facts about podcasts taken from this article

•The podcast audience is 57 million Americans in total.

•64% of podcasts are being listened to on a smartphone or tablet.

•Weekly podcast listeners consume five shows per week on average

•One in four Americans ages 12-54 listened to a podcast last month.

•Just 11% of Americans 55+ listen to podcasts monthly.

What should you talk about?

Interesting and helpful information!

It’s no good running a podcast about losing weight and advertising it to skinny people!

You can check out some previous GKIC podcasts here<Need hyperlink to GKIC podcast signup page >

REMEMBER- you shouldn’t keep all your eggs in one basket.

Repeating your sales message across multiple channels will definitely grab your prospects attention.

You just need to weigh up what works best for your business.

And track your promotions – this Google article could help you

You’d be surprised how many times I hear: “Nick, I tried running a print ad and it didn’t pull”

Or “My FB Ads aren’t getting enough interest”

And they give up.

When their lack of results are because they’re not doing it consistently.

I can’t stress this enough…

You need to:




I’d be amazed if anyone hits a homerun fresh out of the gate!

Keep working at it!

I know you have this!

Make sure you’re on the GKIC podcast list. There are plenty of business growth tips to help transform your business results. Click Here to find out more

Source: Dan Kennedy

Pay Per Click Business Model – Facts You Should Know

Pay Per Click Business Model – What They Don’t Say :

What is Pay per click (PPC)?

PPC – (also called cost per click) is an internet advertising Pay Per Click Model used to direct traffic to websites, in which advertisers usually pay the publisher (or a website owner) when their ad is clicked. It is defined simply as “the amount of money spent to get an advertisement clicked.”

Facts: Pay Per Click Business Model

I have personally worked on client’s sites with over 1.5 million budget in Pay Per Click. I’m going to show you how I personally increased their Pay Per Click Results 10X. Keep reading…


Shocked: How I 10Xed Potential Retirement Investors with Google Alone…

I’m a bit of a number cruncher geek. I was calculating some of the improvements I made on some financial marketing campaigns I was recently working on for an investment company. Here’s the Case Study:

There is a Large-Scale Marketing Firm that I was working freelance for in the Los Angeles office. After I calculated it I had increased the effectiveness of their Google online marketing for one of their Clients and dramatically improved their Pay Per Click Results – [by doing the checklist I give you at the end of this article].

How To Increase PPC Investment Marketing Results:

I recently completed working with a Multi-Billion Dollar Investment firm – I drastically increased the effectiveness of their campaigns. And I wanted to share with you how I did it.

In a nutshell: I created highly targeted ads and headlines that produced 10X results.

Here are the specifics:

Before I Managed Their Retirement Campaign:

The Stats:

Last year around the same time, their Google clicks over a 30 day period were:

  • 2,398 Clicks Total
  • 217,527 Impressions
  • 1.10% Click Through Rate (Meaning 1 percent who saw the ad clicked on it)
  • They were paying an average of $2.83 per click

After (last 30 days):

  • 7,934 Clicks Total
  • 171,681 Impressions
  • 4.62% Click Through Rate!
  • Cost Per Click of .69 cents

Not to mention the Revenue brought in by an increase – over one year – $2.83 per click would cost – $269,438.64 – Savings of $ 203,745.12 over one year period on one campaign. (And that’s just Google, not counting Bing on just one single retirement campaign). Translate this to all Google campaigns (Mutual Funds, Bonds, ETF’s, etc.)

