Can Siri Talk To Your Website [ Webinar Recap]

The Milestone team presented a technology trends webinar, Can Siri Talk To Your Website, to highlight the latest innovations in search marketing. A major focus of the webinar was around mobile and user trends; discussing AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and how users expect an answer with the increase in voice search.

The Q&A revolved mostly around AMP questions, below are the questions and answers with added details.

  • Search is evolving from keywords to what?
    • Consumers are no longer searching for ‘web sites’ but for information. Queries are now being submitted in the form of questions and search engines are trying to provide answers instead of links. The source of information for those answers can be from many places, it should be your web site.
  • What is schema and can I add this to my website or is it a software?
    • Schema is structured data, descriptive tags that wrap the content on your website to tell search engines what the content is about (like your name, address, phone number, etc). It is not software, but code. If you are a Milestone customer, the Galexi CMS that powers your website has schema built into it so you do not need to do anything. If your website is not on our CMS you should ask your provider if it is possible to add schemas into it.
  • Will Google award me with a better position with an AMP website?
    • AMP websites are specifically targeted to mobile platforms. Since AMP is a Google initiative, and speed is part of a large ranking factor, the huge speed advantage of an AMP page will be of benefit. *Since AMP is such a new technology there is no right answer as to “how much” it will matter, we are currently testing this with our clients.
  • How long does it take to see results from an AMP website?
    • Once indexed by Google indexes it may take a month to three months to see results to be on the safe side. *However, as this technology is so new there isn’t an exact answer here, we launched an AMP website and results were instantaneously.
  • Is AMP built into Galexi CMS?
    • AMP is an add-on feature of Galexi CMS, it is not built in. If you would like to learn more, contact your account manager or sales team member.

If you have additional questions please comment or email us directly.

Thank you to Kyle Van Der Aa and Ryan Kappmeyer who hosted the webinar and everyone who joined!

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Google Announces Mobile First Index

Google Mobile Indexing

Big moves from the search giant! Google announced recently that they will be indexing the mobile versions of webpages as the primary index, putting less emphasis on the desktop pages. When this will start is unknown, but it confirms the critical impact of the rise of mobile usage in our society and the digital world. This announcement is a huge step to a mobile-centric digital ecosystem – and is likely to impact many businesses.

So, what does mobile first indexing mean for your business?

If your website uses an adaptive-responsive design, you do not need to take any action. Responsive websites provide the optimal experience that Google is searching for and that mobile users are expecting, if this is you – good news!

If your mobile experience has been a secondary thought, you will need to ensure the mobile site provides enough information for both users and search engines. You will also need to ensure that your site leverages “schemas” – topical markups that tell Google what your website (and your business) are all about. As consumers search with mobile, “going to a website” is not as critical as “getting answers” and “taking actions,” these “micro-moments” leverage the “answers” that Google provides, answers that are based on the topical markup of your mobile sites.

How does this affect Milestone clients?

That’s the best news of all. If you are a Milestone customer and use our Galexi™ CMS system, you most likely already have a mobile-friendly site that is designed to get the most from these upcoming changes. Want to make sure? Reach out to your account manager or sales person and find out how our FAQ module, Event Calendar or AMP Module would help you get even more out of Google’s upcoming shift.


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New Workflow Plug-in: FX CONSOLE is now available!

The console war continues on but this time, everybody wins! Our new After Effects workflow plug-in is now available for free! Speed up After Effects by making it work your way! Manage design progress with the new Snapshot tool and find the effects you need instantly!

Workflow plug-ins can be cool too!

So what does it do?
Watch Tutorial Video

Main Features:

  • Access FX & Presets quickly
  • Create FX Shortcuts
  • Create FX Overrides
  • Customize FX Search
  • Export Snapshot with PNG
  • Access Multiple Snapshots
  • Automatic Snapshot Tool & Gallery
  • Sample colors from Gallery
  • Re-import directly from Gallery
  • Dockable Panel & More!

