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Attraction Marketing – 5 Powerful Reasons to Include Audio and Video Products in Your MLM Business

Audio and video give you lots of power in growing your network marketing business with Attraction Marketing methods. After all, when someone can see you and hear your voice, it’s a lot more personal than simply reading your words.

You can reach more people, more quickly, more powerfully, and in less time than blogging or even article marketing, and you begin to be seen as a real expert, because audio and video channels set you apart from most other marketers.

Here are five ideas to get you using voice and video to grow your powerful online presence:

Make a prospect-pulling freebie

When someone comes to your website, you must have a great freebie to entice them to opt in to your email list so you can keep in touch. A lot of peopel value videos or audios higher than something like being on your newsletter, so give them a series of videos for example. Take one afternoon and put together some really helpful tips by video, and you’ll get more people signing up.

Teach your prospects something of value, again demonstrating your expertise.

This is very popular, because people are online looking to learn how to do things. Use a screen capture program like Jing (free) or Camtasia (paid) to capture your screen while you’re doing something that most people want to learn.

Interview an expert

It’s not at all hard to get experts in your field to agree to a phone interview. After all, it’s promotion for them too. They’ll even often have suggested questions to steer the interview to its best advantage. Use the recording function from your telephone bridge line and you’ll get an MP3 after the call, which again you can use as a bonus, a freebie, or even a paid product. Consider doing a series!

Make a paid information product

Information products come in three flavors — text, audio, or video — with lots of options for all three. You’ll want a variety in your portfolio, because people have different learning styles. You know whether you prefer to read, watch, or listen — you want to offer people that variety too.

If you have a series of audios from teleseminars or expert interviews, for example, you could sell the replays individually or as a bundle. Get them transcribed and now you can charge a little more, because many people prefer to read.

Get yourself on iTunes!

Any audio that you produce can be syndicated all over the internet, starting with the biggest podcast directory of all, iTunes. A podcast is nothing more than a piece of audio that provides value to the people you want to attract to your business. It’s yet another free method to get your expertise out there and reaching more people.

Are you seeing how adding audio and video products to your arsenal can bring huge benefits in more web visitors, more subscribers to your email list, and more dollars to your bottom line?

I’d like to invite you to learn more about free attraction marketing methods with a powerful 3-step process at We teach network marketers how to expand their vision of themselves as entrepreneurs, and thus their income, by integrating internet marketing with network marketing.

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From Becki Maxson – the Attraction Marketing Maven

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