  • 95,208 clicks (On this one campaign)
  • 2,060,172 (Two Million + Impressions)
  • 4.62% Click Through Rate –
  • A Cost Per Click of .69 cents

Here’s the kicker: This is just one campaign in Google – Retirement – (Not Counting Bing either) they have around 10 campaigns going on Bonds, ETA’s, Liquid Alternatives, Etc. – so let’s do the math, over one year here’s the difference it made with just Google Marketing:

952,080 More Clicks (Translation: Almost 1 Million Highly Targeted Investment Searches driven to their website – Retirement Investor Clicks)

  • Saved a total of $2,037,451.20 (Two Million Dollars Worth of Savings with Google across ten campaigns)
  • 20,601,720 Impressions (Twenty Million Impressions)

In addition, I saw that they were paying up to 10 Dollars per click for BRAND terms. The problem with this is that they already were #1 in Google on Brand Terms so this money was virtually wasted. So in addition to creating thousands of more clicks and drastically reducing their cost-per-click – I saved them hundreds thousands of dollars in wasted spend.

How To Do It

Surely we all know Brand recognition is important but Search Engine Marketing and Google’s Pay Per Click secrets are awesome. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. That’s smarter marketing by itself – but not the point.

You see: Television, Radio and Newspapers are one step above throwing fliers out of plane and seeing who picks them up.

IMHO: In my humble opinion, Online Search Marketing is now the most cost-effective medium today.


Smart Phone Searches are skyrocketing – cell phones in almost every hand and mobile-email-readers almost overtaking desktop-email-readers… You can almost reach any person at anytime, anywhere.

Us “Digital Marketers” know that television, radio and print aren’t pulling the way they used to. With DVR’s on almost every Cable provider– people fast forward through commercials, Satellite radio trumps Radio commercials – Not to mention what is happening to magazine & print readership – all going online. You see, Nothing is as effective as it was before.

You and I and our little group of savvy marketers know that companies can’t afford to market like a dinosaur any more. In fact as the director of Internet marketing for Survival Insurance and many clients, I have tested many different avenues, including TV, Radio, You Tube, Facebook, Social Media, Snail Mail and others and would be Brazen enough to say that Google is probably one of the most effective (if not thee most effective way to market today). You can target exact searches for what people are actively looking for directly. That’s 1000X smarter than radio, TV and Billboards.

Pay Per Click Best Practices Checklist:

Here’s Some Questions To Ask In Order To Improve Your Ads…

1. Do your campaign settings make sense and match your campaign strategy and goals? Goal Setting is a vital first step.

2. Have you separated search and display campaigns? If you merge both your Click Through Rate suffers.

3. Is ad rotation set the way you want it? Both Google and Bing offer the option to optimize for clicks, or to rotate ads more evenly.

4. Are your geographic locations correct? Are you targeting the right areas and excluding the wrong ones? Very important.

5. What about your campaign budget? You can actually merge budgets now – pretty cool. But do shared budgets make sense for you?

6. Considered dayparting? Are your customers searching for you after hours or on weekends? See what days are driving the most traffic and increase spend on those days.

7. Mobile and Tablet Evaluation – Do you want Mobile and Tablet Ads?

8. Are your results different by device? Mobile phone users want quick and easy instructions – and rarely do large purchases. Keep this in mind: iPhone and iPad users may be bigger spenders, test different devices for best results.

9. Should you use a different message in ads? I’ve seen one headline drive a 80% better response rate. Check out my article on Top PPC headlines.

10. Is something failing? A/B testing is important but test to make sure your whole thing is working first. Test your campaigns like a visitor would – sometimes you may find pages or URL’s that don’t work – or forms that don’t send leads. Test to make sure everything is perfect on the visitor side. The key to success is to test and refine, test and refine.

Use this checklist for both new and existing PPC campaigns, and watch your results improve!


  1. You can almost do anything with search marketing today:
  2. Target exact demographics by age, location, income, profession.
  3. Target exact searches for your products and investments.
  4. A skilled online marketer can increase your marketing by 10X.

So what do you think?

Is Google the most effective modern way of advertising (besides word of mouth) today?

Pay Per Click Advertising Business Model

Pay Per Click Advertising Business Model

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Internet Marketing Companies Chicago – We Can Help

Internet Marketing Companies Chicago – Look At These Facts :

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Internet Marketing Companies Chicago – Secrets:

Internet Marketing Companies Chicago
Internet Marketing Companies Chicago

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