After Effects Requirements:
Adobe After Effects CC and above (Including CC2014)

DOWNLOAD PLUG-IN: For After Effects!


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Creating A Killer Offer

offer entryimage1

You should already have in mind your ideal customer. A picture of the kind of person that you want your marketing efforts to attract. Now you’re ready to dig in deeply to figure out exactly what it is you’re going to offer them…

Now what you offer them is NOT the same thing as what your business does.

This is a KEY distinction.

For example, you may run a Pizza shop. You make pizzas. But that’s NOT what you’re promoting in this program. You’re not promoting that you provide the tastiest pizza joint in town, with secret sauce prepared by Grandma DiPietro from the old country and handed down generation to generation…. and you can find us on the corner of such-and-such under the happy fat blinking neon pizza maker sign…

Nope. That’s BRAND advertising and it isn’t what this article is about.

Instead, what you’ll be promoting is a specific something… a combination of features and benefits and scarcity and guarantee, that’s precisely matched to your target customer. A something SO perfectly matched to their wants, needs, dreams, and pain that it’s practically IMPOSSIBLE to resist.

Dan Kennedy calls that special something a WIDGET.

  • For a Pizza joint it could be as simple as TWO PIZZAS + DOUBLE CHEESE + 60 MIN FREE DELIVERY + AT HALF PRICE + ORDER WITHIN 48 HOURS

  • For a Dentist, it could be something like 7 POINT ORAL CONSULTATION + TEETH CLEANING + $49 FLAT FEE + NO PAIN GUARANTEED + SIGN UP BEFORE JUNE 1st.

  • For a Hotel, it could be 3-NIGHT/2 DAY ACCOMMODATIONS + 2 ROUNDS GOLF + 4 DRINKS / 2 DINNERS + $197 TOTAL + RESERVE IN 10 DAYS.

Those components make up a specific WIDGET … how you write that out in words is your OFFER.

And this is very important:

As you describe your offer in your sales material, you need to focus 90% on the outcome that the people listening to you will experience when they work with you.

It’s not about the specific method of delivery – i.e., 12 calls, 3 CDs, online videos, webinars, etc. These are all good, but they are means to an end.

What matters most is the transformation their listeners are going to experience after working with you.

And most important of all…

Your Offer Should Fill Every Gap Your Prospects Still Need

This is the killer, $20,000 tip you’ll use in constructing your offer…

Every item in your offer is exactly what your prospect will need in order to implement all the steps you’re going to lay out in your Lead Generation Magnet.

  • So if you say something like: “You need to stay in contact with each customer every month through a fun and informative client newsletter”…

  • Your offer would include… “Our easy to use, incredibly persuasive, customizable client newsletter that’s both fun and informative, makes it easy to stay in contact with each and every customer.”

Having your offer in place gives you the key ammunition you need to turn this simple campaign into a powerful, persuasive tool of total seduction.

It enables you to plant seeds in the minds of your prospects all throughout the process…

… hinting at the transformation they will experience once they’re able to put all these tips, strategies, and actions to use in their own lives and businesses…

… each one leading inexorably to closing the deal. And that’s the name of the game.


The GOAL of this week’s article is to help you craft an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER for your Widget. Once you do this the first time, it’ll be easier the next time and before long a snap. You’ll be creating new offers/widgets left and right.

Step 1: What Is The WIDGET’s Name Or Title?

offer timeline

You want a catchy, benefit-oriented name that stands out and screams “Pay Attention!” (Now remember, this is NOT the title of your Lead Generation Magnet, it’s the title of the CORE program/product/service/a.k.a. WIDGET you’ll be offering as part of this campaign.) Brainstorm at least 7-10 different titles. Let them sit a couple days. Then come back and pick the one you like best.

Step 2: List 3-5 Key Promises That The WIDGET Will Deliver On

These should link directly to addressing and solving the key problem your ideal customer faces.

Step 3: What Is Your WIDGET’s Big BOLD Promise?

