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Advantages of Converting Presentation to Video

“How can I view my presentation on iPod, or other mobile devices, when I don’t have a computer aside?” “Is it possible to share my presentation online and even embed the presentation to my web?”…these questions can often be heard around us. Is there a way to solve the problems? Don’t worry! Those annoying troubles can be solved by converting PowerPoint presentation to video.

Is it really necessary for us to convert presentation to video? Let’s looked the following benefits the conversion from presentation to video will bring us.

1. No need to worry about the PowerPoint version, even computer.
When you play the presentation on other computers, it is so inconvenient that you have to consider the PowerPoint’s version. Once you want to send your presentation, you need to make sure that the receiver has a computer. No doubt it brings a lot of trouble to us. However, once you convert your PowerPoint presentation to video, those troubles will flee away promptly. We know that video can be played on most computers and you can even view it on DVD player by storing it to the disk.

2. No constraints on where you view your presentation.
Once you convert your presentation to video, the file can be played on many mobile devices, such as iPod, iphone, etc. Therefore, it is possible for you to view the presentation on ipod, iphone, or any where you want.

3. Powerful support to upload your presentation to the web freely.
You may want to share your presentation on web, and even to embed the presentation in your own blog. It is easy to come true by converting presentation to video, because many formats of video are fit for the web’s requirements.

Possibly you may feel surprised at the benefits this conversion can offer you. Is it hard to convert presentation to video? Actually, there are also various ways to adopt this. Here comes the most convenient ways.

1. Convert presentation to video online. is a platform for sharing PowerPoint presentations on line. This website makes it easier to share your PowerPoint presentation through blogs, websites, on YouTube and even via iPod.
After you upload your presentation to author stream, it will convert the presentation into a MPEG4 video (mp4) that can be directly uploaded to YouTube or you can view your presentation on an iPod. An email notification will be sent to you as soon as your PowerPoint video is ready for download from the web. However, this process may take some time, and there is limitation on the file quantity and size

2. Convert presentation to video through a presentation to video converter
With a presentation to video converter, it is much easier for you to handle the whole converting process. It is ok for you to import files with large size. You can put the converted files on your computer and gain a better conversion quality. Now there is a lot of software which can convert presentation to video. Which is suitable to you? Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter is worthwhile to try. It is a user-friendly PowerPoint to video application with nearly all the elements (music, animations, videos, etc.) retained in high quality after conversion.

Do you still think hard about methods to embed your presentations on your own web? Do you want to seize the precious time to be more familiar with your actual presentation on the street before your meeting? Converting presentation to video is the perfect solution for you!

Author: Charlene Qu
Article Source:
Prof. Servan-Schreiber’s Moving Story on Fighting Cancer


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