Here’s the major transformation your solution provides – again, tied directly the KEY problem the customer wants solved. It’s the ultimate outcome the prospect wants to achieve.

Step 4: What Are The Core Components Of Your WIDGET?

List them all – e.g., if it’s a five week coaching program, tell us the key points covered each week. If it’s a software application, tell us the core things that it does.

Step 5: Identify The Key Problem Solved By Each Core Component

Every component needs to work as a piece of the overall solution you’re providing.

Step 6: Identify The Key Take-Away Benefit / Mini-Transformation Provided By Each Component.

Basically, tell the prospect why this component matters to them – a useful phrase to consider when doing this is “… which means to you…” and then describe exactly what it means to them.

Step 7: List Any And All Bonuses

Make sure you also include their associated benefits.

Step 8: What Is Your FINAL Pricing?

How much? Describe payment options like $1 down, 3-pay, discount for pay-in-full, etc.

Step 9: What Is Driving URGENCY In The Offer?

Limited time window of availability? Limits on NUMBER available? Limits on the bonuses? Something to do with the prospect’s condition (i.e., if you’re facing a terminal disease, you’ll act fast to find a cure)?

Step 10: What Is Your WIDGET’s Guarantee?

Make sure this is 100% clear and easy to understand. The best guarantees are those that seem to take away ALL risk on the part of the buyer.

Step 11: Create The Offer Summary

When you have steps 1-10 completed, write down a summary of your offer in 1st person format … just as if it was going to be laid out in an order form.

If you’ve followed the above steps then you should have a fantastic offer, ready and waiting to be implemented.

Next week we’ll be discussing lead generation magnets. What they are and how to use them to increase conversions for your business.

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Ghost VFX

I recently did some VFX for my buddy Ryan Connoly! Just in time for Halloween!

There was only 6 visual effects shots but they had some very tricky challenges! I’ll go into some more details later on so I don’t reveal anything yet. But I will say that it was fun to use Element 3D in a unique way and sneak in some unreleased Action Essentials 4K Elements. Check it out!

With FX Console around the corner, it’s nice to start seeing more of these ongoing projects get finished! It’s definitely a relief to lift a few projects off my shoulders so we can really speed up our release schedule and yes Intercept too! The traffic is beginning to clear up!

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Milestone’s Galexi is the First CMS in Hospitality to Launch Google’s AMP Website

Milestone’s Galexi™ CMS System Delivers an Exceptional Mobile Experience

Santa Clara, CA | October 18, 2016: Milestone announced today that its Galexi CMS is the first in the hospitality market to launch an AMP site compatible with Google’s AMP guidelines. The website for Millwood Inn ( in the AMP format, provides an exceptional user experience with lightning fast download speeds. It is expected that AMP pages will be Google’s preferred method of delivering content ( to mobile users because they are designed to provide a significantly faster download experience compared to non-AMP mobile sites.

Milestone is AMP ready today

Milestone’s Galexi™ Content Management System (CMS) comes built from the ground up with mobile compatibility and readiness at its core. AMP is no exception. Milestone customers, in fact, can already benefit from AMP compatible pages – with some already benefiting from the feature. The Millwood Inn website is an example of one such business, having launched a Galexi-powered AMP site in August of this year.

Why are AMP and Mobile Experiences important for businesses? In the US, over 50% of the queries on Google come from mobile. Gary Illyes, from Google, announced last week that Google is building a new and improved index strictly for mobile. This means the speed and experience of your mobile site becomes critical for any business. AMP sites create lightning-fast, engaging mobile experiences.

Concrete Benefits to Milestone’s AMP pages:

In just the first six days of the AMP site being live, The Millwood Inn has seen an increase in average position of their AMP page on Google’s mobile results, along with a 22% jump in visits and an increase in click-through rate from 14% to nearly 20%. The AMP site and Mobile site ranks on page one for all branded and non branded search queries.
Millwood AMP website

Milestone’s Galexi – The CMS designed around mobile

AMP compatibility and optimization is just the latest in a continuing trend of industry-leading innovations from Milestone. The Galexi CMS, in fact, is the premier mobile-ready CMS system available today. With full support for server-based Adaptive-Responsive design, Galexi provides the ideal mobile experience for a user’s mobile journey.

Over 50% of US Google searches are now initiated on mobile devices, and nearly 20% use voice as their primary input method. Galexi allows Milestone customers to create optimal experiences for users that are designed around the way search engines work. In fact, Milestone CMS-based sites are built using topical Schema markups from over 70 different categories, enabling Google Instant Answers, high quality SERPs results and allowing Milestone clients to provide drive traffic using technologies like Google Now and Siri.

In addition, add-ons like our FAQ module give Milestone clients the ability to leverage in-house knowledge and expertise to provide answers to common customer queries – right from the search engine. The Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, another Milestone client, saw dramatic results after deploying our FAQ module to power mobile initiated queries. Within six days of deployment, the hotel saw a jump of 435% in page views, a 340% lift in average sessions, as well as a 63% jump in click-through rate.

Hotel Nikko FAQ

Are you ready for AMP and Voice Search?

Contact Milestone today to ensure that your websites are AMP ready and able to deliver the best user experience for your consumers. For more information on Milestone products and services, please contact Sara Linton, Product Marketing Specialist, at [email protected]. Visit our website or call our team (408) 492-9055.

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FX Console Utility Graphics


Our new workflow utility now has some graphics!

Introducing FX Console our new plug-in for After Effects that has been slowly developed over time as my personal utility to improve my workflow. It offers a variety of small features that make a big difference for people who spend a lot of time working in After Effects!

We look forward to releasing it soon for Free!

Workflow plugin origin story #AfterEffects

A video posted by Video Copilot (@andrewkramer) on Oct 14, 2016 at 2:21pm PDT

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Webinar: Can Siri Talk To Your Website?

Marketing Webinar

Webinar: Can Siri Talk to Your Website?

When: Wednesday, October 26th 11am PT

Length: 30 minutes

“What is Hotel Nikko’s phone number?”

Did you know that nearly 50% of Google searches in the US are in the form of a question? And that 20% of searches are performed through voice search? The role of the search engine has changed– instead of serving “links,” search now aims to provide actual answers – and this is having the greatest impact on local search. Your business needs to adapt to this changing environment by giving users the information needed to make buying decisions “in real time,” regardless of device. But how do you control the answers that Google Now or Siri give to your shoppers? How do you make sure navigation systems send them to the right place?

Join us for a complimentary webinar on the evolution of search and how it impacts your business. Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Learn about “micro moments” and how mobile impacts the use of search
  • The role and impact of personal assistants like Siri and Google now
  • How you can benefit from technologies like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Google Direct Answers

Ryan Kappmeyer, Digital Marketer

Ryan Kappmeyer, Account Strategist/ On-boarding
Digital Marketing Manager

Kyle Van Der Aa, Senior Account Strategist/ On-boarding
Sara Linton, Digital Marketer

Sara Linton, Moderator

Webinar Registration

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IMA Award Winning Websites

Milestone Internet Marketing is delighted to announce that clients, Allegretto Vineyard Resort, Aloft Dulles Airport North, and The Bergson, have won awards for their hotel website designs and digital advertising strategies in the recently concluded Interactive Media Awards (IMA). The IMAs are the most recent accolades for the design and marketing teams at Milestone.

The Interactive Media Awards were created by the Interactive Media Council, Inc. (IMC), a nonprofit organization of leading web designers, developers, programmers, advertisers and other web-related professionals, the competition is designed to elevate the standards of excellence on the Internet. IMC serves as the primary sponsor and governing body of the Interactive Media Awards™, establishes the judging system and provides the judges for the competition.

In the recently concluded 2016 competition several Milestone sites went head-to-head with other websites within the website design category. IMA judges, who represent all aspects of the interactive media and internet world, scored the entries based on design, content, feature functionality, usability, and standards compliance. Being recognized by industry peers with this prestigious award is both gratifying and indicative that we are at the forefront of our industry, Milestone is honored to have taken part.

IMA awards



Best in Class: Allegretto Vineyard Resort

Outstanding Achievement: Aloft Dulles Airport North

Outstanding Achievement: The Bergson

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New Show and New workflow Plug-in!


Some cool news to announce! We have just finished recording a horrifying new blog show with a frightening theme! But more on that next week!

Another exciting development is a a new workflow plug-in for After Effects! Coming this week!

Now this plug-in doesn’t make light sabers or energy fx, it might not even change your life but this utility we developed will speed up your AE work flow! Embarrassingly enough, the development began last year when I started working on Intercept! And while I am still finishing the VFX for my short, this new plug-in is done and so we’re going to release it! Is that progress!? I DON’T KNOW!!

The good news is we’re jamming on a lot of projects behind the scenes but this year been a very humbling and rejuvenating experience for me. And it is simply managing ideas and execution. How do we continue to push ourselves creatively and build better consistency… I don’t know if we have it all figured out but at least we are asking the right questions now!

For example : Here was my through process on the Saber plug-in:

  1. Man, my short film is taking way too long I need to release something cool now that I’m back from Star Wars!
  2. Let’s release the Saber plug-in. That thing is pretty cool!
  3. I haven’t posted cool stuff in a while though, This plug-in needs to be sweet!
  4. I Should make a trailer too! How long will that take?
  5. S#!T The plug-in is just not good enough yet and it comes out in two days!
  6. Let’s add more features! Let’s add displacement noise and presets! We can make it!
  7. Crap! We’re late! Now this thing really has to be amazing! Let’s add text outlines and mask shapes too!
  8. What have we done!

Being late because of high expectations makes my expectations higher. A dangerous loop.

So you can see the real challenge is I want to make awesome stuff but it’s easy to underestimate how much time it takes to pull it off! (Cough Cough, Intercept!)

This year we added some fantastic new people to the VC Team and I’m able to get everyone more involved in our shows and do more simultaneous projects that are spread out over time so there are things always in development and more people can be involved in finishing projects.

I think at the end of the day, walking around with a Video Copilot apron has really helped my focus!




Office is on fire now!

A photo posted by Video Copilot (@andrewkramer) on Sep 28, 2016 at 12:42pm PDT

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Year-End Website Specials

Great design and cool features are beautiful things for a website to have, a strong return on investment is even more beautiful. As 2017 is rapidly approaching, is it time for your website to earn you more money? Technology is changing at a rapid pace and a new website will be able to reach more people on the go wanting to book. We urge you to consider how much revenue can be gained by updating your website, a site equipped for voice search, dynamic content, and lightening fast downloads.

Please review the below website specials we are offering through the end of 2016, which one is right for you? Contact us with any questions, these deals won’t last!

Year end specials

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San Francisco Bay Area Hotelier Forecast

HSMAI San Francisco sponsored the Annual CBRE/ PKF Bay Area Forecast in September at the Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel.

The event sparked a gathering of some of San Francisco’s finest hotels with attendance from General Managers, Revenue Managers and Directors of Sales.

With the anticipated 2017 closure of Moscone Center for renovation, hoteliers are nervous as they prepare for the traditional 2017 forecast and budget season. Most hotels use CBRE/PKF content as footnotes for the annual budget executive summary and rely on their analytics for their sales and marketing strategy.

2017 Outlook:

Based on the graphic below, occupancy for 2017 is expected to decline, while average rate continues to increase. Overall, RevPAR while increasing is below the trend that we have seen in the most recent past, all as a result of less market demand propelled by fewer Moscone bookings. It won’t be until after 2018 that this trend is reversed, as meeting planners remain shy of construction completion dates.

San Fran MSA

Oakland is experiencing a similar trend as the compression generated by Moscone events often propels demand in the Oakland market.

The Effect of AirBnb on Bay Area Occupancy, Average Rates and RevPAR

The Graphic below illustrates the amount of lodging units supplied by Airbnb in the San Francisco market and its relationship to traditional hotel rooms. With this additional supply of Airbnb rooms, hoteliers are feeling it through slightly slower occupancy, ADR and RevPAR growth.

San Fran Air BnB rates


The cyclical nature of the hotel industry is nothing new to hotel operators. It has been here before and will be here again. New competition, such as Airbnb, changes the landscape a bit though. Paying close attention to how new competitors attract guests is key. Hoteliers who prepare for the lower demand months ahead with clear, attractive, effective digital marketing will prosper and possibly increase market share by attracting guests from the competition as the perpetually online, savvy consumer shops for the best deal.

This article is contributed by John Kiszla, [email protected], a hospitality and digital marketing expert in the Bay Area. If you would like to discuss more about Northern California market conditions or digital marketing for the hospitality industry email or comment below.

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Milestone Nominated for Best Use of Search

Milestone Internet Marketing is nominated for the 2016 US Search Awards, in association with Bing. The US Search Awards represents the industry’s highest level of search, PPC, and digital marketing in the country. This is only the fourth year for the US Search Awards, but already seen by many as a the biggest celebration of the industry. Hundreds of top agencies and individuals apply for the awards, the distinguished panel then judges each entry to create the short list of nominees, a true honor, before the award winners are announced on October 12th at Caesars Palace during PubCon.

“We are honored to be recognized by US Search Awards and Pubcon, this is such a prestigious competition allowing us to showcase our innovative digital marketing strategies,” says Milestone President Benu Aggarwal.

Milestone’s shortlisted entries for 2016 US Search Awards include:


US Search Awards

To learn more about our award-winning software and digital strategies, please send us an email at [email protected]

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Turn Your Hotel Website Into A Virtual Concierge

In this era of instant connectivity should your customers need to call the concierge desk for simple questions? What if your business could answer all their questions directly on their smart phone?

A significant trend in search is that search engines, including Google, want to provide a direct answer to searcher questions versus providing a link to a website with the answer. Google direct answers have increased from showing up in 9% queries in January 2016 to 15% in July 2016, a 67% increase in just 6 months*. Searchers and their heavy use of devices, speaking to phones and to cars, are driving this trend. Voice search is now delivered through Apple’s Siri, Window’s Cortana and of course Google, and extends your business’ visibility by providing your answer and url in the direct answer box.

The below example highlights when a customer asks a search engine a quick question, “Does the hotel Nikko have an airport shuttle”. The search engine, with the help of the hotel website, is able to directly answer the question rather than having the searcher click off of the results to find the answer on a webpage.

FAQ Module Hotel Nikko

Why do you want your business to show in the quick answer box?

Simple- this box is the new #1 position, not lost in the mix of the other results. It is important to note that just because a company is ranked in the top position of search results does not automatically highlight their business in the direct answer box. Thus, if you are in the 4th position in search results, the direct answer box is a great way to get to the top of the page. Additionally, Google includes a link within the box to the website, allowing people to go to the source of the information to learn more. So, you are not only answering questions for your current guests but reaching new customers who are likely in the discovery phase of their customer journey.

How do I get in Google’s direct answer box?

Google updates and products revolve around the user experience, providing a correct answer to a searcher is of utmost importance. Thus, we have comprised a few key metrics for the direct answer box.

  • Content

Your website needs to contain answers to the frequently asked questions searched by your consumers. These questions can be determined through research on social media channels, review sites, your concierge, and the front desk staff. Many businesses already have a FAQ sheet created for training new employees, use this same content for your digital customers and search engines.

  • Technical website

Schemas are certain tags to your data that allow search engines to quickly index and understand what the content is on the webpage. In order to send the relevant context signals to Google about the questions answered on the website, your content needs to be wrapped with schemas. In the client example shared above, Milestone created a Website FAQ Concierge to wrap the most frequently asked questions with schemas. Thus, when the searcher asked “Does the hotel Nikko have an airport shuttle?” Google was able to quickly pull the content wrapped with schema and deliver the answer directly, ultimately providing a great user experience on the mobile device.

  • Authoritative site

Search engines need to have confidence in your website to provide the correct information to the searchers. There are multiple ways of increasing authority, overall strategy should include a strong network of digital partners and links, pages with strong engagement, mobile-friendly, and have a good overall user experience. Your webpage needs to rank relatively high for the search queries to be in the answer box, most are in the top 5.

Take Advantage of this Opportunity- Website FAQ Concierge

Built on the Galexi™ Content management system 6.0, Website FAQ Concierge is a web based module that helps answer user generated question from search. The Website FAQ Concierge module is a technical method to allow your business to be shown in the answer box. This module allows your website to answer the growing voice search questions, and works for your mobile and desktop websites.

Key features:

  • Each category and question/answer has a unique URL
  • Each question/answer has been marked up with schemas
  • Support for up to 6 categories of questions (can be increased)
  • Support for up to 10 questions per category (can be increased to 20)

Below you can view what the Website FAQ Concierge has implemented on the hotel’s website, this is the page from the link highlighted in the direct answer box.

FAQ Module Hotel Nikko Website

Milestone continues to implement solutions for the latest trends, if you have any questions how to leverage the voice search trend or the Website FAQ Module comment below or email us.

*STAT Search Analytics Study

Contributed by:

Gaurav Varma, Product Marketing Manager

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Atmospheric Re-Entry!


Here is a preview of an animation i’m working on. Playing around with Element 3D and Saber to create the fiery streaks!

This past week has been super productive, finishing VFX for Intercept, doing daily renders and preparing for another DMALA meeting in Los Angeles on October 18th. Going to be a blast!

Circuit City #Element3D #MotionDesign2

A photo posted by Video Copilot (@andrewkramer) on Sep 8, 2016 at 12:27pm PDT

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Finally, Twitter Implements the New Character Counts

Twitter took the internet with much excitement today by making live some rather important changes. Starting today (September 19th, 2016), any media attachments like photos, videos, polls will no longer be counted towards Twitter’s character count limits. Twitter is also testing an option where corporate handles [email protected] will be excluded from the character count when a user replies to a tweet. These changes to the tweet structure were announced in May 2016 but the actual changes were finally made live today.

Twitter Social Anouncement


How Does this Impact Users?
Hospitality businesses can take advantage of this opportunity by showcasing rich content even more and unleash their creativity. It is often said that images sell rooms, you are now able to add media without taking away characters. Also, now you can have longer conversations, as the username will not take up valuable characters. If you use Milestone’s social media management software platform, MediaConnect360, simply start typing as the system is ready for the longer character count today. Below is our “extended” tweet for this article, eager to see if the longer tweets result in more engagement.

Twitter Update

If you are not already using a social media platform, research your options as users are increasingly going to social sites for the latest information from businesses- i.e. hours of operation, daily specials, and local events. MediaConnect360 has helped many hotels efficiently organize their social media strategies, processes, and content and increase their social reach. If you are interested in reaching your users across social channels contact us, read additional social posts on our blog, and/or browse our website.

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Circuit City


Making circuits! After trying to create something large, I thought I should try to make something small!

I started by taking a circuitry texture and placing it on a plane in Element 3D. I used the texture in the Glossiness channel and the reflection channel to give the pathways a metalic look. Next I built the circuits using various primitives like box and cylinder at various sizes and placed them around the board near the components of the texture. I couldn’t help myself and I ended up adding some motion design elements like the power core and microchips. It’s amazing how some random object suddenly looks like a fancy heat-sync in the right context.

And finally for the micro look, I turned on some camera depth of field!

I’ve included the circuit texture below so you can try it out!

chips_0004_Layer 2 chips_0000_Layer 6 chips_0001_Layer 5



Source: Video Copilot

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